A Second Such Encounter

by Valerie Vancollie

valeriev84 at hotmail dot com

Note: Here it is, the last drabble in the series. Sorry for it being a bit late!

4. Survival:

Summary: ...the odds were staggering...

"What happened?" Don asked.

"You were lucky, extremely lucky," Charlie stated, still not fully able to believe it. He'd done the calculations and the odds were staggering, especially considering what had happened during the Charm School Boys case. "Almost impossibly so."

"Head shots are notoriously difficult," Don argued, shuddering at the mere thought.

"No, Mitchell's shot was good, you just moved your head at precisely the right instant."

"I did?"

"Megan says you were done talking to her, you were probably turning to face me."

"To give you the all clear," Don realized, horrified at how close it had been.

Well, there it is, a drabble series consisting of nothing more than 400 words. Told you I could make it have lots of cliffhangers despite the length!
I hope you liked the series, please let me know either way! Thanks.