Chapter 1: Dive Into the Heart

(A/N: The intro will be said in the first person.)

A white hedgehog is floating down through nothingness.

"I've been having these strange ideas." A voice said, "Most of them involving me, my brothers, and my friends. Is this for real or not?"

(A/N: THIS is the part where you hum Simple and Clean to yourself.)

The hedgehog floats down and lands on a place with a black sky, but pink light is radiating from it. He sees a person with black, Roxas-esque hair. The hedgehog holds up his left hand, which has a gauntlet around it. He then looks to see that the person is slightly out to sea. The person turns around as a wave comes up and holds out his hand. The hedgehog runs forward, but is caught by the wave. He spins underwater and sees that the boy continues to hold out his hand. The hedgehog tried going towards the boy, but got swept away. His head then breached the surface.

He saw a girl with dark hair and pale eyes waving at him. The hedgehog staggers out as the girl calls to him. The hedgehog stops in front of the girl, who giggles. The two then see shooting stars. The hedgehog then saw…himself flying down. He then tripped and began to fall into the water. The girl held out her hand, as if trying to catch the falling hedgehog.

The hedgehog landed in the water with a SPLASH! Strangely, he closed his eyes and began to sleep. He floated to the bottom of the ocean and woke up. His cowboy boots landed on the bottom. He glanced around, uncertainly. His foot then moved forward and the ground beneath his foot exploded into a shower of doves. He glanced around at the doves as they flew away.

The thing he was standing on? A stained glass portrait of Yuffie Krisagi (Final Fantasy VII).


The hedgehog glanced around. He had white fur, blue eyes, a golden mane, a glove with red circuitry on his right hand, a gauntlet on his left arm, and wore cowboy boots. Around him, a mysterious voice spoke…

"So much to do…so little time. Take your time, young hedgehog. The door is not yet open. Now, step forward. Can you do it?"

"I'm seventeen. What do you think?" the hedgehog replied, voiced by Joaquin Phoenix. He took a step forward.

"Good. You could have lived without the sarcasm, though." The voice continued, "Give your power form and it will appear."

Three trapezoids appeared. On them, a shield, a sword, and a staff appeared.

"It will give you strength. Choose well." The voice concluded.

The hedgehog looked around, but the sword was what got his attention. He took the sword and the voice continued.

"The power of the Warrior. A powerful weapon that can cause mass destruction if in the wrong hands. Is this the power you choose?"

"It's in my hand, isn't it?" the hedgehog asked.

"Your path is set."

The sword vanished.

"What will you give in exchange?"

The hedgehog picked up the staff.

"The power of the mystic. Untold wisdom and knowledge. Is this the staff you give up?"

"Yeah." The hedgehog replied.

The stones vanished…as did the stained glass picture keeping the hedgehog on solid ground. He flew through the darkness.

He then landed on a portrait of Alexis Rhodes (Yu-Gi-Oh GX). The hedgehog landed in a cat-like pose. When he got up, the sword appeared in his hand.

"THIS is the strangest dream I've had since…last Monday. Never got the hang of Mondays…" the hedgehog simply said.

"You have gained the power to fight." The voice continued. The hedgehog swung the sword around, "Alright! You've got it! Use this power to protect yourself and others." A black creature appeared. It had a flat face, a mane of tentacles, and red markings on its chest, "However, there will be times when you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong."

The creature leapt at the hedgehog, who brought the sword slashing through its face. It vanished in a puff of smoke. He jumped as another two attacked. The two creatures collided and the hedgehog removed their heads.

"BEHIND YOU!" the voice shouted as the hedgehog wheeled around to see a group of the creatures jumping at him. He was sucked into the darkness.

The hedgehog thrashed around as he regained his composure on another stained glass picture with various colors around it. He got up and saw a door. He turned the knob to no avail.

"Why can't I open this?" the hedgehog asked. He glanced over to a treasure chest, "What's this?"

The hedgehog tapped the chest with his sword and it sprung open. A potion flew out and the hedgehog caught it.

"A potion?" the hedgehog asked. He then noticed a crate and shoved it over to the door. It did nothing and the hedgehog sliced it in half out of simple irritation. A barrel then appeared. The hedgehog's right arm glowed pale blue, as did the barrel. The hedgehog tossed the barrel into the door, where it shattered to splinters.

"OPEN, DANG YOU!" the hedgehog shouted, trying to open the door to no avail. The hedgehog growled before kicking the door, weakly. It then swung open, "DANG IT!"

The hedgehog walked in and saw three people, who were called Dezblade, Jacobyel, and Fortune Glyph (all of these are author friends). They were all in a strange place that seemed to be…underground.

"Hold on. The door won't open just yet. First tell me about yourself."

The hedgehog walked over to Dezblade, who glanced over to him.

"Out of getting old, being indecisive, and staying in the same place forever, which scares you the most?" Dez asked.

"Being indecisive." The hedgehog replied.

"Bein' indecisive." Dez said before asking, "Is that REALLY scary?"

The hedgehog walked over to Jacobyel, who also glanced over to the hedgehog.

"What do ya want outta life?" Jacobyel asked, "Seeing rare sights, be the best there is, or live like there's no tomorrow?"

"See rare sights." The hedgehog answered.

"See rare sights, huh?" Jacobyel asked.

The hedgehog walked over to Fortune Glyph.

"What's most important to you?" Fortune Glyph asked, "Being number one, protecting your friends, or seeing new places?"

"Protecting my friends." The hedgehog answered.

"Is protecting your friends really important?" Fortune asked.

"You're afraid of being indecisive, you want to see rare sights, and you protect your friends. Your adventure will begin in the dead of night. It will not be a perfect one, yet not an unpleasant one."

"That sounds good." The hedgehog said.

"The day the door opens is both far off and at hand. Be ready for when it does."

The hedgehog was surrounded by a bright light. When it vanished, he was at the stained glass portrait of Kim Possible (Kim Possible). A group of the creatures appeared again.

"These guys again?" the hedgehog asked with a cocky grin, "This shouldn't be too hard."

In a flash of his sword, the creatures vanished. He snorted as lights appeared. Stained glass stairs led to the next area. The hedgehog ascended them and was at the portrait of a teenage with tanned skin, a purple tank top, a pair of jeans, a pair of purple sandals, chestnut hair, and an earring. The girl was April Goodeve (A/N: I own April Goodeve. She's one of my OCs.).

"The closer you get to the light, the greater the shadow becomes."

The hedgehog glanced around as his shadow began to extend. It then stood up and shifted into something gigantic.

"Oh, crabapples." The hedgehog swore. He tried running, but almost fell off the portrait.

"Do not run. Don't forget…"

The hedgehog pulled out his sword and faced the giant creature. He sprung at the being and brought his sword into the creature's face.

"Do not run. Don't forget. You wield the mightiest weapon of all."

The hedgehog's sword went right through the creature's face. The being then began to dissolve as the hedgehog began to get absorbed into the blackness, too.

"Remember, young hedgehog, you will open the door to light."

The hedgehog, named TLSoulDude, was absorbed into the darkness…