Kittenn: So, I was watching the Twilight movie for the tenth time today—

Elmo: She's been counting.

Kittenn: I saw that Ben and Eric seemed to have been combined into one person. So, being the person I am, I thought, "Okay, so what should I call him?"

Elmo: Then she began calling him "BenEric"

Kittenn: Then I just forgot about the E and began to pronounce it Bn-Eric…

Elmo: then she began to say that Angela was acting OOC… and then she linked it to Lauren…

Kittenn: Then this story was born… and I titled it Generic because that's what spell-check has been trying to change Beneric to.


It's crazy what movies do to characters. Meet Angela and Ben: People who's personalities were killed/erased in the Twilight movie. Or should I call them "Beneric" and "Laurangela"?

"Maybe they'll adopt me," Angela joked, and stressed the ending word.

"Umm… Angela… are you sure that's your line," Bella replied.

Angela nodded. "Yeah. I checked the script five minutes ago…"

Edward, who'd been ignored as he walked in on his cue, popped up behind Bella.

"But that's so out of character, Angela. I've seen your mind. Aren't you crushing on Ben, anyways?"

Angela blinked a couple times. "Yeah. Why would I want you guys to adopt me?" Her voice was suddenly her usual shyness.

Edward rolled his eyes. "I don't know. Ask the scriptwriter. Where's Lauren anyways? Wasn't she supposed to be here?"

Bella, Angela, and Jessica nodded.

"Then where is she?"

Bella, Angela, and Jessica shrugged. Edward paused, lost in thought.

"Okay, so Angela acts similar to Lauren, while Lauren mysteriously goes missing…"

Jessica was the one who spoke, "Maybe they combined you two into one convenient person!"

The girl in question suddenly went into a typical frenzy that most people should expect. "Why would they do that? I don't want to be Lauren! I'm Angela! And isn't the whole point of me that I'm the only person with genuinely nice thought who sticks near you? If I'm Lauren too—"

"Angela, shh…"

At Edward's voice, she shut up like a puppy obeying its master. "I'm not supposed to do that," she muttered angrily.

"I keep thinking that Eric's going to ask me to the prom, but he doesn't."

"Uhh… Angela…"


"You're a strong independent woman who is supposed to be in love with Ben."

"But Ben doesn't exist. Maybe I'm going on like this because I'm part Lauren… doesn't she go out with Eric at one point?"

"I think so… but still…"

"I know. And isn't Edward supposed to set me up with Ben because I have such nice thoughts?"

"Yeah," Bella paused, "but you don't have just nice thoughts as Laurangela now."

"I know… so is that why I settle for creepy, Bella-obsessed, and popular?"

"Yeah. That's one thing Lauren does do…"

"But still… Ben's a better person… though it's almost like they combined—"

"Laurangela and Beneric. A perfect couple."