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Final Chapter

Kate decided to have her child, but stayed in high school with the help of her parents. She married the child's father once she turned 22, and became an interior designer. She had 2 more children with Ray before divorcing him at age 41.

Jett entered the marines as soon as he possibly could. He became an honorary marine and left the marines at age 30. He married Tali, who waited for him back home. They married and moved to St. Louis, were they raised 5 kids.

Jessica went to college and then to medical school, becoming a pediatrician. She married her high school sweetheart Danny and they had a child. The child became a musical prodigy and nationally renowned.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs continued living with Abby near Jessica. Every other dog they adopted Abby insisted they named Jethro. They remained good friends with the DiNozzos and the McGees.

Timothy and Vivian McGee had another child, a little girl they named Abigail Kali McGee. She joined NCIS and eventually became the director. She married a field agent.

Nathan McGee became a professor at MIT and married Leila DiNozzo. Leila was diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 27 after having two children, but overcame it.

Tony and Ziva DiNozzo had one last child after Leila, a little boy named Ari Nathaniel DiNozzo. He became a famous author, and married an actress. Because of that, he was constantly in the Lime-Light, which enchanted Tony, who was able to meet his favorite directors and actors. Ziva tagged along, but constantly traveled to Israel to visit her family.

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