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Kyle looked up at Stan. Stan sat there quiet, keeping his arm around Kyle's smaller form. "Well, Stan?" Kyle pressed. Hey, it didn't matter if he was sick or not...his impatiences would remain. Stan shot the Jewish teen a look. "Gimme a minute, Kye." he grumbled. The ebondy haired boy, rubbed his lips before he nodded his head. "Okay, I got it. Once upon a ti-"

"Oh, Stan!"

"I haven't even touched you."



Kyle shook his head and wiggled himself out of his boyfriend's grasp and laid back down on his pillow. "You suck at telling stories." he informed looking up at Stan bluntly. Stan frowned. "I haven't even started it." he argued, crossing his arms. This is what he gets for trying to be sweet and caring? His story telling abilities shoved right into his face.

"Good stories don't start with, 'Once upon a time' " Kyle said, rolling his green eyes. Stan threw up his arms. "All great stories start with 'Once Upon A Time'!"

"Yeah, old Brothers Grimm stories." Kyle replied, Stan gripped Kyle from under his arms and hoisted him back up, wrapping a strong arm around him and held him firmly. "Hey, hey...this is my story and I'll tell it the way I want. And you will listen and like it." he said raising a challenging brow at Kyle. Kyle blinked and huffed, before letting out three sneezes in a row.

"...Fine." Kyle reluctantly gave in and slumped against Stan's side tiredly. "And you've been hanging out with Cartman too much." He added. Stan smiled, and started to think of a better way to start off his story...


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