A/N: Just a little bit of a filler. Not really a chapter. But I think it's important to mark their... Um... Progress.

It's ridiculous, absurd, to feel this way. She's your roommate, Elphaba. Your beautiful, perfect roommate. And you know what you feel, but you also know that she'd never feel the same way. So just dip your head and try to ignore how sweet her breathing sounds as she sleeps.

Don't even think about it.

Don't look at how her golden hair fans out across the pink satin of her pillow.

Don't think about her hands, holding on tightly to that crummy old teddy-bear she insists sleeping with.

Don't notice how her quilt has fallen off, slightly, revealing her nightgown- a nightgown that has ridden up, just a little...

Elphaba turned on her side, away from the sight of her roommate. This was not the first time she'd lay awake in her bed in the early hours of the morning, just staring at Galinda in the pale light of early sun, condemming every thought that crossed her mind, but unable to stop looking. It was also not the first time that Galinda had awoken to feel Elphaba's eyes on her back.

Don't stop.


"Yes, Galinda?"

"Can I ask you something important?"

"It's four in the morning."

"Why do you stare?"


"I don't quite know, Galinda."



And they lay together, beds parallel, until the sun had risen.