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They said that they were bored and had nothing better to do, but the summer that Jackie and Hyde got together was more than just a hookup. And the attraction didn't just start that summer. It had been going on for awhile.

Beyond Words

Chapter 1: The Start of Many Kisses

Jackie pulled one of her legs to her chest as she tried to focus on the television. However, the crappy show playing wasn't what was on her mind. The dirty hippy that everyone called Hyde, but the pretty girl insisted on calling him by his first name, Steven.

The group had left them all alone this summer. Jackie's boyfriend (or now ex-boyfriend) Michael Kelso had run off to California with her best friend Donna Pinciotti, Eric Forman had run after them to get Donna back, and Fez was at the pool trying to see naked women. All that was left was her and Hyde.

She was usually the popular one. The person with a ton of things to do and many people who wanted to hang out with her. Jackie couldn't think of a reason why she had wasted a whole week in the basement, silently watching television with her total opposite.

Hyde gave a small cough and moved to get in a more comfortable position. He asked himself again why he was sitting right next to the one person he stood everything against. The hippy boy wondered why he was sitting on the couch next to Jackie instead of in his chair away from her. He should have been somewhere else hooking up with a hot, easy girl. Not here with the princess of snob.

He had known that Jackie would be a mess when she found out that stupid Kelso had taken off after the two were 'supposedly getting married.' Hyde had also known that he would be the one picking up the pieces, like he had always done. It had amused him that none of their friends ever realized how close Jackie and he had gotten.

Hyde gazed at Jackie through his sunglasses. He saw her glance back at him. Without thinking the hippy boy leaned over to her and kissed the snobby girl. There was no hesitation between them as she kissed him back.

The pair pulled away from each other and continued to watch the television show. Both had a look of realization on their faces. Jackie tried to sneak a peek at Steven's face, but he was already facing her. Hyde pulled off his sunglasses and laid them on the table before he placed a hand on the side of Jackie's face. He pulled her closer to kiss her again. This time he wasn't surprised when she didn't move away from him.

"Hello, my boring friends!" Fez announced before he entered the basement. Jackie flew to one end of the couch as Hyde grabbed his sunglasses and sat in his chair. As their foreign friend entered the room he smiled brightly. "I saw a boob today!"

Jackie rolled her eyes and Hyde seemed unemotional about the whole thing. Fez rattled on. "Yes, I saw a boob, and it was glorious! Did you hear Fez?"

"Yeah, we heard." Hyde answered.

A few more seconds of silence and the foreign boy broke down. "Fine! I lied! Are you happy now!?"

"No one cares Fez." Jackie rolled her eyes again. Fez stuck his tongue out at the bitchy female and stomped back out of the basement.

"I'll show you!"

The moment that Fez left the room Jackie and Hyde made eye contact again he lunged at her and they started making out again. A sound interrupted them when the two heard Mrs. Forman walking down the stairs. The two pulled apart to watch the older woman, who was more of a mother to them then their own parents walk down the steps.

Kitty smiled at the two when she noticed them. "I didn't expect you two here! Have you seen Eric?"

"He's not here." Hyde answered. "I think he said something about going to the library."

Steven glared at Jackie to make sure she didn't say anything stupid. "Yeah, he's probably trying to avoid all the areas that remind him of Donna since he's going to die alone now. After all, it's not like he'd have the guts to go after her or anything."

Kitty laughed at them. "Well, that's for sure. I haven't seen him since he heard that Donna went to California. If you see Eric, tell him that I want to talk to him, alright?"

"Yeah, Mrs. Forman, will do." Hyde stated. He glared at Jackie when the older woman left. "Way to almost blow it, Jackie."

"What? I didn't tell her that Eric took off to follow Donna and bring her back."

He shook his head. "It's getting harder to fool Red and Kitty. Pretty soon they'll figure out that Eric's gone."

"I guess we'll have to come up with something to make them think he's still here…" Jackie shrugged her shoulders. She squirmed under Steven's stare.

He laughed. "You? You're actually going to do something for someone else?"

"Hey, if Donna isn't here for me to tell her all the things she's doing wrong in her life, she might end up working as a lumberjack and settling for Eric. Face it, without me she would be nothing."

Hyde shook his head at the girl's insults. "I think you're the one who would be nothing without Donna."

"Excuse you, you dirty hippy?"

"You heard me cheerleader!"

The two glared at each other from their seats. Both were thinking a variety of insults to throw at each other.

Jackie snorted at him. "I am way to rich to listen to your pathetic attempts to flirt with me."

"Me? Flirt with you? Why don't you fess up and finally admit that the only reason you come to the basement anymore is to see me? You probably loved the fact that Kelso left because that gave you a reason to come crying to me for attention. Well, listen here princess, I'm not buying it!"

"You are such a jerk!"

"And you are such a bitch!"

Both of them jumped up from their seats to glare at each other chest to chest. Soon their glaring contest turned into a fierce kissing battle that held too much passion to be wrote off as hatred.

Jackie broke off from Hyde to scream at him. "I hate you!"

"I hate you!" He yelled back before he grabbed her slender waist and begun kissing the snobby girl again.

Neither Jackie nor Hyde realized that over the years of the gang knowing each other that it was the two of them who had the strongest bond and the weakest. A strong attraction had been building between them since the first breakup between Kelso and her. Hyde picked up the pieces unwillingly, while trying to teach her how to think for herself.

More and more when Jackie's heart was broken he had seen the true her that he wanted to see more of. Hyde knew he was being cruel every time he tried to get Kelso caught, so she would break up with him and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks could bestow more knowledge into the cheerleaders mind. He liked to think that a lot of what Jackie had become was due to his help. She learned not to take anyone's crap, not to open up to everyone who crossed her path, and on rare occasions do something nice for someone besides herself.

It had been the day of the Veterans barbeque that Hyde learned how much he truly fell for Jackie. He just never thought she felt the same after she announced that she didn't feel anything. It had been enough for him after that to continue on their roles as enemies. Now that Hyde knew Jackie was attracted to him back he wondered if they'd actually end up together, rather than her going back to Kelso.

The couple pulled away from each other for air and Hyde was glad he kept his sunglasses on this time. Jackie gave the older boy a 'deer caught in the headlights' look before she turned on her heel and ran out of the basement.

He watched her go as he sat back down in his chair. He knew he would be betraying one of his closest friends by pursuing Jackie, but the hippy boy no longer cared. The spoiled girl brought out a fire in him that not even the coolest biker chick could do and Hyde didn't want to put that fire out.

Hyde sighed. He stared up at the ceiling for a brief time before getting up to get his stash. "This is going to be a long summer."

I hate the fact that Jackie and Hyde ever broke up!!! So I thought I'd write about a lighter version that had to do with the summer they got together and some flashbacks to before that. I might also go past the summer they got together, but I don't know how far. It'll be up to your reviews for that.

I hope you enjoyed this! The second chapter should come soon…

Next time… flashbacks with Hyde and Jackie!