Title: Firelight

Rating: uhh.... 1 curse word?

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"What would you do if I told you that I was your father?"

Harry glanced over at the man sitting in the armchair across from his. "Wonder why you waited so long to tell me so." He held up his glass and stared at both the man and his own reflection. "Well... are you my father?"

"Humph," the man snorted and stared into the fireplace. "I should have been."

A few moments passed, and the two sat in silence listening to the crackling of the logs.

"... I'm waiting for an explanation for that rather surprising comment."

"You know that your mother and I were involved for some period of time during our sixth and the beginning of our seventh year."

"Of course. I believe I saw some of those memories during our occlumency lessons."

"Indeed. In any case, the day of our final argument was, ironically, the same day on which I had intended on proposing. So, if the damn Death Eaters had not ruined my life, you may very well have been my child." He sipped his brandy and looked over at the boy.

Harry rolled his eyes, got out of his seat and knelt at the man's feet. "Sev, you've been my mentor for over ten years. I had just over a year with James Potter. You've saved my life more times than I can count and taught me nearly everything I know. Hell, without your help, the war would most likely have lasted years longer than it did."

"Pfah. You would have ended the war one way or another, Savior of the word that you are."

"You don't give yourself enough credit, Sev. I chose you to be my guardian when Dumbledore died for a reason. You were the only person who had never lied to me and that I could trust to get me through the war alive."

"Brat." He looked at the boy, no, man sitting at his feet. This was the Golden Boy of the entire wizarding world. The sheep would have given him anything he wanted, crowned him king, if he just asked for it. Instead, he chose to live with his former professor, helping brew potions, but generally just be a nuisance.

"Sev, I know that look. Stop it. All I wanted when the war ended was a bit of peace, away from all of the madness that was going on in the world. It's not as though the lunatics had given me any reason to want to be a part of their backwards society. I'm happy here with you, even if you're crotchety and a sentimental drunk." He grinned, and scrambled up before Severus was able to kick him.

"Severus Snape, you are my father in all but genes, and there is nothing you can do to get rid of me. Daddy dearest." He cackled and ran up the stairs, as if he wasn't 27-years old.

He stood up and picked up the picture on the mantle. It was taken in the minutes following the death of Voldemort, and showed a grimy, wounded 20-year old Harry Potter grabbing Severus Snape in a rather enthusiastic bear hug. The photo-Severus would try and escape for a few moments, and then relax into the embrace, giving the boy a barely noticeable smile.

He set the picture down, brushing off some non-existant dust and walked up the stairs to his bedroom. He paused at Harry's door and glanced inside.

Goodnight, son.

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