Chapter 4

Hamtaro woke to the sound of cats yowling in the middle of the night.

"Boss, Maxwell!" he squeaked. Maxwell turned around. "What is it, Hamtaro?" he asked sleepily.

"I think I hear the cats, they're yowling really loudly, and I don't know why." Hamtaro said.

Bijou woke up, "I'm scared!" she whispered.

Maxwell scratched his head, and started looking in his Warriors book for some answers. "Aha!" he said. "The cats are having a battle!"

Bijou shuddered. "A battle?" she whispered.

"Sounds exciting, let's go check it out!" Hamtaro said.

"This could be very dangerous, Hamtaro. You see, a battle isn't really planned to happen by the clans, but sometimes begins with a disagreement. But I guess if we keep a safe distance away from the action, there isn't any harm." Maxwell said.

Boss had woken up, and he said. "Ahem, Maxwell, I happen to be the boss around here. I decide where we go, when we go, how we go, and most importantly, if we can go."

Maxwell shuffled his paws as Boss continued. "Now Hamtaro, from what Maxwell was saying, I can tell that this is not going to be easy, so I don't think you should place your furry little self straight into the heart of a bloody catfight!"

"But Boss, the clans might need help!" Hamtaro whined.

"Hamtaro is right, we should help them, maybe we can even make friends with the cats and-" Bijou was cut off by Boss.

"Whoa there, Bijou, make friends with cats?"

Maxwell joined in. "Actually, it is possible and has been proven by the greatest hamster scientist of all time: Professor Cruiser."

Another yowl split through the air. "Okay, do whatever you want, but I'm not risking my life to help some cats that I hardly know." Boss said.

Bijou smiled at Hamtaro. "Let's go!" she said. Boss changed his mind. "Bijou can't go out there without protection, so I guess I'll have to go too." He grumbled.

So Boss, Maxwell, Hamtaro and Bijou set out bravely to help the four clans with whatever they needed.

Snowpaw fought for her life. She clawed at a Shadowclan apprentice's belly and ran free.

Stupid Shadowclan, always stealing prey from our territory. If they hadn't taken all of those squirrels, I could have been enjoying a peaceful sleep right now. And to think, a battle, right after the gathering?!

And now I even have that weird dream to think about! Thoughts swirled around in Snowpaw's mind.

Icewing pulled Toadfoot under the brambles.

"How could you?!" she said under her breath.

"It was for my clan!" Toadfoot mewed.

"And after I trusted you, our patrol finds you and your sneaky little Shadowclan buddies stealing our prey!" she said. There was hurt in her voice as she mewed to Toadfoot.

"I'm so sorry, Icewing." he said. "You know I would never do anything to hurt you."

"Well then what's this, you hurt me." she said harshly.

"Icewing, I'm truly sorry, please forgive me." he pleaded.

"You know what, Toadfoot? I don't even care anymore. I don't need you in my life. I'll find some other Thunderclan tom to care for me." with that, Icewing fled from the brambles, leaving Toadfoot heartbroken.

"Okay gang, we're approaching the battle." Maxwell whispered.

"Hey, isn't that the same white cat that gave us directions last night?" Bijou noticed a white cat run from out of some brambles, with the same mottled tom run after her.

"So what do we do?" Boss said.

"Do we have to take a side to support?" Bijou inquired.

"No, not necessarily. We want to promote peace, right?" Maxwell said. The rest nodded. "I have a plan."

Sunpaw growled at the huge Shadowclan tabby staring down at her. "You will pay for this Shadowclan!" she yowled as she sprung onto tabby's back and nipped his ear.

Suddenly, a voice sounded out. "FREEZE in the name of Starclan!"

Every cat stopped what they were doing and searched the area for the thing that made the noise.

"You are the four clans. You should live in peace and harmony." the voice said. "Why are you fighting? For a piece of prey? This is ridiculous. All of you know to stay within your boundary lines. This is

just an act of greed." Sunpaw saw a few Shadowclan warriors look guiltily at their paws.

"What would Starclan think?" the voice said no more.

"High five, Maxwell!" said Hamtaro.

"We nailed that one!" Boss exclaimed.

"I think we all deserve a good rest now." Bijou said as she watched the cats slowly return to where they came from.

"Bluestar, these tail-less mice are miracle workers!" Oakheart exclaimed.

"Hmm." Bluestar did not comment.

"We could definitely use them to benefit out clans!" he went on.

"Oakheart, it's not our duty to meddle with these.... mice's lives. If they start making trouble, then we can step in."

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