Ok Ladies and Gents! This little woman finally got the courage to try out her first fanfic! Some friends of mine will be surprise that it's not a usually ship and comment on, but I had a flash last night and I couldn't ignore so here it is, enjoy! Oh and I'm starting a new drug... REVIEWS!!!! ^_^



It was a slow week, all reports were done even Morgan was finished without sneaking some to an oblivious Reid. They were all discussing in the bullpen on how either the criminals were getting better at masking their crimes or they were all on some weird convention. The bosses were scarce too, probably plotting something long and boring for them to do so that they look busy.

'' I think they'll make us review all pending cold cases'' was Reid input

''Nah! They don' like to go back if it's not a high profile case, too afraid new eyes will see the mistakes of veterans.'' said a sarcastic Morgan

''Damn right!'' quipped Prentiss

''It must be big cause they didn't let me know anything, Hotch won't say anything, but someone must know other than them..'' said JJ looking pointedly at Garcia

'' Oh! No! Mother of my sunshine! This Goddess only uses her powers outside criminal cases when its a matter of life or death or the number of Prince William of England!!''

''Come on Baby girl! They might make your sweet pea over here do something sociable or send your Adonis far far away, wouldn't like to make sure we're safe?''

'' Hey what are JJ and I? Chop liver?'' only earning Emily a devilish smirk from Morgan

''What king of sociable event are we talking about?'' said Reid getting nervous

''Don't mind him sweet cheeks, he's just yanking your chain. As for you!'' changing a sweet gaze to a glare, ''If you keep bugging my little genius I wont lift a finger if they do 'send you far, far away' maybe I'll even suggest ...Alaska''

''Mama! You wouldn't!'' he beg with is best 'puppy dog face'.

They were all laughing when Hotch came in the bullpen. Everyone start to make their way back to their desk.

''Stop! You come to my office, everyone else... look busy.

What was going on?

Next chap Hotch's POV