Finn: "Let the party begin!"

Aerrow: "Were not there yet Finn. So leave your cheering for later."

Finn: "ok, ok fine."

Piper: "Thank you for once you listen to us."

Finn: "Excuse me but I'm not listening to you."

* Cat fight *

Aerrow: "We're here?"

Junko: "wow Funky Club!"

Stork: "Wait! Be sure not to drink poison."

Everyone except Stork: "Stork!"

Stormhawks walks into club.

Dark ace: "Welcome to Funky club!"

Aerrow: "Oh it's you."

Dark ace: "Could say the same thing."

Aerrow slides past Dark ace.

Finn: "Selena, over here!"

Selena says to Annette and Malina: "It's Finn!"

Finn: "Hey dudes. Ready to dance?"

Malina: "Yes!"

Selena: "Yeah, What Malina said."

Annette: "Selena and Finn dancing?"

Annette Laughs.

Selena: "Annette and Dark ace dancing?"

Dark ace: "someone call me?"

Strom hawks, Malina, Selena and Annette: "No!"

Dark ace: " Let's dance!"

Silent. * Cricket chirps *

Music starts. Lights dim. People dancing everywhere.

Finn: "Let's dance Selena."

Storm hawks and the girls start dancing.

Dark ace joins in.

10 minutes later

* Wall shakes … ext. *

Dark ace's cloths fall off to reveal …

Note: Part taking off. Very disturbing. Four words. Dark ace is a girl.