A Second Such Encounter

by Valerie Vancollie

valeriev84 at hotmail dot com

Mini-Series: Yes, this is a drabble series. As I said in 3695, any drabble that turns itself into more will be posted separately as 3695 is strictly a series of unrelated drabbles. Hence these four drabbles are being posted here as it's own series.

Characters: Charlie, Don

Summary: Statistically, you're dead now. You understand what that means? A man aimed a gun at your head and fired. The fact that you survived is an anomaly, and it's unlikely to be the outcome of a second such encounter.

Spoilers: Uncertainty Principle

Note: Once again I was unable to resist the January rewind prompts at the Numb3rs100 LJ community. Also, I know they're short, but each chapter is a true drabble, so exactly 100 words. Bet I can surprise you with how many cliffhangers I can turn that into!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Numb3rs characters, items or situations. I only lay claim to the original aspects of the fic.

1. Blood:

Summary: He'd promised to stay in the Suburban...

Charlie waited impatiently, watching Don for the signal that the scene was secure. It should be any minute now as the team had searched the premises.

Don was talking with Megan when the gunshot rang out. From his seat, Charlie could only watch in horror as Don's body jerked, his head snapping back before he dropped. Instead of his brother, he was left looking at Megan's stunned face which was spattered with blood.

Don's blood.

The thought jolted him out of his stupor and Charlie looked down at his brother's body and the growing pool of blood around his head.

ducks and runs for cover
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