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My hand was in his. My smile was as wide as his, mine was genuine and his was confusing.

So many times we had missed out on this opportunity. So many times we were too busy fighting or trying to stay friends and not turn into something else. So many times we had missed out on these cuddle moments. So many times that I wish I could take back, to lengthen these short moments in time.

My head was resting on his chest. Rising and falling with each inhale and exhale. It was moments like these that were pure bliss. It was moments like this one where life was amazing and nothing could harm me in his strong arms.

Wrapped around me was his other arm, pulling me close to him. I'm not much of a cuddler, but Oliver is…and with Oliver you learn to love such things.

I breathe in and Oliver's smell swims through my head. He pulls me closer. I could stay like this forever.

He moves a little and we both become more comfortable. I hear his heart beat, and get lost in the music of him.

"Lilly?" I can hear his heart race a little faster.

"Mhmm?" I reply. I tingle all over just thinking that when he says my name, I make his heart beast faster. As he does to me when I'm with him.

"I I I" he stutters. I know what's coming I've heard it from him before, the three little words that make my heart sing.

"Me too." I sigh. He sighs rather loudly, and I look up at him and smile. He looks down at me confused, not how he usually is after he says, 'I love you.'

"What is it?" I ask after studying his body language, and thinking of what all could be going on.

He exhaled and looked into my eyes. I could tell he was nervous. But whatever it was we could get through it together…

"Oliver, come on. Tell me. I'm a big girl." I smiled trying to be convincing. I curled up closer to him trying to ease whatever was going on with him. I twirled my fingers through his hair trying to calm him and ease the current situation.

"I'm breaking up with you." he said in one quick breath.

I swear the whole world stopped; my heart, my head, my lungs, the air in the room felt as if it had suddenly vanished. Tears were starting to prickle at my eyes.

"W-W-Why?" I asked as I furiously held my tears back and ripped my hand away from his head taking a couple hairs of him accidentally with me. I'm Lilly Truscott…I don't cry.

"I love you, Lils. More than I ever thought possible." he sighed.

"Oliver, why?" I backed away from him and sat on the opposite side of the couch.

"I don't want to get to attached, Lilly. College is in 2 years, and I don't want to be limited when I go." he sounded like this had been rehearsed.

His brown locks fell into his face and he shook his head to get it out of his eyes,

"Do you remember when Joannie and I were together?"

I nodded. Oh, boy do I remember when they were together. I remember all the details:

Like….How they went out after I told Oliver to specifically not go out with that 'wart on a monkey-butt'.

I remember how after they broke up, it was ten times worse than when Oliver cried all day after hearing how Becca was going to break up with him at the beach.

I remember that I was there for him, patting his back and telling him all the mean stuff she'd done to me in the past, and how a better girl would come for him.

I was there when he stood up after weeks of crying and told me I was a good friend, and would probably make a nice girlfriend.

I was there when after he said that and he had to catch me before I fainted and we kissed for the first time.

I was there for, for, for…. everything and now, he's l-l-leaving me?

"I don't want us to end up that way. Lilly, I really, really liked her, to have her break up with me. It was…" he was at a loss for words. I know how it felt for him, I was there, "I know what happens when I get too attached." he sighed.

This didn't even feel like my Ollie. It felt like it was someone else. I tore my eyes away from him and got up and walked away, out of his house and slammed the door behind me. I slammed the door and the tears I'd been holding in, hit me like an avalanche.

I cried as I ran inside to my house, I cried as I ran up to my room. And I cried when I realized I had no one to talk to, Miley was on a Hannah tour for a whole month. I cried so hard that I had no more tears to cry. Then I screamed at the world and asked, "WHY ME?!"

He was my best friend. As I was crying I felt my phone vibrate. I checked to see who was trying to reach me.

TEXT FROM: Ollie-Pop

i hope we can stay friends :)

Seeing that text made me cry harder. My Ollie brings up his ex to break up with me. If he's loves me as much as he's said he has, then why is he telling me he really liked her? Is he getting back together with her, and just saying he doesn't want to be attached to let me down easy?

So many questions are going through my mind. His face had no expression. He doesn't love me. "HE DOESN'T LOVE ME!" I scream out to the world and crawl under the covers. I cried myself to sleep that night and the three that followed after.

School was terrible. Oliver and I since the beginning of time had always been together, so it was normal when people came up to me and asked, "Where's Oliver?" I'd begin to answer and then realize, I don't know where he is, because we aren't together anymore.

At that I'd start to feel the tears build up and I'd run. I'd run to the closest place where I wouldn't be seen. Sometimes it was a closet, other times I was luckier and hid in the bathroom.

I'd run hard and as fast as I could, and the tears would break through during my mad dash. A couple of times various running coaches would stop me and ask me to join the team. Then they'd see my tears and look a little taken aback and let me run away.

I would run, run hard, run hard from him. Yet, I was hardly running away from him at all.

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