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Operation Wedding Day

It is 12:01 a.m. and I am now alone. Bella left at midnight to observe the tradition of not seeing each other until the ceremony that we personally think is bullshit, but we did not want that damn pixie coming after us. So here I am, naked and spent, feeling my Bella walk down the hall and round the corner to Alice's room. I am happy that today is our wedding day but still I feel a bit sad. I could feel my Bella but not able to look deep into her topaz eyes is a bit depressing.

"Damn, bro put some cloths on. I don't want to see that." Emmett bellows breaking my sulking thoughts.

"Then learn to knock," I snort, with a smirk on my face.

Jasper tosses a camo jacket across my lap, "Let's go hunting and get your mind off this crazy day."

"I never knew how much preplanning went into a wedding and then its still a clusterfuck the day of," I say to my brothers.

"Yeah, I remember a few of Alice and my weddings. You know she's so over the top most of the time," Jasper chuckles.

Snorting Emmett says, "I remember my wedding nights."

With Emmett looking right at me, I stand up in my birthday suit to shut them up. Just as I turn to get my pants, he punches me in the shoulder. So, I growl and pounce on him as he heads for the door. We stagger a bit and fall into the wall. Emm grabs me by the neck, flips me over him, and tackles me to the floor. We squirm and sprawl for a few minutes then I get the upper hand and end up straddling him on the floor.

"Eew! It's touching me! Get off!" Emmett squeals like a girl trying to push me.

Jasper is standing in the doorway laughing his head off. Then Rose is there chuckling a bit herself.

"Baby I know you like to try new things but, now is not the time."

With that, Jasper falls to the floor in barely audible laughter.


The alarm clock in our room only says 9:00am. I growl to myself, thinking this is going to be the longest day of my existence. The hunt did not last long as the guys knew the best places to go around Forks. Thinking about it now made me thirsty again.

I put on my zoot suit and fumble with the tie. "Will I ever get this figured out?" I ask myself aloud.

"My son, you will sometime," Esme giggles. "Here let me show you a trick. See that's not so hard. You try."

I try a couple times before I throw it over to the bed in frustration. Esme picks it up and reties it so I can just slip it over my head later and tighten it up. She just stares at me with a small smile on the corners of her mouth. Then she sniffles a bit, rushing from the room, leaving me completely confused.

My confusion doesn't last long once I feel that Bella is consoling someone. I knew that it was Esme. I am lost in thought as I unbutton my shirt and toss it on top of the jacket, which must be why I didn't hear Rose come into the room. I turn around surprised myself and see a brief attraction in her eyes.

"Uh, sorry, Rose. I didn't realize I left the door open," I stammer.

"No… um… It's totally my fault. I know you are busy and nervous too," she stumbles over her words and heads on down the hall. She didn't even tell me what she wanted.

Then it clicked in my head, why she wouldn't look at me when I was first changed. She must think I'm really attractive now that I am one of her own kind.

"Ugh! Only 9:30?" I say aloud again.

"Yeah it is. So you want to go play?" Jasper tosses me the rugby ball.

We found a nice clearing while hunting earlier to play in. I suggest that we play free for all. Emm of course agrees to this so he can tackle the shit out of me I'm sure, but I am still faster than he is. Ironically, Jasper is leading when Alice and Rosalie saunter into the field. Emm and Jasper look like scolded puppies when the girls tell them that they are supposed to be setting up the arches for the ceremony. All eyes turn to me then.

"Nope. Sorry guys, it's almost noon. I gotta get my mom at the airport. Her flight is supposed to land at one," I grin at the guys and toss the ball over my shoulder.


"Man, I drive too fast," I say to myself as I park the Volvo.

I am still half an hour early so I thought I would go in and check out Sea-Tac airport. I grab some Mickey D's and head over to mom's gate. She will love that I meet her just as she gets off the plane.

"Now arriving at gate 4D American flight 568 from Pueblo, Colorado," the announcement startles me out of my daydream about my Bella.

"Hi mom!" I see her before she sees me.

"Oh honey! You look… good," she searches for a word.

I guess I could have warned her about my eyes, told her what I said to dad, but I totally forgot. "You look great," I try to change the subject.

We hug and I thank Jasper in my head for reminding me to wear long sleeves so mom won't feel how cold I am. I carry her suitcase for her; she only has one, she's so simple, like my Bella.

In the car, she does the mom thing. She's saying she can't believe I am getting married. That it's kind of fast. That sort of thing.

"Do you love her?"

"Yes I do very much. "

"Does she make you happy?"

"Absolutely she does! She's amazing mom."

"Then that's all that matters. You're my baby EJ. You always will be but if this is what you really truly want then I am happy for you," she reaches over to squeeze my hand.

It's two when we pull up to the mansion. I introduce mom to everyone and Alice and Rose take her to Bella. I feel Bella's excitement when she see's mom.

I look at my watch. 2:30. I sigh and think this day is taking forever. I head back toward our room, but I pause at Carlisle's office door. We have an ongoing chess game set up there so I decide to check. He had moved his knight to E5, so plop down in the chair and examine the board.

"Oh, Edward, I didn't expect to see you until later," Carlisle starts.

"Me either but I've ran out of things to do since Bella is doing whatever it is brides do all day."

"It will get easier, son," he consoles me.

We sat together in comfortable silence and finished the game. We did speak briefly on the idea of multiple weddings for Bella and me. I was surprised to learn that they all periodically had renewing vows ceremonies.

Carlisle and I hug and I head out. I glance at my watch again 5:30. I have three hours before I marry my Bella. Instead of going to our room, I absently stride out to the solarium. The condensation on the skylights remind me of the day I stepped off that bus 15 months ago. I remember all the apprehension I felt walking across that muddy gravel lot. Then a feeling of intense love and passion wash over me, I know it is my Bella trying to comfort me in the way only she can. I turn around and my dad is standing there staring at me. I remember sitting at the diner with him barley speaking to each other and the strained silence on the drive home. I run, faster than I meant to, and throw my arms around him.

"Hey EJ, what's this all about?" he hugs me back.

I stand back from him still holding him by the shoulders. I stare into his eyes and say, "Dad, thanks for being my best man. I'm really glad that I got to spend some time to you."


The nervousness begins around 7:30. I have not talked to anyone since my dad two hours ago.

"I guess now would be as good a time as any, EJ," I say to the reflection, rubbing my stubbly jaw.

I toss my dirty clothes in the hamper. Naked, I turn the faucet on and turn to piss. I grab the toothpaste and squeeze it on the brush. Vigorously I brush hoping it would somehow help speed up time. I feel like I haven't seen my Bella in days and it's only been just over 15 hours. I know she put her dress on ten minutes ago and is getting her hair done. It's like the longer we are apart the stronger I feel her.

The water spills down my back, a bit hotter than I want. I reach for the body wash and see my Bella's girly spongy wash thing. Deciding it is as close as I can be to her right now I suds up with it. As I begin to wash my hips and thighs, I feel her twinges of arousal and my dick twitches in response. I pump a few times more than necessary while washing but change my mind thinking it will be better later if I wait. Stepping out of the shower, I towel dry my hair and put a little gel in so hopefully it won't keep falling in my eyes and ruining my view of my Bella. I haven't cut it yet because Bella said she likes it this length. She calls it sex hair.

"Dammit!" I shout as I try to button my shirt again. It must be my nerves.

Jasper knocks lightly and comes in to get me, "it's time. Are you ready?"

It is 8:30 I am standing in place at the gazebo next to my dad, Emmett and Jasper, respectively. Carlisle is here as well; he will be marrying us. I feel my Bella at the back door of the house, so I know they are ready to start even before the wedding march begins. The most beautiful music flows through the air as Rosalie walks down the isle, followed by Esme then Alice. They look exquisite. They are wearing red gowns each a little different from the other. Rose is wearing a long form fitting strapless dress with a slit up almost to her butt on the right side. Esme's is a straight floor length halter. Alice's dress is knee length with spaghetti straps and a high waist. Then she is there, my Bella in a strapless white and red dress. It's floor length and big at the bottom, the top has a red strip about three inches wide that turns into a corset in the back. The ribbons fall all the way to the floor. It's a good thing that I am a vampire now and do not have to breathe because one look at her and everything stops. Breathing, thinking, blinking. Nothing matters anymore except for my Bella. As she comes closer to me, I feel my self coming back together, the other half of my soul is back. Never again will we be apart like this. It takes all my strength not to run down and grab her. I must be patient a little longer. Finally, she is there beside me. I wrap her in my arms as Carlisle begins the ceremony. I refuse to take my eyes off of her. We had written our own vows and as I say mine, and hear hers, my love for her grows. We kiss passionately as Robert Pattinson's "I'll be your lover too" begins to play.

I'll be your manAnd I'll understandAnd I'll do my bestTo take good care of youYou'll be my queenI'll be your kingAnd I'll be your lover tooYeah yeahYes I willDerry down greenColor of my dreamA dream that's daily coming ohhh when the day is throughI will come to you and tell you ofYour many charmsAnd girl you look at meWith eyes that seeAnd we'll melt into each others eyesYou'll be my queenAnd I'll be your kingAnd I'll be your lover too

After the wedding mom and dad congratulate us and head out so that we can start our honeymooning. At 9:30 the rest of our family knows what is about to happen so they just busy themselves with other tasks. Bella and I practically sprint to our room hand in hand. Once there, we share another passionate kiss. Sneakily, I reach behind her and untie the corset. She begins fisting my hair in her hand and tries to push off my jacket. I pull back from her and cup her face in my hands.

"My Bella. My lovely, wonderful, amazing Bella."

"Edward, I love you."

I pick her up and carry her over to the bed, before I sit her down I unpin her hair and watch as it cascades over her shoulders in soft waves. She's standing next to the bed watching my every move in complete adoration. I hook my fingers in the top of her dress and push it down her form. I am surprised that she is again not wearing a bra but she does have on a skimpy black lace thong and of course the garter. I grab it with my teeth and she giggles as I pull it down her soft leg. I kiss a trail back up to the inside of her thigh. I nuzzle her folds through the lace, listening to her soft moans. I begin a line of kisses up her stomach to suckle her hard nipples. She fists my hair pulling me up for yet another passionate kiss. Our tongues wrestle while my hands caress her feminine curves. She pushes me off her so she can undress me. She unbuttons my shirt and leaves my tie on. When she takes off my pants she tosses the belt on the bed.

Now that we are both almost completely naked, I push her back onto the bed. I rub my palms down her arms and breathe in her ear. I flick my tongue down her belly. Again I nuzzle her through her panties. I lick her around the edges of the fabric. I bend my pinky around the thong grazing her mound. I hear her moan. I pull them off to the side and flitter my tongue at her entrance. She grabs me by the tie and yanks me up to her.

"Take them off" she purrs.

I oblige her. I take the opportunity to tease her by swaggering over to the laundry basket and dropping them in. She takes moment to slap the belt at me. When I get close enough to her she pulls me on top of her by the tie with one hand and guides my swollen member into her with the other. I bury my face in her hair and breathe her in, rocking in and out of her slowly. We make love for the next couple of hours.

I wrap the blanket around us and race to the clearing where I played rugby and hunted earlier today. I think to myself how long ago that feels but how perfect it is. In the soft moonlight she tenderly she pushes my hair back and asks me to say my vows again.

"Oh my Bella, won't you get tired of hearing it?"

"Oh no, I will never tire of hearing you tell me that you will stay with me forever."

So I kiss her softly and tell her, "I will hold you at every twilight to see the new moon in hopes of catching a glimpse of an eclipse at breaking dawn always holding you under the midnight sun."

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