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Chapter 37: Power of Heart

Scott let out a yell as he drove a bony spike into a Dark Soul. D-Dude shot fire at it as Lunatic slashed through with chakram. TL mainly lagged behind, feeling useless by the fact that his wooden sword could do no more than stun the Dark Souls for a few seconds.

"Well, mates, we're 'ere." Scott said as they arrived at the doorway of a giant castle with a black heart painted on a standard that flew on the tallest tower.

"Things are about to get dangerous." TL said.

"Yeah, because we haven't faced danger before." Lunatic replied, sarcastically.

"We've come this far, TL." D-Dude commented, "Telling us to back-out is pointless."

"Thanks, guys." TL said as the group entered the castle.

Inside the castle were seven pods. Each one contained a different girl—a red-head, a blonde, a girl with black hair, Yuzu, Claire Bennet, and a woman with tan skin and brown hair. They all seemed to be unconscious as they lay in their containment units.

Jadis stepped up and held her wand up high as she proclaimed, "O PUREST OF HEARTS, SHOW ME THE KEYHOLE!"

SK yelled as he leaned against the wall, clutching at his chest.

"Are you okay?" Sasuke asked.


'I'm starting to have some serious second-thoughts about this...' Kakashi thought as Silent Keyblader continued staggering down the corridor.

'What's wrong with my heart?' SK thought to himself, 'Why does it hurt...?'

The three Fictorians and Australian entered the castle and were immediately fighting Dark Souls. Scott slashed out with sharpened nails as D-Dude shot flames at them and Lunatic began cutting at them with his chakram.

'I used to lead us into fights like this...now I'm just a liability...' TL thought to himself as he stayed behind.

When the path was cleared, the four walked into the main hall. It was quiet...a little too quiet.

"Keep on your guards, mates." Scott said, "They're everywhere 'round he-"

Scott turned and spotted something. It was a girl with tanned skin, brown hair, a purple tank-top, jeans, an earring in her left ear, and hazel eyes. Scott's face broke out into a wide smile.

"April!" he exclaimed. However, the girl immediately disintegrated as she shifted into a Dark Soul. Scott's face changed from excited to enraged. He yelled as he sprung at the Dark Soul, bony spike protruding from his wrist.

The second he passed through the doorway, the door slammed shut.

"What was that about 'keep on your guards'?" Lunatic asked.

"You guys really don't know when to quit." SK said as he appeared with Kakashi and Sasuke behind him.

"Well, stubbornness kinda runs in the family." TL stated, holding up his wooden sword, "Besides, I'm not leaving without Hanabi."

Keyblader smirked as darkness appeared around him, clothing him in black armor and a white, ragged cowl tied around his neck.

"I guess the darkness will have to consume ya then." He sneered.

"You're dead wrong." TL said, a serious look crossing over his face.

"Could you please not use 'dead' in this situation?" Lunatic asked.

"Shut up, I'm tryin' to have a moment here." TL snapped. Lunatic shut up at that point as TL continued, "As I was saying, the darkness may destroy my body, but I have one thing it can't touch—my HEART! It stays with my friends, it'll never die!"

"Sounds like somethin' from Cap-"


"OW!" Lunatic yelled after D-Dude smacked him over the head with his tail, "I GET IT, OKAY?"

"Well, we'll just see about that. So long, buddy." Keyblader said, pointing his finger. A blast of blue flames erupted from it and sped towards the three brothers.

However, it was blocked by Kakashi's shield.

"Sorry, but they're not going anywhere." Kakashi stated.

"You'd betray your Hokage then?" SK asked.

"Nope." Kakashi simply said, "But I won't betray these three either. We've come a long way and have become friends. In the ninja world, those who disobey orders are scum, but those who betray their friends are LESS than scum." He then looked at Sasuke and called, "See ya later, Sasuke! If you see the Hokage, please give him my sincerest apologies."

"Blasted speech..." Sasuke growled before running to their side, "How about we apologize to dobe together? All for one and one for all and all that crap."

"Well, looks like you're stuck with us." Kakashi smiled.

"Crap, I didn't wanna travel with the emo any more..." Lunatic muttered.

"Don't think I joined because I enjoy your company either, moron." Sasuke shot back.

TL looked at the two shinobi before saying, "Thanks, Sasuke, Kakashi..."

"Still, nothing you guys have can trump the Keyblade." SK said, holding the Konoha Ninja out.

"Heh, I don't need it now." TL said, his usual grin appearing on his face, "Because I've got something better—my heart!"

"What's that weak little thing's gonna do for you?" SK asked.

"Aside from provide clean and healthy blood to his body?" D-Dude asked.


Lunatic hit D-Dude across the head with a smug grin before saying, "Mosquito."

"Yeah, the heart's weak and has been proven to give in on occasion." TL conceded before retaliating, "But, deep down, there's a light that NEVER goes out! I don't need the Keyblade! My friends are my power!"

In a burst of light, the Keyblade vanished from Keyblader's hand. He looked at his empty fist with a look of complete shock. In another flash of bright light, it appeared in TL's fist, where the wooden sword once was.

"No...I...I..." Keyblader stammered. He then glared at TL before drawing his sword and charging. The hedgehog blocked the strike and thrust out his right hand, sending volts of electricity into his friend.

Keyblader yelled as he was sent back, clutching his chest. He thrust out his hand and sent a blast of dark energy at TL, who simply wrapped himself in his Aura Arm, protecting him from the blow. It retracted and TL lunged at SK, slashing at him with his Keyblade. SK growled as his armor shattered and dissipated into the darkness, leaving him in his original garbs. He growled before turning and running away.

"So, mates, did I miss anythin'?" Scott asked as he walked over. The group looked over the Aussie's shoulder to see a rather large hole in the wall, "Took a lotta burrowin' to get outta that situation. An' could ya please answer my question?"

"Well, Scott...yeah, ya did." TL said, quickly explaining the story to the Australian superhuman.

"So, your heart's what won this battle, eh?" Scott asked. TL nodded, "Good on ya, mate. Now, let's get back to lookin' through this 'ere castle."

"Why does he sound like a walking stereotype?" Sasuke asked Kakashi.

"Dunno." Kakashi shrugged.

The group then began to walk through the castle, searching for TL's remaining friend.