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Ben seemed thoughtful as he considered Gwen's question. Some of his memory was a bit foggy and then completely blank in parts, but he at least remembered the gist of what had happened. Though he was still at a loss as to why everything had turned upside down later. "You, Kevin, and I had just responded to a news story about some strange events just outside of Bellewood at a nearby science lab. Sure enough, there were some DN Aliens there when we arrived. They had some sort of device that they were trying to steal and we stepped in to stop them," he responded, a sort of far off tone to his voice as he recalled it all.

"I turned into Swamp Fire and we started to fight them. Before we could finished them off the last thing I remember was being flung forward by one of them and a blinding flash of light before I woke up this morning." Once he had finished, he turned his head to look at his cousin, wondering what she thought of it. Gwen had always been the smart one, so surely if there was something he was missing she would be able to clue him in about it. Sure enough, that way she had of thinking through things came in handy once more.

"In class we we've just started to discuss the possibility of multiple dimensions besides our own. What you're saying, obviously, is true but at the same time I know it isn't. Maybe that flash of light was what brought you here?" she theorized, one hand gesturing slightly as they walked. "I know it sounds pretty crazy but after what I've seen here today, it's believable and what with alien technology being common where you're from, we shouldn't dismiss the idea."

Gwen had laughed slightly when she had commented how insane her theory, in the context of a normal day in her life, seemed. Though strangely enough, in the end her voice was serious again. This was a dangerous matter if she was actually right. If she was, then what exactly had happened to the Ben she knew? How would they ever be able to switch them again if there was no alien tech to use here? Of course, this was assuming that there were no aliens in her dimension. Could there be? Where there really aliens on Earth? The thought was a little bit overwhelming to her.

"If time travel is possible, that is too," Ben agreed, though he frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. Clearly he wasn't all too thrilled at the idea of having been sent to a dimension, one that seemed fairly parallel to his own, where he clearly didn't have the Omnitrix. To him, that meant that the world was in danger. After all, if there wasn't someone fighting alien scum to keep it safe, then what was there to stop the Highbreed from simply taking it over or destroying it as they saw fit? "It makes the most sense too. Good thinking Gwen."

"Are you actually saying that I'm right and complimenting me?" Gwen asked as though not sure he really wasn't up to something. Mostly it was a reflex. Ben could tell that she still expected him to be a more childish version of himself. With the weight of saving the world on him, Ben Tennyson had grown up when it came to maturity in the last five years. Clearly that hadn't been the case here. Gwen was right. Her theory seemed like the only logical solution now that he thought about it. Ben shrugged his shoulders and laughed a little bit.

"Things are different where I'm from apparently," he pointed out, following it up with a grin. It was strange to think of being from somewhere else other than where he was right now though, since things were so much the same. For a moment, however, he considered the seriousness of the situation. Gwen and Kevin, not to mention his parents, would surely be worried about him. At least all of them knew about his crazy adventures back in his own dimension (he had to keep reminding himself now that the Gwen he was speaking to wasn't the same one he knew) but they would still be looking for him. In response to his statement, Gwen smirked a bit and folded her arms over her blue shirt.

"I honestly like you a whole lot more than the Ben I know," Gwen responded as she shook her head. They continued walking, this time as they elapsed into silence. Thoughts were weighing them down. The consideration of where the Ben was from this dimension if he was here danced through the Omnitrix wielder's mind but without knowing how the device worked that had transported him here, he had no way of knowing that. For all he knew, that Ben could have very well taken his place. It only made sense since he still had the Omnitrix.

Finally they started getting close to where Ben knew Kevin's house to be. He could only really hope that things weren't different as far as where the black haired boy had settled down to live. If so, then Kevin would be able to tell them what the device was that had done this and perhaps how to reverse the process. After all, he had been an arms dealer selling alien tech off to buyers before he had joined up with them to defeat the DN Aliens. At least in Ben's dimension. Ben was having a hard time keeping all of this straight and his head swam a little with the overwhelming considerations.

They neared the house and Ben saw, much to his relief, that it was the same on the outside as he remembered. Thankfulness on his façade, the brown haired boy rushed toward the garage door and began to hammer with one fist upon the metal to draw whoever was inside's attention. Why use the front door when he knew that, parallel dimension or not, there was a ninety five percent, or even higher, chance that Kevin was working on his car inside the garage? Unless things were more backwards than he was aware of, Ben was sure that he would be there.

"Who is it? I'm busy in here!" That was the response that came almost immediately, one that was completely dismissive of them. Ben already had a feeling that he wasn't getting up immediately to come and answer their knock. So he knocked again, louder this time. "Fine, I'm coming!" There was a disgruntled sound from the other side that actually caused Ben to have to suppress his laughter a little bit. He was the same Kevin; immature and completely disrespectful to everyone and everything else but his car. Gwen raised an eyebrow, obviously wondering what was so funny about giving Kevin a hard time. She would just have to wait to find out why.

There was a sound of something clicking together before the metal grinding of the garage door greeted Ben and Gwen's ears. The Omnitrix wielder retreated a few steps and stood waiting patiently till it was all the way up. It didn't take long for a boy to emerge out of the garage. Kevin E. Levin was a bit taller than Ben was himself, a year older, and far more muscular. "If you're trying to sell me something you'd have better luck trying to flap your arms and fly. So I would get flapping." Yes, definitely the same old Kevin. His sarcasm was still intact. His arms were even folded across his chest as usual. He was also wearing his traditional outfit that consisted of a light gray long sleeved shirt under a black short sleeved one, blue jeans, and black shoes. The only thing was that he didn't recognize them at all.

Not that he thought he was supposed to. The only thought running through his mind was that they were annoying distracting him from his mechanics, which was highly annoying.

"You don't remember us?" Ben prodded, trying to see if maybe there had just been a mistake. No, there was no mistaking it when Kevin shook his head and sort of glared in their direction. Only, it seemed like he was glaring more toward Ben. The look seemed to ask, "Am I supposed to?" although no words actually came out of the black haired boy's mouth. With a sigh, the Omnitrix wielder shook his head. Gwen's theory really seemed to be the only answer now. "I'm Ben Tennyson and this is my cousin Gwen. We're not selling anything but we heard that you were." Okay, lying on the spot had begun to be one of Ben's better talents from all of the sneaking around he had done before his parents knew about his turning into aliens to save the world.

Though the obvious lie earned him a scrupulous look from his cousin, Ben simply ignored that and tried to focus on Kevin's reactions. Coming right out and asking if he sold alien technology probably wouldn't have been a good idea. This way, he left the door open for Kevin to tell them more. After a moment of complete and utter silence, Kevin opened his mouth and said, "Yeah, so? You asking to buy or what? You two look a little too young to be Plumbers." With that he raised an eyebrow and looked them both over, though he seemed to pause at Gwen and turn his face away. Was he embarrassed to be seen examining her?

"Bingo," Ben said with a smile causing Kevin to look at him with an odd expression.

"You came all this way to buy a Bingo game?" he questioned with a snicker at the end. Gwen let out a sound of disapproval at that, clearly not amused by his antics, and folded her arms over herself. It hadn't slipped past her, however, that he had mentioned the Plumbers. So there were really aliens that came to her version of the world as well. All this time she had lived next to them and never noticed? The thought was just a little bit disorienting but she felt better almost now that she knew oddly enough.

"Not… exactly," Ben responded slowly, realizing that Kevin had once said that before to him, well, at least something similar when they had gone to rescue his cousin Ken. Personalities in this place seemed to be, except for his, fairly similar to the ones from where Ben was from. That would make this part a whole lot easier. Unless, of course, it really wasn't that easy. If Ben hadn't had the Omnitrix in this world that meant that chances were Kevin had never served time in the Null Void. He could be on the inside, a totally different person. Ben would just have to take that chance and trust him, however.

"We need your help finding out what a certain alien device is; one that transports people from one dimension to another?" Ben asked with a hopeful look. He wasn't sure that it would be one of the many devices that Kevin knew about, after all. "It's sort of complicated but if you could help us out, even a little…"

"Yeah, I know about it," Kevin said, giving a curt nod. "But what exactly is in it for me if I just go blabbing to you what I know?" Ben shrugged his shoulders, at a loss for an exchange idea. He had nothing to offer up that was of any value. Well, at least nothing that he was willing to part with for the information. Instead he turned to look pointedly at Gwen knowing that this was the part where she stepped in and dealt with the black haired boy. It was like she alone had the power to ask him for favors.

"You said we were friends with this guy, why exactly?" Gwen questioned him instead in a whisper.

"It's a bit complicated actually," Ben answered instead to both people's questions, feeling as though he had been pushed in front of the bus having to convince Kevin. "What if I told you that in an alternate dimension we're actually friends who kick alien butt together and save the world on a regular basis?" Kevin began to laugh loudly until he finally regained his ability to speak, once again in a serious voice.

"That's a good one. Seriously, what's in it for me?"

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