"Blah, blah, blah", that's all I could here Mr. Pettibone say. He was the most boring teacher one could ever have. I never really listened to him but I still got A's in his class. I don't know how my brother and I get A's and B's in all our classes, being dyslexic and ADHD. Finally my favorite sound of the day, the "riiiing" of the last bell. I quickly gathered my stuff and left the room. At my locker, I asked Maite, "Are you coming over today?"

"Same time as every Friday," she answered.

I got in the bus next to my annoying little brother, sure, I was only two minutes older than him, but I was still technically older. He talked to his friends while I looked out the window. None of my friends rode the school bus so I had nothing else to do. I started thinking, again, why my brother and I looked nothing alike. I had black hair and my mom's gray eyes, Mckenzie had blond hair like Mom and sea green eyes. I figured our dad had black hair and sea green eyes. I was so concentrated thinking that Mckenzie had to yell, "Adamaris! Earth to Adamaris."

"Okay Theodore! And that's Sandra to you."

When we got home, Mom was in her study designing some new building. At exactly 5:00 Maite arrived as always, very punctual. "So, movie or just talk?" I asked.

"Why can't we just go to the movies and talk on our way there?"

"Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because sometimes you're a little slow."

"Mom, I'm going to the movies with Maite, is that okay?" I asked Mom when I got to her study.

"Sure, honey, just remember to take your hat and pen," Mom said.

"Thanks Mom you're the best! Though I don't get why Mckenzie and I have to carry our caps and pens everywhere if we can't wear or write with them."

Mom quickly snapped back, "You have to take them everywhere because I say so. Now go on and go or Maite might get tired of waiting."

"Mom, I don't think she'll leave unless I throw her out. She's too busy trying to flirt with Mckenzie." Mom laughed one of her laughs that made her sound like an angel.

After I finally got Maite off my brother, we went to the movies and she was really psyched because the latest Percy Jackson movie had come out. I really was not a fan of his, even if he had saved New York from a terrorist attack almost 15 years ago! His movies were too, I don't know, superficial. Yet he still won Oscars, and who knows what else.

When we were about to go into the movie I heard a small bark, like a chihuahua. I turned to the woman behind us and she had a Chihuahua in arms. She was telling him, "Sonny, calm down, we don't want to leave before the movie starts do we?"

I asked, "Is Sonny his name?"

The woman said, "No, and it's a she. Plus Sonny isn't a name for a chimera!"

That's when my slow brain got me and I said something that I shouldn't have, "Is that a new species of chihuahua?"

That might seem like an inoffensive question right, well you wouldn't think that after you saw this tiny little chihuahua-like thing turn into another thing with a lion's head, a goat's body and a snake as a tail. Oh, did I mention, this thing shot fire out of her mouth! The only thing I could think of was to pull out my pen and put my cap on. I don't know why but I just knew that these things could save me.

Suddenly I saw my brother and I knew he could see this thing too. As soon as I pulled out my hat and pen, he did the same. We simultaneously uncapped our pens and in about three seconds a sword, not a pen was in our hands. Mckenzie and I disappeared as we put our caps on. I tried to hit the Chimera or whatever in the head but before I could get 5 inches close to her head, she blew fire out of her mouth. Then I realized I could never hit the head, she could protect herself with fire. Then I went to the back of her, since she couldn't see Mckenzie or me she thought I was still standing there and she blew but the only thing she did was burn the carpet. I aimed at her feet and apparently, my brother had the same idea. She instantly disappeared in a yellow powder that smelled like sulfur and so did the woman, but not before yelling, "No one disgraces Echidna; you shall pay for this Sandra and Mckenzie Chase, for this and what your father did to me!"

Maite had been in the corner the whole time. She asked, "How the F did you guys get those swords and become invisible? Who was that woman? How did she even know your name?"

All Mckenzie and I could say was, "I don't know"

We instantly went home and told Mom what happened. I mean if we couldn't trust her who could we trust, our father didn't live with us and we'd never even met him. She tried to avoid most of the questions, but she finally gave in.