I Pledge Allegiance To The Red, White, And BlackA Class of 1984 fan-fic

As Class of 1984 isn't very well known, I suppose I should give a little tiddy about it. First of all, if the summary of this story intrigues you and you haven't seen the movie (however, I recommend you do - mostly crappy acting and some weird scenes, but a good story), please read on, as my story begins before the beginning of the movie. Class of 1984 is about a teacher who gets a job at a school that is run and vandalized by the pot-smoking, Hitler-loving, prostitute-managing teens. The leader is Stegman - Peter Stegman - and he rules with a group of friends. I won't tell you the rest - you'll find out. However, the story is focused around Maksym Fallon (to you who have seen the movie, he is the one that carries the link chain and doesn't have too much air time) and an OC and told in mostly her point of view. Also, for those who haven't picked up on it, the "Red, White, and Black" is the Nazi flag with the Swastika . . . .

Summary: Lincoln High was ruled by one and one alone: Peter Stegman. He ruled everything . . . the halls, the drugs, the hookers, and his crew. Elinor Rudabette was new to Lincoln and its practices . . . She was used to a democracy - not a dictatorship.

Extra: Takes place at the beginning of the movie . . . ish.

Main Characters: Fallon and OC

Rating: Teen (Language)

Genre: Romance/Action/Drama

Theme Song: "Miserable At Best" - Mayday Parade


This is a poem I wrote initially as just a poem. The story stemmed from this. It is pretty much an "overview" of the story.

Fallon "the Felon" didn't know what to do -

The clock was breaking - she was one of only a few.

The girl was new to this Blackboard Jungle,

But it was as if she was presented to him in a little bundle.

They had both noticed it, together they had -

They realized that a life together wouldn't be so bad.

She had the set of glittered wings that wouldn't let him fall,

And he was the force that kept her from against the wall.

Yet they believed different - to her they were all created equal,

But he saw differences everywhere, everything was so dysfunctional.

So different they were that she believed they couldn't survive,

But he knew that, if they tried, they could keep themselves alive.

Fallon's leader feared a revolt from his most prized operative -

So he issued a new creed, something terribly manipulative:

It stated that, in terms of passion, only equal beliefs were able,

So, from his group they had to hide, holding hands under the table.

Yet they couldn't hide forever - Fallon had to reevaluate -

His black heart and pointed ways would end their tender fate.

And when tragedy struck, when his leader ordered for the end,

To his beliefs, his thoughts, and his life, this he would amend:

His girl was the one who would fill the deep, empty crack -

Never again would he serve under the red, white, and black.