True life: My dad's the Joker.

Yes. My dad is the Joker. Yeah you're thinking of the right one, the one who terrorizes Gotham. I laugh every time I think about that because now that I'm older I am just like him.

-In our apartment-

"Tuesday! Where is Daddy's new suit? It's important. I need it now." Daddy said frantically searching.

"Oh Gee I don't know. Did you check the closet?" I said.

"Ah. That's right. Closet." He mumbled.

I rolled my eyes.

"Okay. Daddy will be back shortly. I, uh, have some business to take care of." He said.

"Mhm. Business. I'll see you when I get back from school." I said and walked out the door.

-At my locker-

I hate school. People get on my nerves.

"Hey Tuesday. Did you here what your daddy is doing? He is holding the people on a train hostage!" Some random kid said.

"He is my father. Don't you think I'd know what he was doing?" I said frustrated.

"Well I didn't realize you'd discuss things like that with him. . ." The kid said.

"Do me a favor and buzz of before I kill you." I replied. Ignorant, ignorant children.

As I walked to class I got the usual of people pointing and saying things along the lines of "OMIGAWD! HER DADS SO EVIL."

And again, I say not evil just misunderstood. No one listens to me anyway.

-In the classroom-

I sit at my desk and take out my stuff for Earth Science. We are learning about Earthquakes and crap.

"Now open your books to page 115." Mrs. Labota said. We all do as she says.

"Tuesday would you please Read the first paragraph." She asked.

"No I will not."I said.

"Yes you will. I told you to." She said.

"No you did not. You gave me the option by asking if I would and I won't." I replied.

"Do I need to call your father?" She threatened.

"Hah. Go ahead and call him." I chuckled.


"Okay." I said and walked to the desk to get the pink slip sending me to detention. At least the detention lady is cool. She lets us do whatever we want as long as were not fighting.

"Hey guys. Hey Ms. Pingle." I said walking into the room.

"What you do this time?" Ms. Pingle asked as she took the slip from me.

"Refused to read." I said.

She just laughed and I headed to the desks were the other usual delinquents were sitting.

"Hey give me the remote I'm turning on the news." I demanded.

"Seeing whatcho daddy's up to?" Said a kid we call hawk while handing me the remote.

"Don't you know it?" I said smiling.

". . . The Joker has demanded the batman come out of hiding or he will not let the hostages go. Gotham Police department is doing all they can. . ." said the reporter on TV.

"Hah. They had to know that was coming." I chuckled.

"They never do chica." Said Rosalina.

I chuckled and returned my attention back to the News. Eventually Batman showed up and tried to catch my dad. Yeah. That didn't happen.

-After school. In the hallway leading to the apartment-

I walk up to our door and put the key in the hole.

"Dad. I'm HOME." I yell heading to my room to drop off my backpack.

"I'm in the living room." He yells back.

I walk in there and look at him sprawled across the couch.

"Good day at work I take it?" I said.

"You would know. I got a call from the office again. Refusing to read. You sound like me now." He chuckled.

" Yeah, I'm definitely your daughter." I said. He smiled.

A/n- Hey guys. New Joker fic. =] yay. Well. I kinda got this idea when I was watching true life on mtv and thinking about the joker at the same time. I was like haha. I bet the jokers daughter would be a realll bitch. Then It came to me. =] I hope you like it. Read and Reviiewwww!!! =]