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"Um... Shiori... what you doing?"

"What does it look like Tenma? I'm practicing frowing kunai," the boy in question to prove his statement threw another of the sharpen knives at the practice dummy in the back yard. But not having the greatest hand to eye coordination the blade drifted heavily towards the right and embedded itself into the fence. The next one didn't even make it that far, as it fell into the grass.

"But why are you doing that?"

"Cause, I getting ready for school," Shiori was getting frustrated now that the kunai weren't hitting their mark, and now he was just randomly throwing them, not even bothering to aim.

"But... we is only four. Daddy said we can't go to school till we seven."

"Yeah, but onii-san went at five, and I want to do that too."

"But... you can't even hit the target."

"Be quiet Tenma!"

"Hey! Don't tell me to be quiet!"

"You're annoying, go away! I need to practice."

"I telling your mommy Shiori!" The little blonde boy would never of course rat out his best friend, but he still like to let him think he would. But this time the youngest Uchiha male wasn't paying attention to him, to busy trying to hit the dummy with at least one kunai.... until finally.


"Hey! I gots it!"

"But you didn't hit the target Shiori."

"That's cause I wasn't aiming for it Tenma! But I hit it, see I can be just like big brother. Maybe I can start at school next spring!"

"Hey! I want to start at school too! Let me try next."

"No, I need to practice more, get your own dummy... dummy!"

"Don't call me a dummy... you're a dummy!"

"No you."

"No you!"



Both children were so focused on who was the bigger dummy, they completely forgot about training to get into the academy early, and began to chase each other around the vast yard; then it became a competition of who was the faster runner. It seems the saying 'Like father like son' fit these two well, unbenown to they, they both gain a new rivalry that day... that would continue with them for the rest of their lives.

Note: Okay another one-shot about Shiori and Tenma's (naruto's son) rivalry and how it would start. One of the boys had to continue with what their father started, and Setoru was too old to do it, and had more important things to do.

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