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Broken Home

The night was running through his mind, Matt had almost killed him. A twist of fate with his head in a chair could have either broken his neck and taken away his life of wrestling or killed him completely. He'd cried in that ring almost sure that his career was over with that last move that had cost him the match. Over an hour later his fears were put at ease as he was told that he would be bruised but nothing major had happened. He would be fine besides being sore. "Stupid fucker," he said, rubbing his neck as he opened the door to his locker room. "I know you're still here."

It was silent for a moment before a man turned the corner, eyes still as fiery as before. He was still covered in sweat, his forehead now scabbed over from the poster.

Jeff had cleaned up slightly his face paint was gone as were his armbands. His hair was pulled back, and he'd changed from his ring gear into more comfortable sweatpants and a black tang top.

"Happy now? You took away the one thing I wanted since we were kids, almost killed my girlfriend, tried to blind me, burned my house down, killed Jack and almost killed me. Is that what you want so fucking bad? Is it really Matt because I'm not just going to go away because I don't fit into your plans!" he yelled, locking the door behind him. The others had left hours before, the show now being over for at least two hours. "Want another round?"

"No," Matt said, voice calm. He didn't want anything. He just wanted everything that he'd said and done to go away. "I've almost killed you twice now." He sighed, turning his back to Jeff and leaning against the wall. "Remember that hardcore championship match, I put you in a garbage can."

"That was nine years ago Matt," Jeff sighed, standing there, anger starting to slip from him. He hated Matt for what he'd done to him but he couldn't bring himself to hate his brother. "I won't say I'm sorry for my career and that I've done better than you. I won't say that I'm sorry for surpassing you but I'm sorry that you have to go these measures thinking that it would make a difference."

Matt turned around eyes blazing. "I wish I'd broken your neck," he said, coming closer to Jeff and wrapping his hand delicately around the bruised flesh. "I would never have to see your face again."

"Sorry to disappoint you, brother," Jeff spat out, green eyes just as ablaze with fire as Matt's chocolate ones. He tensed, his neck sore. He didn't pull away, just stood there and let the man finger his battered neck.

"I hate you Jeff."

"I love you Matt."

Matt came closer, forcing himself on Jeff, pushing the slightly smaller body into the nearest wall. His hands tightened around Jeff's neck as he pressed his lips to Jeff's mercilessly. "I hate you. You get everything, all Dad's time, everyone's attention," he hissed, holding the injured man's hands above his head.

Jeff was in shock, his brother was forcing kisses on him. He didn't want it but to show Matt that he didn't want to fight he just let the other man press his body against his. "I'm not going to fight with you anymore Matt. You're my brother. If you're jealous take it out on me now where other people can't see how low you've become."

Matt smacked Jeff across the face, hearing the howl of pain and finding that he liked it on his brother's lips. "Hurts doesn't it?" he asked, turning the beautiful face to look back at him, knowing that Jeff's neck would be even more stiff the next morning. "Low huh?"

Jeff nodded through the ache, eyes filled with pain filled tears. "You tried to take everything from me when you were one of the only things I've only really had," he groaned, trying hard to look into the dark eyes.

"What're Shannon and Beth?"

"The same as Ashley and Amy, your best friend and girlfriend."


"Same as yours."

Matt grabbed the dark hair, forcing his lips on Jeff's again and pushing his tongue into the other man's mouth. "I'll own you Jeff," he whispered, tasting every inch of his brother's mouth. His hands let go of the unresisting ones and ripped Jeff's shirt off of him. He started down the strong neck, leaving a red hickey on the pale flesh. "Mine."

Jeff tried to hold back his groans, he didn't want to admit that it felt good to have his brother do these things to him. He didn't protest or argue when Matt started tugging at his belly ring with his teeth, his tongue delving into Jeff's bellybutton just enough to elicit another moan. "Matt…"

Matt looked up at his brother, head thrown back slightly, eyes slightly closed but unfocused. He couldn't reply, not with what he was going to do next. He pulled at the sweatpants, yanking them and Jeff's boxers down to his ankles.

"Matt…" Jeff repeated, almost trying to make the other man stop and listen to him. "I love you Matt… no matter… what you do to me now."

Matt sneered, he would see. Almost instantly he got to his knees and licked the tip of his brother's semi erect cock. "We'll see."

Jeff clawed at the wall behind him, he wouldn't fight back, not now. Matt had almost killed him, but Jeff wasn't going to stop. He'd put himself on the line for Matt numerous times.

Matt started to lick up the sides and suckled the head of Jeff's erection. He wanted to get back at Jeff in way that would haunt him, a way that mark him as his forever but disown him at the same time.

Jeff tried to muffle his moans. He wanted to grab the dark locks of his brother and gently ease more of his flesh into Matt's mouth but he couldn't let him know that it felt good, not when Matt was more trying to break him than pleasure him. "I love you Matty…"

Matt stopped and pulled away, looking up at the other man. He forced Jeff to turn to face the wall by grabbing his hips. He stood, pulling out his own erect organ and forcing Jeff's legs apart. "Shut up. We're not kids anymore, I don't have a brother anymore," he snapped, spitting in his hand to cover his hardened flesh with.

Jeff tried to stay loosened up, knowing what was going to happen next. He liked to play naïve but really he wasn't. He knew Matt wanted, needed to be dominant over him, take something that could never be replaced, own him in a way no one else could even think. He cried out in pain as he was entered roughly. He bit into a hand as Matt started to slowly thrust in and out of him, moans of pleasure spilling from his brother's lips.

Matt grabbed the pale hips and pressed his forehead into the back of Jeff's back. He kissed up the straight spine, coming to rest his cheek against the start of another tattoo. He kissed it lovingly, wishing he knew a way to really get Jeff out of his life permanently. He thrust harder and harder into the willing body, hoping that this would be enough to drive him away for good, keep them separated for the rest of their lives.

Jeff grunted, hanging onto the wall as Matt hit him over and over in a sweet spot that he didn't even knew he had. He groaned, feeling like he was about to explode. "Matt…"

"Jeff," Matt murmured, feeling his body start to shake just before he had one final thrust into Jeff's body. He cried out in orgasm as a hand wrapped around Jeff and started to stroke his softened member.

Jeff felt the hot liquid fill his insides as hot tears started to stream down his cheeks. He grunted, coming moments later from Matt's experienced and warm hand. He slid to the ground, shoulders slightly moving.

"You were never there to help me back up. It was all about you wasn't it Jeff?" Matt asked, voice softer, fixing his pants to look presentable.

"A year ago doesn't count?" Jeff asked, pulling his own pants up slowly, trying to ignore the pain in his hips. "I went against Randy for you. He took away the Rumble and I jumped from half the height of the titantron. I nearly killed myself for your revenge and while I was on the gurney I did your sign, not mine. I was there for you and your revenge." He tried to catch his breath, a hand wiping the tears away.

Matt was silent. He looked down at his brother, forgetting about the year before. "Jeff…" he whispered, looking at the destruction he'd brought on his brother. He fell to his knees, wanting to take him into his arms and hug the pain away. He reached out, Jeff only flinching away.

"Forget about me Matt. You have no brother remember?" he asked, pulling on his clothes slowly, ignoring all the pain coursing through his body. He tried to stand, hands clawing the wall to keep balance.

Matt sat there, almost afraid of what he'd done to Jeff. He'd gotten all he wanted, he hurt the other man, he was the superior, he made Jeff his and in the same moments pushed him out of his life. "Jeff…" he repeated, voice a soft whisper. "I never…"

"Leave me alone," he whimpered, trying to regain his normal breathing. "Just go on pretending that this is what you really want, that you want me to disappear so you can be on top." He wobbled as he tried to unlock the door, failing when his legs gave out and sent him back to the floor. He cried out, hitting the door with frustration.

Matt crumbled to Jeff's side, taking him in his arms ignoring the protests. "Jeff… I'm sorry…" he whispered, feeling tears enter his eyes at what he'd done to his little brother. "Jeff… oh my god… I can't believe… I'm so fucking stupid."

Jeff was limp against Matt's body, finally giving into the pain and allowing Matt to hold him close. "Not your brother anymore… Matty…" he whispered, falling into a semi conscious state. "I have nothing now…."

"Jeffro?" Matt pulled Jeff into his arms, taking Jeff's gear filled duffel bag in one arm before picking his brother up to slowly walk beside him. Quietly he took him to his car, and drove off to his hotel.


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