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Chapter One

The rain was pelting the bus window. I watched as the scenery turned from hard and red to soft and green. I was leaving home for the first time to live in Forks Washington with my father. I had been living in Lincoln Park Colorado with my mother, but I was now in need of a change. I leaned my head back on the seat and closed my eyes. Her face was there, my sweet Victoria, as it always was, haunting me reminding me of that horrific night. I forced my eyes open, not wanting to dwell on that right now.

The bus pulled to a stop, in front of a diner. I stepped out into the pouring rain and looked around. Dad was not there yet so I threw my bag over my shoulder and walked across the muddy lot. The diner was old and dingy, but I was cold and wetter then I had ever been in my life, so I went inside.

"Evening Hun; what can I get for you?" The woman behind the counter asked. She was an older woman with gray hair and weathered skin. When she smiled, I noticed that she was missing a tooth.

"Just Coffee please" I said. As she went to get it, I sat there staring out the window and thinking of the good times. Mom Dad and I went to the canyon every summer. That was my favorite time; riding the donkeys down the trails and having a picnic on the rocks. Then 5 years ago, something went bad between them. They were always fighting; not wanting to be in the same room together. The divorce came soon after.


I remember the day he told me he was leaving vividly. He had taken me to Parkside Fun Zone. It had paintball, go-karts, an arcade, putt putt, laser tag, batting cages; it was a 12-year-old boy's dream world. We got there early and he was able to get just the two of us a game of laser tag. Then we had a Coney dog and headed to the go-karts. Looking back, he let me beat him every time. When dinnertime rolled around he suggested that we go to our favorite mom and pop restaurant for their coveted broccoli cheddar soup. After we finished our desserts, he informed me that he had something important to tell me.

"EJ, you know your Mom and I have been having issues lately, right?"

I nodded. I lived in the same house as them of course I knew, but that never prepared me for the next words that came out of his mouth.

"So I have decided that it would be best for me to leave."

I just sat there in shocked silence as he continued to tell me his plans of transferring to Clallam County Sheriffs Department in Washington State. The next week was a blur for me. I fumbled my way through school and came home every evening to my mom crying and my dad packing. Even the dog looked sad.

I stood on the porch as he climbed into his rental car. He buckled his seat belt, turned to me and smiled somberly. He put the car in gear. My whole world shattered as he drove out of sight. I did not know that that would be the last I would see of him for five years.


"Hey Chief, the usual?"

"Not tonight Marge. Just here to pick up my boy." Chief Masen said.

I did not hear the door but there my dad was leaning across the counter to fill his travel mug. He looked thinner and gray. Man five years can really age a person.

"Hey EJ! You're looking sharp!"

It was like nails on a chalkboard for me when he used that old nickname. When things were good I loved that I shared my dads name. It had taken me forever to get people to stop calling me that.

"Oh chief this is your boy? Well if I had known that would've given him a slice of our famous cherry pie!" Marge lisped. "Wow he looks just like you!"

Now they are going to tell me that I look just like this skinny, salt and peppered, middle-aged guy. I never meant to blame him but my mom has been crying almost every night over this man.

I looked up at him as he walked over to sit across from me.

"How was your ride over?"


"How's your mom?"

Seriously? I cannot believe he just asked me bout her. "Fine"

There was a strained pause as we both sat there staring into our coffee. Dad cleared his throat and asked if I was ready to go. We walked to the squad car in silence. We might have said five words to each other on the way to his house. I knew that this was going to be a difficult transition for us both.