Laura Haruna brushed her brown hair. "I think I'll grow my hair long for the summer, what do you think, Hamtaro?" Hamtaro replied. "Heke?" Laura looks fine with short hair. I couldn't imagine having to drag a load of hair along everywhere I went.

"Laura! Are you ready? We're leaving soon!" Her mother Marian called from downstairs. "Coming Mom!". She lifted Hamtaro into his travel carrier and slid the circle window closed. "Marian, where's my toothbrush?!" asked her father. "I packed it in your bag." she answered. Her father scrambled around looking in every pocket for his toothbrush. Laura and her mother cocked their heads and both sweatdropped.

"We'd better get going Ham Hams! If we're going to hitch a ride with Hamtaro, we have to do it now!" Boss told his companions: Panda, Pashmina, Penelope, Bijou, Maxwell, Sandy, Dexter, Howdy, Oxnard, and Cappy. Their families had already gone on their summer vacations, leaving their Ham Hams behind with automatic feeders.

Laura set down hamtaro's carrier on the pavement. "NOW!" ordered Boss. The Ham-Hams jumped into the carrier and hid underneath the bedding and in the little sleeping house. "Hi Guys!" greeted Hamtaro.


Sunpaw raced along the brambles with her best friend, Icewing. "I'll get there first!" she teased. Then, they halted to a stop. There at the entrance was Lionblaze. "Daughter, Friend of Daughter, why are you playing? You both have work to do. And you, Icewing, are a warrior now. When I became a warrior, took my responsibilities seriously from the start." "Like chasing after girls!" giggled Icewing. Sunpaw let out a MRROW of laughter. LionBlaze's face reddened. But then, he went back to being serious. "Well, you don't have a fine mate yourself Icewing! Both of you, go back to camp. Clean the elder's bedding, Sunpaw. And you, Icewing, go see Firestar. They both pouted and stalked back into the camp, tails high.

Icewing padded back towards the leader's den. "Who does he think he is anyway, clan leader?" she muttered. As she approached, she heard her older brother, Foxpaw, speaking. "I understand. Thanks Firestar." He padded out of the den miserably. "What's wrong Foxpaw?" his sister asked. "I'm going to be a warrior now." he answered. Icepaw was puzzled. "Congratulations! But what is wrong with that?"

Foxpaw sighed heavily. "My name is not to be Foxcatcher, even if I did catch a fox." Icepaw scoffed. "What'd you expect? You neglected your duties and this is your punishment! What, do you expect Firestar to reward you?" "What about you? You've been playing with Sunpaw all morning!" Icepaw sheepishly grinned and padded into Firestar's den.

"As your punishment, you must remove the elder's ticks." said Firestar. "Yes Master- er Firestar." She padded out.

"So, wanna go hunting?" said Berrynose. "Your fur really gleams in the sunlight, you know, like real ice." Coward, I don't even like the mouse brained fool! He's not getting me as his mate, that's for sure!

Thanks Berrynose, but I have other duties that I have to attend to." she answered. "Oh. See you around then." His face fell. Sunpaw padded over to her. "Poor Berrynose, he has no mate. Why dont you give him a try?" Icewing made a face. "Never in a million moons!" Jeweleyes padded over. "Don't worry sweet, your time will come." Icewing said. "Thanks."


"YES! We're here!" exclaimed Laura. They were finally at Hare Hill Riding Stables- Where Laura's cousins lived. The hamsters woke up from their slumber. "We're here! Everyone-except Hamtaro- HIDE!" commanded Boss. They all dove into the bedding, or hid in the sleeping house.

A woman with strawberry blonde hair walked out to greet them. "Marcella!" Marian screamed and ran towards her older sister. They hugged and kissed each other heartily. Her husband and children came after. Aunt Mimi had 5 children, though, 3 were already grown up and working. Her husband was named Harold, and her children were: George, Melissa, Max. The younger kids were: Gordon(11) and Annabelle.(9) They ran to greet the family. "Hey Laura! Is this Hamtaro?" said Gordon. "He's so CUTE!" exclaimed Annabelle. Hamtaro was gromming himself. "Cushi Cushi" I have to look good in front of Laura's cousins, make a good impression. "Are they gone? My fur is sweating sitting next to this goof!" said Dexter, who was squished next to Howdy. It was quite crowded in the small carrier with eleven hamsters riding.

"FINALLY! WE"RE FREEEEEEE!" Boss jumped out and the Ham-Hams followed. "Let's have an adventure!" said Cappy. "But first, we must unload the luggage." said Maxwell.

All the hamhams took out their belongings. Bijou packed ribbons, Cappy packed Hats, Oxnard packed seeds, Boss packed roses to give to Bijou, Maxwell already had his book.

Bijou changed into pink ribbons each with a bead of a raspberry in the middle. "We need to find a place to rest without Laura seeing us." said Dexter. The others agreed. Finally, Pashmina and Penelope found a small crack in the wall. Inside, there were shelves of wood. The Ham Hams pack their belongings into the room. They lay some odd socks around for sleeping bags. Maxwell read them his book about the area. "Around these areas, there are clans of cats, called warriors. They live in peace and harmony. Divided into four clans they thrive. Every full moon, the cats gather on an island for a gathering. They have a truce until the next day. These cats believe in something called a SilverPelt, where there are their ancestors guiding them in their paths." "Wow," marveled Hamtaro. "Tomorrow is the full moon! We should go see if that's all true!" Maxwell said. "Of course it's true! If it's in a book, it's a fact, and facts, are true." Bijou said. "But vouldn't it be nice to just visit and explore, maybe?" Said Bijou. "Yeah!" the others agreed. "Hello?" said Dexter. "Cats eat rodents, and we are rodents!" Maxwell said. "Did I forget to mention that they are carnivores?"


"I call upon my Warrior ancestors to look upon this apprentice. He has trained hard in the ways of your code. I make him a warrior in turn." said Firestar to the clan. Snowpaw looked on admiringly. "Foxpaw, though you have made some mistakes in the past, StarClan honors your apology. From this day on, you will be known as Foxfur." The clan chanted. "Foxfur! Foxfur!"

"Now, we shall go to the gathering."

Please, if you don't understand who some of the characters are, ask me, watch Hamtaro, or if it's about why Foxfur is a warrior AFTER Icewing, read Sunny Days and Snowy Days first. This is its sequel with a twist.