" Yo Anthony! Wait up bro." Michael Verdok yelled at his best friend Anthony Walters. Anthony, a pretty much normal guy, was going ahead boarding the bus. Mike, was the class clown. Surprisingly, they were best friends.

" I'll go ahead, I'm trying to get the back row." Anthony answered. He got on the bus and went all the way back. He blushed to see that his dream girl, Anna Brake would be in front of them if they sat all the way in the back, but the back was worth it. They were all on their High School freshmen trip. Anthony was fourteen still while Mike and Anna were already fifteen. He sat on the left seat in the back, right in back of Anna and her friends. He looked at the rows in front of him to see if e knew somebody. He knew most of the kids on the bus. Each row had seats where 3 people could fit in. Two seats of three per row.

In front of were a bunch of people Anthony didn't know. Then was an empty seat on the left and more people on the right. Then, two rows later, there was Amy LaRome, a nerdy but pretty girl, with a few friends which Anthony didn't know. Then, was Alexis Lerkes and Giovanna Paige on the left and Ella Emerson and Paola Brown on the right. Then, was Ray Tuner, Tuck Clarkson, and Jason Wu on the left and Jordan Taylor and Kyle Aleshin on the right. Then was Serena Hughes, who Anthony thought would be the future prom queen when they became Seniors, in the middle of her two friends Kristy Burnes and Marie Arson. Then was Ben Krad, on the right, with a teacher called Robert Galvez and more teachers on the left.

Mike raced to the back and sat right next to Anthony. His cell phone and wallet fell from his pocket. He quickly picked up both items. The bus driver started. The name plates of the bus sounded familiar; AH0BC, Anthony ignored the feeling. The idea of going to museum of religious myths was a little scary, especially the demons part.

" Ugh, nasty!!!!" Mike exclaimed as he accidentally sat on chewed gum. Anthony laughed. He tried to put his seat belt on but realized it was broken, he would have to ride the bus like that.

" Wait up!!!!" Tobey Hermes yelled. Tobey was the slacker of the school, which drew all the girls attention. He always got in trouble and was very irresponsible. He was even worse than Mike. Tobey got on with is backpack open, is notebook fell out of his backpack but Tobey didn't notice. Tobey got on and sat on the left next to Kristy, Serena, and Marie.

The bus started. A car was in font of them on a lonely highway. The car went violently out of control. It crashed and metal pipe stuck out form the car. Obviously, the driver was dead. The engine went thru the bus' front window. It killed the bus driver. The metal pipe open the first tire and Ben was violently tossed out of the bus and ripped in two along with the second tire. At the third tire, The bus flipped to the right. Kyle and Jordan fell out of the window smashing them to a gruesome death. Then, the bus fell down the grassy and steep hill. All severely injured, the bus came to a stop upside down. Tobey with blood on his face, was unconscious laying on his seat. Serena and Kristy were on the bus still, Marie was probably not on the bus anymore and dead. Everybody was uncurious except Amy, Anna, Giovanna, Alexis, Mike, and Anthony. Giovanna had a broken arm and Alexis had a large shard of glass of the window thru her leg. Anthony couldn't move his feet. He felt blood drip down his face. He tried to turn to see Mike, he was severely injured but still had consciousness. Anthony was a face down on the floor. He looked up and saw Amy crushed between two sets, but still alive. Anna was also face down. She had a very bloody leg. She moved toward Anthony and held his hand. The bus exploded. Anthony felt the flames burn him alive as he regained consciousness.

Mike walk to the back toward Anthony, He sat down.

"Ugh, nasty!!!!" He exclaimed as he noticed the chewed gum he sat on. Anthony desperately yanked his seatbelt. It was broken. The more sweat dripped off his face, the more nervous he got.

" Wait Up!!!!" Tobey yelled. He ran toward the bus. His backpack was open and he dropped his notebook. Tobey didn't notice.

" LET ME OFF!!!!!" Anthony shrieked.