It began as ordinary as every other day in my life. I came in from a late patrol and slept half of the day away. My dad came in and woke me up in a not so friendly manner of smacking me upside the head. Something about a barbeque and the pack coming this afternoon. Once I made it out of the shower and got dressed everyone was already here. The smell of grilled meat and potatoes filled the air. It was an unusual sunny day in La Push.

Everyone gathered around the back yard. Luckily Billy felt it was important to build a patio equip with plenty of seats so when times like this arose everyone was comfortable. Charlie and Sue were the last to arrive. They walked into the house to help carry food out to the patio while the rest of us continued our conversation varying from sports to fishing season. Then out of now where a small long dark hair little boy came running from around my house. "Haha" He giggled "You can't catch me, I'm too fast!" He wasn't watching were he was going and ran right into Pauls leg. "Hey there little guy" Paul spoke while helping him up off the ground. The little boy looked frightened and he took a set back My dad and Charlie walked out just then and took in the sight. "Damn it" My dad muttered under his breath. Charlie and him shared a look before Charlie called for the boy to come to him.

"Grandpa Charlie." the little boy screamed as he jumped into Charlies' arms. My eyes felt like they were bulging out of my head and I felt sick to my stomach. Charlie only had one child and that child was Bella. Which meant Bella had a child for him to be a grandfather. Oh shit this was Bella's little boy. My dad obviously knew about it. I wonder who else knew. Everyone shared the same look of shock on their face. Everyone other then Charlie and my father that was.

In the distance I heard a voice I never thought I would again. "EJ THIS IS NOT FUNNY" "WHERE ARE YOU?" The voice came closer until it was right in front of us. He stopped immediately when he saw all of us there. My best friend who vanished without a word a little over two years ago stood in front of us. "Quil?" Seth was the first to speak up. "W-where have you been man?" he asked. "I'm sorry" Quil whispered and looked down before speaking again. "I know I owe everyone an explanation and I will give you one." He walked over and took EJ off Charlie and took him inside to Sue and then came back out to join us.

It wasn't until then I saw the resemblance between Quil and the little boy. The little boy was obviously Native American or part anyway. Did the mean that he was Quil and Bellas? My stomach twisted and I closed my eyes. I felt faint and sick and dizzy. I grasped the back of Jareds' chair to steady myself. I laughed under my breath at the irony of it. Here I was a werewolf for crying out loud and almost passing out at the thought of my best friend and love of my life having a child together. This just didn't make sense. "Hey Jake maybe you should take a seat buddy". Quil spoke looking at me in the eye. "You guys want an explanation it's time I give you one." He sat down next to my father and Charlie sat on the other side. Oh how nice just one big happy family right there. It mad me even sicker to look at them.

"Who all knew?" I managed to choke out never once taking my eyes up from the ground. "The only ones were Charlie and Sue…and well then your dad found out because of the elders." Quil remained surprisingly calm. But then again what would he have to be upset about, he had everything I wanted. "Quil is Bella with you? " Billy looked between me and Quil. He had to have noticed how my head shot up at the mention of her name. I never thought of the possibility of her being with him right now. "No she was sleeping at the house when I left" he answered. "Do you think she would want to be here for this?" Charlie looked as if he was talking to my dad and not Quil which confused me even more. However Quil was the one to answer "She was planning on this when we decided to come back it will be easier for us to do this then her talk later with Jacob."

I closed my eyes and thought of the last time I saw Bella. A million memories fluttered through my mind. My love for that girl bought me so much pain. I always loved her though. I loved her from the time we were little kids. Through the years my love only grew stronger for her. Never once did it go away. She would be the death of me. I would never stop loving her until the day I die. And yet she is with my best friend. Just as I was ready to get up and leave this place for the last time I heard Quils voice. "Jacob do you want to talk privately about this?" I shook my head and said no. "You know that pack will know as soon as I phase anyway." I tried to keep my voice under control. However it was full of too much emotion I'm sure they heard it. I knew they did because Sam got out of his seat and stood next to me putting his hand on my shoulder.

"It's ok. I get it." I spit "You and Bella…congratulations.". I met his eyes for a moment. He seemed hurt and so unsure, so unlike the Quil I knew. Good I hope he is hurt. That's what he gets from taking my Bella away from me. Sam tightened his grip on my shoulder and I shook my head and looked down. "No Jake. No. You got it all wrong." Quil was shaking his head and staring at me. I didn't answer so he continued. "Bella and I are nothing more then friends." I was completely confused as it was and now my head was aching. My dad placed his hand on Quils arm. Quil looked down at it and whispered. "EJ isn't my son Jake. He…H-he is yours." I heard a few gasps and felt their eyes on me. I couldn't breath all of a sudden. What he was telling me didn't make sense. I had a son. Bella had my child and never told me? I hadn't seen her in a little over two years but then again the boy couldn't be any older then 2. What the hell was going on? Bella and I had only been intimate one time a few weeks before she up and left me. Oh fuck. The time adds up I guess.

Everything turned silent. My face was on fire and I could feel myself begin to lose control. "Why didn't you tell me Quil?" I demanded. " Bella didn't want me to. She thought it would be best i-" I interrupted him not allowing him to finish. "Best? Best for who Quil? Because it sure as hell was not best for me. He is my son?!" With that I lunged for him. Embry and Paul came between us as the other pack memebers stood. "Don't do this Jake I'm begging you not to." "Don't do what Quil?" I screamed "You took her form me! You took her and my child and ran to who knows where without one word Quil. Not one damn word!!" "Enough Jacob!" My dad yelled at me. Shocking the hell out of my. I mean my dad never yells let alone at me. "Now sit down." He finished. I calmed myself down enough to sit back in my chair. The others followed my lead all but Sam who stayed at my side. I would have to thank him for it later.

"She was planning to leave anyway Jake. As soon as you imprinted she planned to run. She found out she was pregnant the day you told her you imprinted. I didn't find out until I drove her home. When I found out what she was planning and that she was carrying a baby I couldn't let her go alone. But the only way she would allow me to go is if I promised not to say anything to you or the others." Once Quil finished his explanation I felt even sicker. All because of me. I didn't think she was over Edward I told her I imprinted to give her the chance to go back to him. I never imprinted. If I wouldn't have said that I would have had her. Wee probably would be married now and raising our child together.

"She didn't want to hurt you anymore. And she knew if you saw her and the baby you wouldn't be able to move on and be happy. I do love her and EJ, but not in that way Jake." When he was finished I had to ask just one last thing. "Well why now? Why did you come back now after all this time?" I was calm for the most part. I was no longer angry. I felt guilty and hurt that I hurt Bella. I looked up at Quil and he met my eyes once again. "Because Edward came back." He shook his head with disgust, "He found us and he asked Bella to marry him." I felt the world spin. I lost her for sure now. My stomach felt even sicker and I began to get sick as I made my way off the patio. After all this, after she had my child I was going to lose her to that leech anyway.