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Alice, Rosalie, Esme and I were sitting in the living-room at the Cullen house. Carlisle was working, the boys were out hunting and Renesmee was with Jacob. Suddenly, Alice's face went blank. She quickly snapped out of it and grinned widely.

"What's up?" I asked curious. Alice laughed. "The boys are going to be home in ten minutes," she said and started bouncing up and down. I sighed loudly – I missed Edward, but lately it seemed like all he wanted was me in bed.

"Is there something wrong?" Rosalie said concerned. I smiled slightly at her – I was glad she'd gotten past the whole 'hate Bella for wanting to be a vampire'. I thought I'd might as well just tell them - It couldn't hurt, could it? "Well, you know with Nessie, Edward and I don't get much time together – just the two of us – and when we do, it always involves a bed and no clothes. I mean – it seems like all he wants from me is sex." I said. Great – now I was embarrassed and frustrated. But luckily, they didn't laugh at me.

"Bella, I think you should tell Edward. Talk about it. Maybe that'll help." Esme told me and smiled at me. Alice patted my shoulder. "Don't worry," she said and winked at me. "You know Bella – every time I feel like Emmett doesn't want anything but sex – I just refuse him to sleep with me for a while. That always helps." Rosalie said grinning. Alice rolled her eyes. "Rose, you do that for fun. And by the way – since when did Emmett want anything but sex and blood?" She said and laughed. I giggled as Rose glared at her.

Not long after we heard a car pull up the driveway. I sighed again, while Alice and Rosalie grinned. "Don't let Edward know, if you don't mind.." I whispered so that the boys couldn't hear it. Rose gave me thumbs up and Alice winked.

Edward came through the door first – Emmett and Jasper were only seconds behind him. Edward ran straight to me and hugged me. "Do you want to go to the cottage?" He whispered in my ear. I could see Alice roll her eyes, but suddenly she was trying not to laugh. Not waiting for an answer, Edward started pulling me out the door. I waved and smiled slightly to the others. When we were out the door I could hear them laughing. I sighed again. Edward probably misunderstood – he lifted me and carried me towards the cottage.

He didn't stop when we got inside – he just went straight to our bedroom, of course. He sat me down on the bed and sat down beside me. Edward looked me in the eyes for a while. He raised his hand and stroked my cheek. His smile was so beautiful I could almost cry – if I could at least.. I smiled back at him, and then he leaned in to kiss me.

I didn't stop him at first – even though I might should have – but as his hands went around my waist, pulling me closer, I pulled away. Edward looked at me confused and worried. "Is something wrong?" He asked. I sighed – wondering how to say this.

"You love me, right?" I asked. It sounded kind of weird, but it was the only thing I came up with. "Of course! More than you know," he answered and smiled. "So, I was just wondering.. Why do I feel like all you've wanted from me lately is sex?" Edward was shocked, "what are you talking about?!" I started to get kind of angry. "Well, where have we spent almost every single night since Nessie was born? In this bedroom!! And what are you thinking about the rest of the day?" I was yelling at him. That wasn't a part of the plan.. He hesitated with answering. "Well, you, Nessie, you, and some other stuff.." His voice was low – slightly embarrassed. "My point exactly! It's like you've turned in to something like Emmett!"

Edward didn't have any words to answer that. Instead he just stared at me. After a wile, he finally said something. "Bella.." He whispered. "What?" I said sharply. "You're really hot when you yell at me..!" And suddenly my lips were locked to his. This time I couldn't stop it – at least I didn't want to – and we ended up in bed the whole night.