Remember when Serena saw the Cold Fire for the first time in the 2nd book? Stanton had met her on the bluff, and she promised she would risk anything to be with him. This is my version.

I Remember You

By: Skid Row


Serena stared off into the distance, watching the Followers walk silently on the beach. Their sultry whispers made their way to Serena in a swift breeze. An involuntary shiver made its way down her spine. Not from the cold, but from the Followers. She rubbed her arms, trying to rid of the goose-bumps. Why hadn't she thought of bringing a sweater?

On top of the bluff, Serena was afraid she would be seen. But, if she tried to make it down, the Followers would surely see her. She ducked behind a large boulder, and peered around it. Looking up at the moonless sky, a soft prayer made it off her lips, "O Mater Luna, Regina nocis, adiuvo me nunc."

The prayer gave Serena a sense of serenity. Standing up, Serena looked at the Followers. She could feel their eyes peering around, as if they new somehow they were being watched. Serena cleared her mind, so they wouldn't find out it was her. She took off her sandals, the sand soft beneath her feet.

The Followers had stopped in a clearing, but Serena couldn't make out what they were doing. She slipped forward, making sure not to step down the bluff. It was steep, and she would surely hurt herself if she fell. Turning back to the Followers, Serena gasped.

The Cold Fire.

The words flashed through her mind like a bullet. The red, orange, and yellow flames licked at the Followers around it. It seemed to burn to life by the evil swallowing its hypnotism. A girl Follower stepped up to the flames, savoring their feel for a moment, before stepping inside. The flames seemed to greet her, licking up her skin. Her hair swept around her face, her arms spread.

Serena shivered again, backing away. She had to get away from the beach. Suddenly, Serena heard a sound behind her, and turned sharply. Looking toward the rocks, she saw Stanton, a smile creeping across his face. Serena dropped her sandals.

"Serena." Her name fell off his lips, as if he had said it many times before. She gasped, and began to back up even more.

"Where are you going?" Stanton's sultry voice sent shivers of pleasure through Serena's spine. She tried to fight it off, shaking her head.

"Go away," she hissed. He looked confused. His blue eyes held a sexy smile.

"Serena? Why so tense?" The smile had reappeared on his face. "I need to talk to you, it's important."

"What?" Serena stopped walking, and stood with her hands on her hips. She kept her mind clear, in case of any tricks.

"To warn you," Stanton said, running a hand through his unruly blond mane. She tried to overcome the urge that wanted so badly to kiss him.

"About…," Serena asked.

"Zahi. He's not who you think he is. He's… he's a-,"

"I don't want to hear it! Zahi is a normal human, just like me," Serena said, stepping closer to Stanton. His sexy eyes ran over her body, looking over her clothing.

"That's not-,"

"Stanton," Serena said. He stopped, his smile faltering.

"He's a Follower." Stanton's words stung Serena. He ran a hand through his hair once more. Should she trust him?

"I don't understand," she said at last. Stanton sighed, crossing his arms. He looked extremely dark and sexy.

"He's a very strong Follower, stronger than me. He's erasing your memories, trying to get you to forget me," Stanton said. Serena was confused. "You? Why would he want to make me forget you?"

"Because he thinks I want to turn you into the Atrox. He wants to do it himself, so he can get an even higher ranking." Stanton's smile faltered, his eyes holding a feeling Serena could only describe as love, sadness. No, he can't feel any of those emotions. His soul had been stolen by the Atrox. This was all a trick.

"It's not a trick," he said, reading her mind. Stanton stepped closer, touching her cheek softly. "You have the power to read my mind freely. Go ahead." Serena just stood there, confused. She lurched away, stepping back.

"I can't trust you."

"Serena, watch out," Stanton said, holding out his hand and walking forward. His blue eyes glowed with fear. Serena turned around and gasped. Her foot was balancing on the edge of the bluff. Stanton stepped forward, hand outstretched. Serena was torn between grabbing it, and darting around him.

She moved her foot, but instead of moving forward, it slipped. Serena fell over the edge, her hands scraping the sides of the bluff wall. As she prepared to fall down to the freezing waters, she felt someone grab her hand. She looked up to see Stanton, his face disgruntled. She swallowed, her hand slipping out of his grasp. He held on tighter, holding out his other hand.

"Swing your arm up, and take my hand," he commanded. Serena did what he said. His hands felt warm in hers, sending electric jolts through her veins. This confused her. Why wasn't he letting go?

Stanton was trying his hardest not to let Serena fall. She felt him begin to pull her upward. He grabbed her arms roughly, making sure not to let her slip. When she was high enough, Serena wrapped her arms around his neck. Grabbing her waist, Stanton pulled once more. Serena felt her feet meeting the top of the bluff again. Exhausted, he fell backwards, and she fell on top of him.

"Why?" Serena asked. She realized he still had his arms around her waist.

"I told you," he said. "This isn't a trick."

"What?" She rolled off of Stanton, standing up. He stood up as well, resting against a boulder.

"This isn't a trick. I We… this… was actually happening. You had feelings for me, and I in return. That is, before, Zahi erased the memories of us from your head," Stanton said, spitting out Zahi's name.

"If he knew you and I were spending time together," Serena said, "than why hasn't he turned you in to the Regulators?"

"He thinks that I'm trying to turn you into the Atrox. He doesn't know of… this…," Stanton said. He smoothly ran his hand down her arm. He was now so close, Serena could smell his sweet breath, and soap-y smell.

"Will you?" she asked, her voice hitching.


"I trust you," she said defiantly. Stanton smiled crookedly. She should have stopped him, as his warm lips made their way up her neck. Though, she couldn't. Shivers of pleasure made way up her spine. Serena kissed Stanton's cheek, causing him to stop and look into her eyes. He cupped her chin lightly.

Serena leaned into, basking in the scent of his breath. Stanton smiled at her thoughts. Serena closed her eyes, and felt Stanton's warm lips cover her own. She parted her lips, wrapping her arms around his neck. Stanton wrapped one arm around her waist, while the other made its way into her red curls. His tongue lazily swept Serena's bottom lip, and she smiled.

"Maybe we should stop," she said, breaking the kiss. "What if we get caught?"

"I would know if anyone would be watching," Stanton reminded. He kissed Serena's forehead, and pulled her to his chest.



"I have to erase this memory from your mind."

"What?" Serena looked at Stanton, confused.

"If Zahi sees this, we are both at dept. I have to keep it so I can figure everything out." Stanton sighed.

"I would risk anything to be with you. I understand. Can-,"

"Yes," Stanton said, reading Serena's thoughts. He smiled, leaning down. His lips caught hers again. Serena thought, for once in her life, maybe she could have a boyfriend. Stanton smiled under her lips.