When his brother and himself catch up with Garcia and Jack they were almost at the door. Penelope had Jack in a one arm arm lock and was alterning between kisses and tickling with her free hand. That scene warmed his heart, he felt that with all that came down between him and Haley, the love that Jack was receiving was lacking, especially from his side since he saw him less then before. He tried to push off the morose thoughts and held on to the warm feeling.

"Sunshine! If I promise to run will you catch me and give me the same treatment?" Sean purred.

Hotch was about to rip on to his brother when Pen with a wink answer without missing a bit.

"Well Sugar, only if you return the favour!"

Hotch misses a step and Sean roars in laughter!

"Oh! I like you! You're the best decision my brother made after this little buddy! Here I thought I would only have Jack has suitable company!"

"See you should trust your brother a little more, you never know when it will work in your favour!" she replied with a saucy smile.

OK! He had to stop this right now! He had enough of witnessing «Morgan & Garcia», or hearing about other agents she flirts with (even though it was less intense). If there will be a «Hotchner & Garcia» it sure has hell won't be his brother! His heart skips a beat. Wait where did that come from? Cool it Aaron, don't let Sean get to you, don't forget why she's here and you want to get Haley back… right?

"If you kids are done I would like to put down those bags" he said in an annoyed cool tone.

Sean raised a mocked eyebrow, only Pen had the grace to blush a little. She put Jack down and let Sean and Hotch go through. He led them to the Victorian room and put his share of bag before he turn to them with a malicious grin.

"Well big brother, I'll let you get settle in a give the great news to your friend!"

If Pen didn't know better she would have thought he literally skip out of the room! She turns to Hotch and waited.

"Jack, why don't you take your back and go through this door, if you need any help call me."

The little boy looks suspicious but complied. He looks at them one last time before he close the door.

"OK Bossman! Lay it on me!"

"Garcia…" He was at lost for words. What was wrong with him, he just tells her about the mistake and they'll find a way around it.

"Hotch, you're scaring me, your brother said it was good news and now you're all nervous. What's wrong?"

"In the rush to get here I forgot to call my brother and let him know about you, well it's more that I assume there would be at least one room available, because really 7 rooms, 1 boudoir AND a cot! But leave it to my family to turn it around and leaving me in this predicament…"

"Hotch... Aaron! You're rambling! Which, by the way, is cute and refreshing! No worries, I'm sure there's a comfy Queen Chair some where in this palace or at least a couch!" she cut him with a bright smile.

"No! I'm the one who brought you here I'll be the one on the couch!" he hold his tongue not to add that he didn't like the fact that it would be too easy access for Sean, not that he didn't trust his brother, but better safe than sorry.

"But it's fine…"

"End of discussion Garcia." using his boss demeanor.

"You don't scare me! Look, let's compromise, ask Jack to bunk with you and I'll high-jack the boudoir!"

"Alright, Jack, come here buddy!"

"Yes dad?"

"It seems like there's no room left for Penelope, would you be a gentleman and offer yours to her and you'll sleep with me?"

"Yes, but you don't want to share with her?" making Hotch blush, even though it was adorable she decide to save him.

"Well my little hero in training, when you become an adult it's not proper for a boy a girl to sleep in the same bed if there are not family or a couple."

"Proper? Like when aunt Jess tells me not to put my elbow on the table?"


"OK! Tonight I'll sleep with daddy and the next with you." the little man said as a matter of fact before going back in the boudoir to take his stuff leaving two adults with their jaw slacked.

Garcia belly laugh fills the room.

"Sometimes he take too much after my brother, always findind a way that suits him best and end up with a pretty lady." he chuckled following his son.

Pen laugh chocked in her throat and was once again jaw slacked looking after a second Hotchner.