Title: Quarter Freedom
Author: obuletfury302 aka DreamShadows (fanfiction)
Warnings: Schmoop, Could be taken as both Slash and Het, kind of fluffy, short, un-beta'ed, Spoilers for the 4th movie
Summary: Because there needed to be a short little scene at the end to wrap it up…
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them over the internet, and waited, and waited and waited… I got screwed!


Brian grinned at him through the window as he reached over and unlocked the passenger side door, "How's it feel to be out?" he asked, his lips pulling impossibly further up in a stupid grin.

Dom looked around him, at the desert that surrounded him, and the bus that was now currently pulled over onto the side of the road. Everyone else was still on the bus, no one hurt, but the guards did look like their pride had been taken and smashed to pieces.

"Took you long enough." Dom said, turning back to him and getting into the passenger seat of the Charger. He pulled the seatbelt on, and Brian took off, smirking at him.

"Well you know how long Mia takes in the bathroom," he said in a deadpan.

"Yeah," Dom laughed, smiling over at Brian, and ruffling his hair. Brian ducked and glared at the bigger man, reaching a hand up to right the short strands.

Dom rubbed his wrists, glad to finally be free of the cuffs that had been a part of his wardrobe since he had been arrested. He honestly hadn't thought that he would see another day without the horrible pieces of metal, but now thanks to Brian and Mia he would have a chance to never see them again.

"You okay there, man?" Brian asked, drawing Dom's attention from his wrists back to the man seated next to him.

"Yeah," Dom breathed, feeling the truth of the answer like a punch. It was okay, and Dom didn't remember the last time that it had been okay. "Yeah, Bri, I'm good." He smiled, and Brian tried hard to hide the smile that was threatening.

"Whoa man! Put it away!" He said with a laugh, and shifted, turning his attention back to the road in front of him. Dom reached over and settled a hand on the back of Brian's neck, and squeezed, feeling the sweat and rigid tension that lined it.

He kneaded the muscles there with one hand, smirking as he watched Brian relax completely under his ministrations. "Are you okay, Bri?" He asked, concerned.

"Yeah," Brian said softly, "for a little while there, I didn't think we were gonna get you back man." The tension rose again, but Dom kept kneading, chasing the knots away before they fully formed.

"Well you did. And God, am I glad!" Dom squeezed the muscles and dropped his hand, grinning at Brian.

"Yeah," Brian smirked, "Hey Dom?"


"Orange is NOT your color." Brian gave him a shit eating grin and turned back to the road. He reached over and smacked the back of Brian's head, swallowing back his laugh at the comment, because, really? Orange wasn't his color.

"Hey, no hitting the driver!" Brian sqawked indignantly.

Dom grinned.



A/N: Yeah, so I'm a sappy idiot, sue me! (Please don't, I'm a broke college student, the most you would get would be a lot of homework and some crappy food.)