I didn't notice the smoke until too late. Honestly I wasn't really noticing much of anything at that moment. Sneaking into the well house at the temple had been hard enough, who knew how long I had to make my call before I was caught? You have to understand, I had promised to call my friend back home at least every other day. It had now been a week and although I wasn't known to be the most prompt caller I supposed that by now I was bordering on the rude. My vacation in Japan was quick to put paltry things like responsibilities far from my mind. So while the others who had come to the temple that day went to pray I had slipped into the little well house, where I was currently frowning at my cell's little screen trying to figure out how to make an overseas call.

I didn't notice the smoke seeping over the lip of the well, curling around the floor like so many tentacles. I definitely didn't notice the odd looking little old man peeking over the edge, or I would certainly have been a bit freaked. Rising unseen the man cocked his to the side and stared at me, allowing a small smile to grace his lips. What I did notice was the way that the smoke curled around my ankles and yanked me into the air, causing me to drop my phone along with all the bits of rubbish floating around in my pockets.

"What the hell!" I shrieked as the old man clapped his hands in glee before diving back into the well, dragging the smoke and me along with it. I yelled again when I saw him disappear into the dirt bottom and vanish. And then the floor rushed up to me and I screamed one more time, because why the hell not? And I kept screaming, even when I felt myself land on what felt like soft springy grass. Obviously I was dead, so I kept screaming with my eyes tightly squeezed shut. Served whoever had dragged me here right. I wasn't ready to die damn it! I still had things to do! Lots of things! I did stop screaming however when I was firmly slapped across the face.

My eyes snapped open, "You slapped me!" My shriek ended on an enraged yowl as I launched myself at my offender. My traumatized mind didn't bother to process what it was seeing, (i.e.: the most handsome man ever) so it simply reacted to the slap. I punched the (really quite pretty now that I was looking) man in the eye. I hesitated a bit as my fist dropped however as he didn't so much as wince, although he did seem surprised; if you could call the miniscule parting of his (Pale!) lips an expression of surprise.

I looked around now, staring in shock at the meadow. The grass was emerald green and felt lush under my flats. The meadow itself was surrounded by forest. I couldn't even hear any traffic in the distance! This was Japan? Couldn't you hear the sounds of city life from everywhere? I kept my eyes firmly off the silver-haired demi-god beside me and instead focused on trying to figure out where I was. My eyes narrowed on the little old man. He was standing right next to a little well that looked like the one from the temple. Had they drugged me and brought me here, wherever here was?

"You! You did this!" I advanced at the little man and he scurried to the other side of the well, his eyes wide and frightened. I scowled and came to a halt.

"I'm not going to beat you up! …Probably. I don't hit old men," I crossed my arms and spoke as disparagingly as I could.

His eyes flickered to pretty boy for a moment, "Er…actually, you…" he cleared his throat and seemed to change his mind about whatever he was going to say, "Never mind." He turned to the other man and gestured in my general direction, making motions with his hands that vaguely resembled that woman's off of the wheel of fortune. What was her name? She was like, fifty by now, though she didn't look it. Probably lot's of plastic surgery.

"This is it my Lord Sesshomaru," he flicked his hand at me again and I frowned down at him.

"'It' is a ningen girl," Lord Sesshomaru replied.

"Stop calling me 'it.' My name is Kodi. Your name is Sesshomaru? Good, now I have a name to give the cops."

"You asked for something that would tip the scales in your favor when you fought Naraku. This is it. Hold still girl," the old man griped and then barked at me as I had begun to walk towards the woods. Surely if I just kept walking I would find civilization somewhere? I ignored the barked command to "Halt!" (Good grief, Sessho-boy had to have some major conceit if he thought I was just going to go along with my kidnapping!) and circled to what looked like a beginning of a trail leading away from the well.

"Aaagh!" I yelped as what felt ninety pounds of pointy sticks hit my lower back. I kicked the old man away and stared in disbelief. Did he just tackle me?

"Did you just tackle me?!" I snapped angrily. He glared back.

"It was for your own good. Lord Sesshomaru was getting angry. Now hold still so I can finish this spell."

"Spell? What, like a magic spell? Ah! Ow! Stop!" I slapped a hand across my burning neck and rolled around in agony, heedless of the grass stains I was probably covering myself with.

"What is it doing?" Sesshomaru asked with what could be assumed was curiousity, despite the lack of anything but disdain in his tone.

"I said stop calling me 'it!'" I howled. The pain slowly subsided.

"There it's done, Lord Sesshomaru. This is your mate. Don't kill her. Goodbye," the old man said. He turned and ran. He didn't get far, I stuck my leg out from where I was still lying on the grass and tripped him.

"That is for whatever you just did," I said.

"You will explain yourself," I flicked a glance at Sesshomaru. His voice had deepened almost to a growl. I frowned at the deep rumble, I hadn't heard anything like it before.

"For you to have the upper hand in fighting Naraku, it was necessary that you be mated to this female." The old man quickly went on as Sesshomaru cracked his knuckles, "You can't kill her! Your mating is rather unusual, I had to cast a spell on her to match her lifespan to yours. If she dies you'll die too!"

"Oh geez, I got kidnapped by psychos. Why couldn't it have just been some rapist or murderers or something? They're relatively predictable…" I muttered angrily to myself, standing and brushing bits of leaves off my knees.

The old man glanced nervously at me while Sesshomaru stood silently. The old man gasped and I flicked an alarmed glance at him before seeing what had startled him.

"Oh my God," I muttered disgustedly. Sesshomaru was smiling. It was not a pleasant looking smile. "That is the creepiest looking smile I have ever seen! Stop that!"

Sesshomaru barely glanced at me before a loud pop burst through the clearing. We both looked to where the old man had been standing.

"If I have enough magic to get you a mate, I certainly have enough magic to run away. Sorry young Lady, you're on your own," the disembodied voice cackled before it too was gone.

"That was…weird. So nice meeting you, Sesshomaru was it? Thanks for the kidnapping and all. It's been fun," I turned and began walking down the trail once more. An incomprehensible rumble answered me.

"Er, did you say something?" I asked flicking Sesshomaru a slightly worried glance. I hesitated. He wasn't going to have a stroke was he?

"This Sesshomaru said that you will halt."

I cocked my head before nodding and continuing down the trail, away from the crazy (pretty!) man. Another garbled noise came from behind me but I ignored it this time. I did not ignore the way the garbled noise was followed by the sudden splintering of wood however. I whirled and boggled at the mayhem.

"What happened to that tree!" I raced back to Sesshomaru and stared aghast at the mangled remains of what had once been a cherry tree. It now lay in splinters at the man's feet. "Quick! Hide! Someone must be throwing bombs at us!"

"Hide? This Sesshomaru does not hide. Nothing has been thrown. What are bombs?" Sesshomaru jerked his head around before he could finish his last sentence. An infuriated growl ripped from his throat.

"Whoa, you should cut back on those. They cannot be good for your throat."

"We will leave, come," he turned began to walk away.

"Yeah right. I am not your dog. Why all keen to leave now anyway?" I glanced back the way he had turned to in such fury. I could now hear a faint crashing noise now. I smiled and opened my mouth.

"Help!" I screamed.

"Damn! Shut up wench!" I frowned at the boy who emerged from the trees. I preferred my rescuers to be more polite. The girl riding piggy back frowned as well, "Inuyasha! Be nice!"

"Kagome, her screech is even louder than yours! My ears are sensitive!" he whined back at her.

I blinked a few times before shrugging and stepping towards them, "Hi! I was kidnapped by this furry freak. Could you help me?" I smiled as sanely as I could. Now it was the odd couples turn to blink.

A choked laugh escaped Inuyasha as Kagome gaped. An infuriated growl rumbled behind me.

"Furry freak? Hah!" Inuyasha doubled over and he laughed as Kagome frowned, first at him, then at Sesshomaru, and than at my skinny jeans. I frowned back, I liked my jeans.

"You're wearing jeans. Inuyasha?" she poked him in the shoulder to draw him away from his sniggering, "Inuyasha, she's wearing jeans."

"What's wrong with my jeans? These are my favorite pair." I muttered the last part while wondering if these people were going to help me after all. I frowned at the boy. He was wearing a bright red haori and his gleefully laughing eyes were amber...just like Sesshomaru's eyes. His hair was also a very similar shade to Sesshomaru's own silvery strands. I groaned audibly as I finally saw the resemblance.

"Oh God, you're related! What rotten luck! You've got a lot of nerve getting my hopes up and everything. I just want to go back and enjoy my vacation!" I could feel the beginnings of angry tears burning my eyes and I stubbornly sniffled them back. It was so unfair, as soon as I worked up a really healthy anger I ended up crying. It was mortifying.

"Are you American?" Kagome asked curiously.

"Yeah, I am," I rubbed a hand over my face. "OK, how about this; you tell what direction Tokyo is in and I'll just find my own way back." I threw a glare over my shoulder at Sesshomaru, "You know, I'm not a very good person to kidnap. It's not like you could ask anyone for a ransom. I'm broke!"

"This Sesshomaru would not stoop to kidnap a worthless human, and I certainly wouldn't ask for a ransom," he replied starchily.

Kagome giggled. I returned my glare to her, "So? What direction?"

Kagome cocked her head and gestured to the well, "Through the well."

"…The well?"

"Of course. That's how you got here, isn't it?"

A small growl escaped my throat and the two males both looked at me askance, "I'm asking you how to escape from this weirdo and you're telling me to jump down a well!?" My voice rose with each word and Inuyasha stopped his sniggering and winced as the last words came out as a shriek.

Kagome frowned, "Well that is how you got to this time isn't it?"

"This 'time?' What are you talking about? He," I jabbed a finger at Sesshomaru," and some weird old man drugged me and brought me here."

"Old man? What is going on Sesshomaru-baka?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yeah! An old man! Creepy right? And then he had the gall to say that I'm this guy's m-"

"Silence!" Sesshomaru barked. His outburst was so surprising I actually obeyed. Then I remembered that he wasn't the boss of me.

"Excuse me? Who do you think you are? You can't order me around. Just because that guy said I was your mate doesn't give you the right to tell me what to do! This is ridiculous! And what makes you think it's OK to yell at me huh?" Damn it, my eyes were watering again. Every single time! I sniffed as my vision blurred. I wasn't able to see Sesshomaru through the haze.

"Mate? Sesshomaru is mated…to a human?" Inuyasha gaped.

"Why do both keep saying human like it's a bad thing. Of course I'm human, same as everybody else."

"Oh dear," Kagome sighed. I swiped my hand across my eyes.

"Wench are you crying?" Inuyasha sounded horrified.

"No! Baka! Of course not! I'm angry!"

"Of course not," Kagome murmured soothingly, "What was your name?"

"Kodi," I answered sulkily.

"Kodi, we should talk about some things."

"No shit Sherlock!" I frowned and lowered my eyes shamefacedly. "Sorry," I sighed, "That wasn't OK. Please… I just want to go home."

Sesshomaru had been very still since I had yelled at him. He chose this moment to get over his shock. "Human, if you wish to keep your life you will not speak to me in such a disrespectful manner again." He moved silently so that he stood directly behind me. His growled command crumbled my shaky composure, and I was just about to answer the clod when Kagome hurriedly stepped in with her explanation.