Chapter 1

How it all began

She ran up the stairs as fast as her legs would carry her. "YOU STUPID BITCH!" Her mother yelled running after her. "I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE YOU OLD HAG" The girl screamed so loud. That's when it happen. Her mother pulled back her hand and slapped her only daughter, very hard in the face. Her daughter fell to the ground grabbing her cheek that was now bleeding from her mother's ring. "WATCH YOUR TONE!" She kicked her daughter in the ribs.

Her daughter was pleading her to stop, but she ignore her daughter. Finally something snapped in the girl. She jumped up and punched her mother very hard in the face. The look of shock was all over the woman's face. The girl stared at her hand in shock. She had never hit her mother before. She knew she was in a lot of trouble. She backed slowly away and tried to turn to run. Her mother quickly grabbed her by the shoulders and slapped her once more.

She knew that if she didn't fight back, her mother would surely kill her. She punched her even harder this time. You could hear her nose break. She gasped and grabbed her nose, but still had tight grip on her daughter. She pulled her hand slowly away from her nose. Her hand was cover in blood. The girl tensed up because she knew what was coming next.

"HOW DARE YOU!" She threw her only daughter down the stairs. She screamed out in pain when she finally reach the bottom of the stairs.

The last thing she heard before she blacked out, was her mother calling 911. Her mother was sobbing into the phone saying that her daughter had attacked her.

Oh, how she hated her mother.


I sat up with a start. I was cover in sweat and shaking. I looked around and saw I was still on the bus, heading to hell. I pulled my legs off the seat, but that was no use. That's what I got for wearing shorts on a bus with no air. I looked down at my wrists to see them still cuffed. I groaned, my wrists were pretty much dead. I was really wishing I pulled my dark brown hair up, I was also wishing I had pulled my bangs back because they were sticking to my forehead. Oh how I hated my mother.

This was all her fault! I wouldn't be heading to an all boys juvie. They thought I was to violent to be in a girls juvie. I chuckled at the thought of me being violent.

Me! Allie Robertson, beating up her own mother. I was tiny and I hate it. Only 5'3" and 115 pounds. I could barely fit into a 36B. My mother, Lola Robetson was 5'7" and 140 pounds. Do you really think I could beat her up?! She's into drugs, and drank way to much. My father Charles Robertson, was killed in a car accident, when I was eight. I was the normal daddy's girl. He was my best friend. Ever since that I have changed.

At age 13, I was hanging out with high school kids, during drugs. Got a tattoo at age 14. You know the things you do to get attenion. Yeah, but my problem was my mother didn't care what I did. As long as I was away from her. After I realize that what I was doing was not going anywhere, I stopped. That's when everything got worse at home. My mother and I would fight for no reason, but I never hit her back. I knew better.

Four days earlier is when it got ten times worse. I went to one of my guy friend's house, just to relax. When I got home, I notice all the beer cans. She was passed out on the couch, or so I thought. When I went to walk by, she grabbed my hand. That's when my temper was out in the open. Oh boy, did I have a temper. I yelled at her to let me go, she in turn yelled some hurtful things at me. I tried to run to my room, but she grabbed me. That night was the first night, I fought back. I just hit her twice, then she threw me down the stairs.

She called the cops and told them I had attacked her. Of course when they saw I was more beaten up than her, they started asking questions. My mother being the great actor that she is, told them that she pushed me down the stairs because I told her I was going to kill her. Can you believe the idoits believed her?!

All they had to do was to look at my file, and they knew I was guilty. It had all the facts about me being into drugs. The only thing they didn't know was that my mother was doing way more drugs than I have ever. But that doesn't matter now. I'm going to Camp Green Lake for eighteen months. How was I going to live that long? I looked out the bus window and saw bunches of holes. I was in the middle of no where. Finally I saw where I would be staying for eighteen months.

I groaned when I saw boys in orange jumpsuit. I really wasn't going to live through this. The guard walked towards me and yanked me out of my seat. I slowly walked off the bus. "Yo! Frest Meat" I heard a boy yell.

"WHOA! IT'S A GIRL!" I heard another one yell. I blused and looked down at the ground. I hate attention, it made me feel uncomfortable. When I was doing drugs, I realize that being the center of attention wasn't that great. Cool air hit me in the face, as I walked into an office. I sighed, having the cool air around me. I saw a man behind an old beaten up desk. He shoved sun flower seeds into his mouth. "What's with the sun flower seeds?" The guard asked.

"I quit smoking" He muttered opening my file. I sat down at a chair with my hands still cuffed. "Why is she still cuffed? Uncuff her" The guard walked over to me and uncuffed me. I rubbed my wrist. "Allie Robertson. Hmm, beat up your mother." I gave him an evil look. I looked down at the ground. I was hating this place already. "My name is Mr. Sir" I tried my hardest not to laugh, but that didn't happen.

"You think my name's funny, do you?" I rolled my eyes "No, Mr. Sir" I mumbled. He stood up and walked over to me. "Don't even think about escaping. You won't make it. We are the only place within a hundred miles that has water" He said. Well, there goes plan A. He made me stand and I followed him out of the office.

We walked into a tent and he threw me two pairs of those orange jumpsuit and boots that looked way to big for me. "One is for work and the other one is to relax in. You must dig a hole everyday. Five foot deep and five foot in diameter. Since your not the tallest in the world, you should have one of your tent mates help you out of the hole" He said chuckling. I rolled my eyes, great I was going to be only three inches taller than my hole. That's fabolous!

"You can change in your tent. Just because your a girl doesn't mean you can get away with anything." He said smirking. A very short man walked into the tent. "Allie Robertson?"

"That's me" I mumbled. "My name is Dr. Pendanski." We walked out of the tent and back into the hot weather. "You'll be rooming with D-tent. They are very respectful boys, so don't worry. Come straight to me if any boy bothers you. It's been a while since they saw a sixteen year old girl." He said chuckling. Oh, yeah laugh it up.

Everytime I walked by a boy either their jaws would drop or they would start yelling. I groaned when Pendanski stopped and yelled over two boys. "Rex, Alan. This is your new camper, Allie." Rex was a medium size black boy, he was wearing black- rimmed glasses. "How many times do I have to tell you. It's X-ray and he's Squid" X-ray said. Squid was a tall boy, he had brown eyes and had a bandana wrapped around his head with a hat on top. "Yeah, he's mom" Squid said.

I nodded and walked with them into the D-tent. I saw a short black boy laying on a cot. He had black curly hair that looked like a mop. "This is Zero." What is with all these nicknames? Some more boys walked in. "This is Armpit, Zigzag, Caveman, and Magnet." X-ray said pointing them out. Armpit was a heavyset black boy he was cover in dirt. Zigzag was a very tall boy with crazy blonde hair. Caveman was medium height and had curly brown hair. Magnet was spanish and had a buzzed hair cut. "That's Allie" Squid said throwing his arm around my shoulders.

I tensed up a bit, I really wasn't into being touched. The second Squid felt me tensed up, he dropped his arm. I smiled a little, thankful that he got the hint. "Now, you boys watch after her." Pendanski yelled over his shoulder as he left the tent. All the boys just stared at me. "You don't talk much do you?" Armpit ask walking over to his cot. I laughed "Actually I talk a lot. It's just that, I feel kinda uncomfortable here" I said walking over to my cot. I threw the two jumpsuits down. My cot was between Magnet and Squid.

"I can see why. Your the only girl here" Caveman said sitting down on his cot. I sat down on my cot and stared at the ground. I touched my cheek, I knew they would ask soon. "Did you get beaten up?" Squid ask walking over to me. I sighed and looked up. "That's why I'm here" I mumbled. "Who the hell did you beat up?" X-ray ask.

"Funny story, actually" I said chuckling. Sure it wasn't the funniest story in the world. They just stared at me waiting for me to go on. "I just hit her twice" I whisper. That night would haunt me forever. "Who?" Magnet ask. "My mother" I looked at them and they looked unfazed by what I had just said. They probably have heard worse. "She threw me down some stairs, then called the cops saying I attacked her. I didn't even start the fight" I whisper the last part, hoping they wouldn't ask.

"You had to be more beat up than your mother. Why did you get in trouble?" Zigzag ask looking confused. "She's a very good actress. Besides, one look at my file and I was gulity" I didn't know why I was telling them this much. "I did some drugs. I guess they didn't realize that my mother does way more than I have ever done. Atleast I stopped, she's still doing it to this day. I guess seeing that I already had a tattoo didn't help." I was pretty much talking to myself now. I stared at the ground and whisper "Why did he have to die?"

If my dad was still alive, I knew I wouldn't be here. My mom would be the nice,caring person she used to be. Not an drunk and an drug user. I looked up to see all the guys staring at me. I didn't need their pity. "They sent you here because they thought you were to violent" Squid said. I nodded and grabbed my jumpsuit. "Oh! She needs to change. Um, we'll be outside." X-ray said leaving with the others. I sighed, finally alone at last.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and pulled my bangs back. I took my shorts off and kept my tank top on. The jumpsuit was a tiny bit to big and so were the boots. I tied the arms of the jumpsuit around my waist. I groaned trying to pull down my tank top. I knew I should have brought less tight tank tops. I was wearing a tight blue tank top that show some of my stomach. Hey, atleast I'm tan.

I walked out of the tent and ran into someone. I fell to the ground and when I looked up, I saw Zigzag. "Sorry, about that" He said helping me up. "No problem." I said. "I was coming to get you because it's dinner" He said. I nodded and followed. I was kinda worried about walking into a room with a bunch of guys that haven't seen a girl in awhile. We walked into the Mess Hall, and the whole hall went silence. Every single eye was on me. I groaned and pulled on my tank top. "Just relax." Zigzag whisper to me. I took a deep breath and got in line.

The food looked so gross. I wanted to gag. I sat down between Zigzag and Squid. I could tell that Zigzag and Squid were best friends. I poked my food with the spoon. "It's actually not that bad." Squid said. I looked at him and gave him a questioning look. "Ok, I'm lying. Just think of it has really yummy" He said smirking. I took a bite of the food and I did gag. "That. Is. The. Nastiest. Thing. Ever!" I said gagging even more. I pushed the plate away from me.

I saw most of the boys were hiding their smiles. I turned around and saw guys staring at me. Ugh! I don't like people staring at me. "Pendanski warned me, but I didn't think it would be this bad" I said turning around. "Well we haven't seen a girl, in awhile." Magnet said. "I'm not the prettiest thing in the world" I said. Armpit started choking on his drink. The others stared at me with wide eyes. "Are you kidding?" X-ray said.

I haven't ever thought of myself as pretty. "Have you looked in the mirro?" Magnet said. "Your sexy!" Zigzag said. "With a great ass and legs" Squid said laughing, probably from the look on my face. "You guys are just saying that because I am the first girl you've seen in awhile" I mumbled turning red.

"Do you think all us would be looking at an ugly girl?" Caveman said

"Yes, because you guys are horney as hell" I said. They busted out into laughter. Well, it was true. "We are going to get along great" Zigzag said laughing. I smiled and stood up. I walked back to the tent to change into my PJs before the boys got back. I changed into shorts and kept my blue tank top on. I let my hair down and sat down on my cot.

Tomorrow was going to be a rough day.