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Now More Than Ever (Beacuse There's More To Life Than A Broken Heart)

Jeff entered the room, leaning against the doorframe. He smiled, watching his brother sleep in their bed. He'd moved back in with Matt as soon as they'd come home that next day. He sighed, remembering everything that had happened.

Shannon was tapping his foot impatiently. "I didn't say you could just up and move out of my house you little bitch," he said, crossing his arms in disappointment. "Who'm I gonna keep up till three now?"

Jeff laughed, packing more of his clothes into the boxes. "Now come on Shan, you know you're glad I'm leaving. I'm just down the street for fuck's sake," he replied, throwing in a few pairs of socks.

"So? Now I gotta fucking call you every time I wanna come over," Shannon pouted, flopping down next to his best friend.

Jeff was confused. "Why?"

"Because the last thing I need to see is you and Matt fucking on his dining room table like rabbits the one day I decide to come for a surprise visit!" he snapped, covering his face with his hands. "You know that offer is still on the table, I can take better care of you."

Jeff threw an old shirt at the shorter man. "Shannon even if we did feel that way about each other, it would never happen," he chuckled, looking back at the hurt face.

"And why not? I'm so sexier than Matt could ever be and I bet I have a bigger dick!" he announced, standing up and going at his belt.

Jeff shrieked, getting flashed by his best friend. "Put that thing away Tiny Tim, it's too little to be out on it's own!" he squeaked, laughing as Shannon pulled his pants back up. "Besides you're too short for me anyway."

That earned Jeff a slap with one of his pillows. "Take that fucker!" Shannon yelled, attacking Jeff again, leading them into a pillow fight that had lasted for over an hour.

Jeff smiled at the memory, sighing as he looked over Matt again. Most of the wounds had healed and left nothing but a memory, and those seemed to haunt Matt most nights, all but one. His eyes ran over the naked back, falling hard on the scars on Matt's shoulder. He shivered, those were the only ones that had been left and they were faint. He sighed again, wishing there was some way to get rid of them. He told Matt that they looked better everyday, that they were fading nicely and one day they wouldn't be there anymore. It'd been a lie but it had made Matt feel better and that night the nightmares weren't so bad.

Matt started to groan, his face scrunching up like he was in pain before relaxing and a low howl escaping from his lips.

Jeff walked over, gently resting his hand on the muscled arm and stroking it soothingly. "Hush," he whispered, pressing a kiss to Matt's temple. "I'm here with you. Nothing's going to happen, I promise."

As soon as Jeff started to speak Matt calmed right down, relaxing and falling back into a deep sleep. He sighed, holding one of Jeff's pillows to his chest.

Jeff smiled, Matt was like a little kid again when he slept.

The door bell rang suddenly, causing Jeff to jump. "I'll be back soon Matty," he whispered, pressing another kiss to Matt's temple. He hurried down the stairs, hoping not to wake his lover. He opened the door, eyes going wide at the sight.

On the doorstep of Matt and Jeff's house was Phillip, Beth, and Shannon.

Jeff felt his heart start to race, that was the last thing he needed, Beth, his ex-girlfriend and Phillip, his once potential boyfriend/fuck buddy with Matt in the same place. He gave Shannon a dirty look, how the hell did he let this happen.

"Hey," Shannon murmured, almost moving to hide behind Phillip, who was one side of him, Beth on the other.

"Hey," Jeff replied, opening the door and allowing everyone to step in. "Where's the party?" He led them into the kitchen and offered them seats at the island.

Beth was the one to speak. "We just came to see how you were. Shannon told me you'd moved back in with Matt for a while," she said, resting her hands on the cool table. "I was hoping we could talk."

Phillip looked over at the woman, only to look back at Jeff. He kept his mouth shut, sure that this could only lead to a disaster. "Jeff, you left something back at the arena last week. I have it in my car if you wanna come get it," he said, trying to get Jeff away from his ex so he could talk to him alone.

Jeff nodded. "Sure," he said, unsure if he really wanted to go anyway where with Phillip or not. He followed the other man out, just remembering how good the other man could look in regular clothes. Once outside and the door shut he got closer to Phillip, making it easier for the other man to talk to him. "What's up?"

Phillip sighed, walking all the way to his car before stopping. He leaned against the hot metal and looked over Jeff. "How's he doing?" he asked, knowing that Jeff would know that he was talking about Matt.

Jeff was quiet. "He's doing better," he said, leaning against the car as well, crossing his arms.

"I'm glad," Phillip said, looking up into the clear blue sky. "How are you doing?" He looked back at the other man, trying not to remember how it felt to have those lips on his. He looked away, heart beating too fast.

Jeff shrugged, trying to ignore the awkwardness between them. "I'm ok," he finally said, looking up at the sky. "I'm happy."

Phillip nodded, that's all he wanted to hear. He smiled. "I'm glad," he said, uncrossing his arms and turning towards Jeff. "I know that you probably hate me but-"

Jeff started to chuckle. "I don't hate you, I mean I can if you want me to," he said, resting a hand on Phillip's arm. "I was really angry about it but like I said, it wasn't going to change anything. I don't hate you, you're my friend just like Shannon." He stopped, taking a breath and looking into the dark eyes. "I'm really sorry about how things turned out."

Phillip shook his head. "Don't be, you're happy, that's all that matters to me right now," he said, pushing off from his car and looking at the other man in the warm sun. "I should go, I'm sure Matt still hates me, ya know? And you have Shannon and Beth inside."

Jeff frowned, he didn't want Phillip to think that he didn't want to be friends. "You don't have to go because of them. Matt'll come around too," he said, crossing his arms again.

Phillip sighed, he didn't want to act impulsively. "I really should," he said, looking away from the other man.

"What's so important? Huh? Got another boyfriend that fast?" he teased, earning a dirty look from the other man. "What? It could be true."

Phillip sighed again, taking Jeff's shoulder's in his hands and pressing their lips together, his tongue invading Jeff's mouth for a brief time. He pulled away, his eyes wide. "That's why," he said, turning away from Jeff. He was surprised with himself. "I know you're not mine and you never will be, but there's a little part of me that keeps hanging on."

Jeff was stunned. He'd never had a kiss so dominate from Phillip. He shook his head trying to regain his bearings. He laid his hands on Phillip's shoulders before hugging him from behind. "I'm really sorry," he whispered, remembering how warm Phillip could be.

Phillip groaned, turning to hold Jeff to him. "I'm just gonna miss this, that's all," he murmured, stroking Jeff's long hair. He pulled away after a moment, knowing any minute one of the others could come out, and that was all Jeff needed was to have an irate ex girl friend or a very angry best friend or brother. "I have a date next week."

Jeff felt a stab at his heart, he knew he couldn't hold onto Phillip forever but it was still hard to really let go of his first boyfriend. He put on a smile before looking up at the other man, wrapping his arms around himself. "Really?"

"Yeah, John asked me out the other day," Phillip chuckled, looking over at the astounded face. "What?"

Jeff shook his head. "John. Like John Cena, John?" He earned a slightly embarrassed look. "I didn't know… I mean… John likes guys?" he asked in amazement, shaking his head again, seeing if he'd heard all that right.

Phillip nodded. "Yeah, he's like me, bi, ya know?" He smiled, Jeff giggling. "He's no you but hey, he's been there for me and he's a real sweet guy."

Jeff nodded, Phillip did have a point. "So, did I really leave something or did you just want to talk?" he asked after a few moments of silence.

Phillip laughed. "Actually you left your shirt at my house a few weeks ago and I've been forgetting to bring it to you," he admitted, getting into his car and pulling out the blue shirt. "But I really just wanted to talk to you, and see how you and Matt were doing."

Jeff nodded. "You're still more than welcome to come back in," he said, taking the blue shirt, forgetting that he'd lost it all that time ago when he'd spent that week with Phillip in Chicago. It seemed so long ago. "I mean, if you want to."

Phillip shook his head. "I better go, I don't want to start a fight. I'll… uh… I'll call you later, or if you want, you can call me," he suggested, feeling like a complete idiot. "I mean if you want to."

Jeff smiled. "I'll call you tomorrow. I promise," he said, brushing some of Phillip's hair out of his eyes, his smile widening at Phillip's blush. "I hope you date goes well. I want all the juicy details."

Phillip nodded, gently taking Jeff's hand in his. "I'll see you Friday?" he asked, lacing their fingers briefly before pressing a kiss to the pale knuckles.

Jeff nodded, leaning in and kissing Phillip's soft cheek. "Of course," he said, pulling away and stepping back, giving Phillip enough room to get into his car. He smiled, waving as Phillip got into the car and slowly started down the road. He sighed, looking back at the house, unsure of what was going to happen with Beth and Shannon.

Shannon was making his way around the kitchen, making himself something to eat.

"Shannon it's really kinda rude to just eat without asking," Beth said, watching as Shannon pigged out on some chips while he was making a sandwich.

"Why? Jeff used to eat all my food all the time, Matt too! It's not like they don't have enough of it anyway," he said, throwing on another slice of bread and putting his other ingredients away. "You want something?"

Beth shook her head. "No, I'm ok thank you," she said, watching as Shannon shrugged his shoulders and started to eat again. She sighed, looking back at the door, hoping that Jeff would hurry back, she really wanted to patch things up with him, and now that he'd been spending more time at home there was a possibility that they could actually settle down.

As if on cue, Jeff opened the door and strolled into the kitchen looking up at the two remaining people in his kitchen. "Hey!" he said, walking over to the sandwich Shannon had made. "You made me a sandwich. I knew I liked you for a reason." He laughed, getting smacked away from the food in question. "Ok, ok it's yours!" He laughed harder, Shannon's face hilarious as he was batted away.

Shannon mumbled around his full mouth, trying to tell Jeff if he didn't get away from his sandwich he was going to beat the hell out of him. His cheeks were pushed out as far as they would go with potato chips and a small bite of the sandwich in question.

Jeff looked up at Beth, here eyes on him. "Hey," he said, stopping his horse play with Shannon. "How've you been?" He took a seat across the island from her, looking at the seat right next to him for Shannon to sit in.

Shannon did just that, quickly and silently munching on his food. "What?" he asked, looking at the two that just stared at him. "I got hungry, you must've left a zoo out there in that car because you were gone for fucking forever!" He smiled, Jeff rolling his eyes.

"Just talking, Phillip brought back my shirt," he said, taking said shirt from around his shoulders before shoving the end of it in his pocket. "I left it up at his place when I stayed up there for a few days." His eyes traveled back over to Beth. He tried to smile, only to have his heart racing. He wasn't sure how he was going to tell her that he'd moved on.

"I was hoping that we could talk," Beth said, fiddling with her fingers. "About us getting back together, you know?"

Shannon pushed the plate his sandwich had been on over the edge of the island, a look of shock on his face. "Shit!" he snapped, looking down at the broken glass, eyes darting between the broken mess and Jeff. "You got a broom around here?"

Jeff nodded, jumping up from his spot and tip-toeing around the mess, not wanting to get a piece of glass in his one of his bare feet. He hurried to the closet and pulled out the broom and dustpan, taking a deep breath to himself. His greatest fear was staring at him in the face. He just hoped he could somehow explain that he'd found someone else without actually bringing up Matt.

Shannon hurried over, grabbing the dustpan and looking up into Jeff's eyes. "I can kill her," he whispered, earning a smile from the nervous man. "Listen, if anything I can kiss you and you can carry me away into the next room and maybe she'll go away."

Jeff chuckled, turning back to the mess. "Matt would kill you," he whispered back, going over to the broken glass and sweeping it into the pan Shannon was holding. He walked back to the closet and put the broom back, watching as Shannon dumped the glass into the garbage can and hurried back to his seat.

Beth smiled, hoping that Jeff would send Shannon away and they could talk alone.

Jeff looked over at Shannon, biting his lip ring. "About me and you?" he asked, looking over at the woman he'd loved for so long.

Beth nodded.

Shannon looked between the two, sure that if any big silence started he would indeed have to throw himself on Jeff and hope it went well.

Jeff inhaled, ready to tell her the entire truth. "Beth, I…" He paused, Shannon's hand slipping into his under the lip of the island. "I found someone else," he said, looking deep into the woman's eyes.

Beth's eyes started to water. "I see," she murmured, fiddling with her fingers again, eyes transfixed on them. "Can I ask who?"

Shannon squeezed Jeff's hand, showing that he would go through with his plan if he didn't want to say it was Matt he'd fallen for.

Jeff bit his lip again, looking over at Shannon and then back to Beth. "I.. uh…" he stopped, the groaning of the stairs telling him that Matt was awake and making his way down. He turned, watching as Matt sleepily stumbled in, rubbing his eyes.

Matt smiled, leaning in and kissing Jeff full on the mouth, completely unaware of Beth and Shannon. He groaned, Jeff's tongue fighting against his. "You're really feisty this morning," he said, looking down in the green eyes. "What's wrong babe?"

Jeff smiled, looking across the island at Beth who at the moment was halfway between horrified and disgusted. "Matt…"

The woman got up, throwing glances between the two brothers like they were some kind of aliens. "You and Matt?" she questioned, stepping back towards the door. "You sick freak!" She started cursing at Jeff before finally stopping and leaving, slamming the door behind her.

Matt was confused, looking around, finally noticing Shannon, who by that time had taken his hands and covered his face with them. "What did I miss?" he asked, looking down at Jeff.

Jeff wasn't surprised with the reaction he got but it had hurt. In a way he'd hoped that everyone would embrace the fact that he'd just fallen in love with someone that made him happy, but he knew that it wasn't that easy. "Beth knows," he said, folding his arms on the table and letting his flop onto them.

Matt cursed. "I'm sorry," he whispered, taking a stool and sliding it nosily over to Jeff's side. "I didn't see her." He apologized again resting his hands on Jeff's folded arms. "Jeff…"

Jeff shook his head, starting to chuckle. He lifted up, looking deep into the concerned dark eyes. "I really should've known," he said finally, pressing another kiss to Matt's lips, sighing in contentment. "That or I was going to end up with Shannon all over me."

Matt shot Shannon a confused glance, wondering what was going on.

"Don't even ask," Shannon said, uncovering his face and looking back at Matt. "You don't even want to know."

Matt shrugged, pulling Jeff to sit on his lap. "I missed you in bed this morning, he said, Jeff's silky shorts making little friction on his equally silky pants. He kissed Jeff's neck, licking at the strong pulse. "Taste good so early."

Shannon made a loud coughing noise, showing he was still there. "HEY!" he snapped, Matt ignoring him and continuing his assault on the pale neck. "I'm right here!"

Jeff groaned, Matt nipping at his neck lightly one last time before allowing him to get up.

Matt rubbed his shoulder, it a little achy. He felt his heart start to thump against his chest as he felt the thin scars on his bare back. He sighed, rubbing the side of his shoulder trying to forget.

Jeff looked over at Matt, knowing that the scars were bothering him again. He tried not to notice, knowing that when he worried about them it just seemed to upset Matt more. "So, Shannon, what brought you over, besides to eat my food?" he asked, looking over at his best friend.

Shannon shrugged. "Well I figured I get to see a show this morning," he started, a cloth place mat barely missing his head.

Matt chuckled, Shannon's eyes going wide from the attack. "No one gets to see Jeff naked but me," he said, laughing at the fire in Shannon's eyes. "Not even you."

"Really now?" Shannon asked, walking over to Jeff and yanking his black tang top off. "What are you gonna do about it?"

Matt growled but stayed, he loved messing with Shannon. After all they'd known each other since they were kids. He rolled his eyes, before slumping on one arm to watch Shannon give Jeff his shirt back before sitting back down.

"Actually, I came over to see if you two were coming tonight, but when I saw Beth…"

Jeff's eyes pleaded with Shannon not to bring up Phillip. He didn't want Matt to be angry about the other man coming over and them going off to talk. He knew Matt trusted him but he didn't trust Phillip, not anymore.

"Ok?" Matt asked, confused on why Shannon has suddenly stopped talking.

Shannon shook his head. "Well when I saw Beth on her way to the door I figured I'd stick around to make sure Jeff didn't feel too awkward, ya know, Ex-girlfriend in the same house as new boyfriend," he finished, gaining a thankful smile from Jeff. He smiled, telling Jeff he owed him one with his eyes.

"Oh," Matt said, yawning. "So that's what all that was about this morning. Well I'm gonna get a shower, you two play nice now." He smiled at the two glares he got.

Shannon waited until he heard the shower going before speaking again. "Matt still pissed about Phil?" he asked, moving to sit across from the other man instead of beside him.

Jeff sighed, nodding.

"It's been almost a month now," he said, taking on of Jeff's hands in his. "I mean that means something doesn't it?"

Jeff smiled. "Yeah, he just doesn't like him, probably never will," he said, looking up at the ceiling, knowing that the shower was just above them.

"How're the scars?"

Jeff shook his head. He didn't want to think about it. "Most of them are gone, all but the one on his leg and the ones on his…" he couldn't finish, he didn't want to think about them and how much pain they caused Matt.

Shannon nodded, he understood what Jeff was trying to say. "What ever happened to Adam?" he queried, a little shocked at the dark look blossoming on Jeff's face. "Jeff?"

Jeff smiled, looking over at Shannon and began telling him what had happened.

Jeff was walking down the hall to his locker room, once again he'd been paired up with Rey. He loved sharing a locker room with him, normally because Rey would give him a pep talk before his match, which he would always return and they would share strategies about what their respected opponents wouldn't expect. He needed to stay away from Adam, after what had happened the week before, he needed a little more time or else he was actually going to kill him. He opened the door to his locker room to find that Rey had already left, leaving a note saying that he'd been moved to another room.

Jeff looked questionably at the note, finding that it was odd that Rey would be moved just after his match. He shrugged it off, sometimes a fight or two would break out in a locker room between two of the other wrestlers and someone would suddenly find themselves moved in with the one. He sat on the bench, and started rummaging through his bag for his cell phone, he figured he should at least call home to see how Matt was doing under Shannon's care.

Jeff hurried through the normal numbers he'd always had memorized, only once he went to hit 'call' his phone vibrated and made a little jingle, saying he had a text message. He opened it, unsure of who's number it was.

Meet me in my locker room


Jeff smiled, if Adam wanted him, Adam would get him. There was only so long he could wait to take his revenge anyway.

Jeff knew he should've completely ignored Adam's text but in the back of his mind all he could think of was Matt and how he would fight every night with the nightmares. He quickly made his way down to Adam's locker room, knocking gingerly on the door.

Adam opened the door, looking the other man over from head to toe, licking his lips readily. "That was quick," he growled, reaching out to touch Jeff's shoulder.

Jeff pulled back, there was no way he wanted to be touched by that creep. "Can't we talk somewhere more private, like your hotel room?" he asked, turning on his charm and easily running a hand down Adam's chest.

Adam took a moment to think. "Right after the show, I'm in 264," he said, reaching back to at least touch a bit of the silky skin.

Once again Jeff countered the touch and turned away, waving back at Adam. "I'll be there after the show," he said, a smile blooming on his face. Oh the fun.

Adam was waiting, keeping his eyes focused on the door. He would have Jeff and he would carve his initials in that soft skin, showing he owned both of the Hardy boys. He smiled at the thought, his cock already starting to throb as he thought of the blood on Jeff's snow white skin. How beautiful it would be to see blood and cum on his face, spilling from his body… Adam groaned, unable to keep from starting to rub himself over his jeans trying to get some relief. "Dammit," he growled, pulling his hard cock out and starting to stroke it. He'd be ready when Jeff got there so going solo wouldn't change too much.

A knock came at the door, causing Adam to growl again, as he put his aching member away and got up. "What the fuck do you want?" he snapped, opening the door to see Jeff standing there calm and collected. "Jeff…"

Jeff smiled sweetly, pushing the door open and taking Adam's hand in his. "I've wanted you for a long time," he whispered, pushing the other man on the bed. "Can I play with you?"

Adam nodded, a dream come true and Jeff wasn't even fighting him.

Jeff started to fiddle with his hands.

"What's wrong baby?" Adam asked, sitting up on his king sized bed and looking at the rainbow haired beauty.

"What if Vicki comes in," he whimpered, looking innocently down into the bright blue eyes.

"Don't worry, she's got her own room, I just married her for the power," Adam reassured Jeff, starting to scoot to touch Jeff.

"I have one request," he suddenly asked, stepping back from where Adam was moving too.

"What's that?" Adam asked, reaching out to touch Jeff's bare arms.

"I want to tie you up," Jeff blurted out, shyly looking away from the other man. "I really like it."

Adam chuckled, for Jeff he'd do just about anything. "I have some handcuffs, or some ropes, which would you like?" he asked, getting up from the bed and going towards the closet. He pulled out a big black box and set it on the small table off to the side near his door. He smiled, opening it up and pulling out a set of metal cuffs and a red silky rope.

"I like the cuffs," Jeff said a little too quickly, sure that Adam was going to catch on to him. "I mean, they would look great on you."

Adam chuckled. "I'll wear them," he said, handing over the only set of keys to Jeff. "I promise not to squirm too much."

Jeff smiled, taking the handcuffs and getting Adam to lay back on the bed. He took the handcuffs and restrained one hand before weaving into the metal headboard and cuffing the other one. This way Adam could move just enough but he couldn't escape. "Now for the real fun," he said, dropping the shy act and going over to the black box.

Adam looked at Jeff like he'd lost his mind. "What are you doing?" he asked, pulling at his restraints.

"Nothing," Jeff said, pulling out the red ball gag that was on top. "But I sure as hell don't want to hear your voice!" He smiled, Adam once again fighting against the restraints as he maneuvered the ball into Adam's mouth and fastened it. "That's so much better."

Jeff got on the bed, straddling Adam's chest. "You see Adam, I really don't like you. Well that's a bit of a lie, I hate your guts and what you did to Matt is unforgivable! You sick fuck, putting your name in something that doesn't belong to you," he said, slapping Adam's face so in snapped to one side, showing his small ear. He leaned in, whispering what he wanted Adam to know. "After all Matt doesn't belong to anyone but me."

Adam struggled, eye brows knitted together in anger.

Jeff merely chuckled. "You see Adam, this is why people say pay back is a bitch or my personal favorite: revenge tastes sweet," he said, getting up and walking back over to the box. "Well lets see what you have in here. Ohh! This looks pretty!" He pulled out a long, steel knife. Quickly, he made his way back over to Adam. "You see Adam, I really used to think you were an ok guy, but after what you did to Matt, I think I should show you what it's like."

Easily, Jeff slit Adam's shirt open, leaving a long thing cut, now blossoming blood. "Oh Adam… I made you bleed," Jeff whimpered, looking down at the red line. "I wish I could say I was sorry…" He looked at the tip of the blade, it was only stained with the littlest bit of blood. "I think you should have a scar like Matt's." Just as he finished he cut Adam's pants off, leaving a gash in the upper part of his left thigh.

Adam looked down at his hard cock, wishing that this wasn't turning him on even in the slightest.

"You aroused?"

Adam shook his head.

Jeff smirked. "Really? You're awfully hard," he whispered, leaning in and blowing over the hot, hard flesh. "Like that?" When Adam didn't answer he eased the tip of the knife at that base of Adam's dick. "Huh?"

Adam nodded feverishly, somehow trying to think of something that wasn't going to get his dick cut off.

Jeff toyed around with the knife, easing it over Adam's cock. A thought suddenly took over and he easily too the knife to the tip of Adam. "You see, I've always wondered what a scar on a dick would look like," he said, suddenly slicing down the hard appendage, leaving a shallow but noticeable line that was heavily bleeding.

Adam cried out into his gag, trying to hold back the pain.

"SHUT UP!" Jeff yelled, slapping Adam. "You did worse to Matty! You sick bastard!"

Adam just stared at the other man, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in his cock.

Jeff chuckled, getting up and looking down the pale skin. "You know I really don't like blood play." He turned away, going back to the black box. "And I don't want to be here all night, Matt's waiting at home for me," he cooed, setting the knife down and picking up something that made him smile wide.

Adam's eyes widened, Jeff was not going to use that on him, was he? He watched as Jeff pulled out the long hard plastic cock, the exact same one he'd used on Matt.

Jeff's dark eyes flickered. "You must've used this on him," he said, voice losing all cool and humanity. He took a few steps closer, smiling as he set it at the foot of the bed and grabbed the long red rope that Adam had taken out before. "You're going to love it."

Adam tried to kick against Jeff as his ankles were bound above his head and to the headboard. He squirmed, earning nothing but Jeff punching him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

Jeff smiled, Adam looked so funny curled up like some tie-up slut that you would pick up off the street. "Now for the next round," he said, taking the hard toy and lining it up with Adam's hole. He didn't even flinch as he shoved the whole thing inside dry.

Adam screamed, only to be muffled by the gag. His insides were tearing apart, it was too big to be used without lube. Tears were streaming down his cheeks, as was blood down his back from being entered too roughly.

Jeff only laughed, switching on the vibrator to it's max potential and watched as Adam's muffled howl filled the air. He smirked as Adam's thick cock twitched once or twice before shooting its load all over Adam's chest and face. "Like it?" he asked, walking back to the black box and searching for more new toys. He didn't care what the other man had to say, this was pay back, revenge, for what he'd done to Matt.

Adam sighed, once again hard and close, if Jeff kept that thing in him for any longer he'd be shooting nothing because his balls would be sucked out. He craned his head to see what Jeff was doing, knowing he had to be back at the box.

Jeff pulled out different BDSM toys, thinking they would be fun to rout on Adam, if he really wanted to. Coming to something more fun, Jeff smiled, pulling out the small nipple clamps, a hard plastic cock ring, and a small cock clamp. He hurried over to Adam, putting on the nipple clamps fascinated at how the the small teeth just sunk into Adam's pink flesh. "Like them?" he asked, looking down in the half pained, half pleasured face. He chuckled, putting on the plastic cock ring, being none to gentle with Adam's sensitive flesh. He yanked hard on the appendage just as Adam growled in delight, happy to be touched.

Adam groaned again, this time in pain. Jeff wasn't being gentle, like he'd always thought, with him. He'd hoped that one day he'd have Jeff, only he wouldn't treat him like he'd treated Matt. He'd be gentle and loving. He'd take his time with Jeff.

"Adam," Jeff whispered, nose to nose with Adam suddenly.

Adam tried to swallow around the lump in his throat, Jeff was so close to him.

Jeff blinked shyly for a moment, taking the time he had while Adam was still. He snapped the cock clip over the head of Adam's cock and smiled. "I don't know if you know it or not but Matty is the only one that's allowed to fuck me," he said, turning his back to Adam and digging in the black box for the one thing he'd seen almost an hour before, when he'd first started tying Adam up. He pulled out the white cloth and the dark colored bottle labeled Chloroform and smiled.

Adam sighed, Jeff setting something next to the bedside, and taking the ball gag ot of his mouth. "Jeff..." he whispered, stiffening as he started to cum for the fourth time. He was getting dizzy and he just wanted it to stop, his dick hurt.

"Good night Adam," Jeff whispered, placing the cloth over Adam's nose and mouth and waiting for him to fall into a deep sleep. He pulled away, taking the bottle and the cloth back to the box, along with the knife. He smiled, thinking he would leave Adam there until the morning, sure that Vicki would find him and all hell would break loose between them. He strolled out the door, heading down the hall to his own room, Matt was waiting for him to call.

Shannon's mouth was hanging wide open. "You did all that?" he asked, eyes as wide as saucers. "I'm never fucking pissing you off! I'm not going to end up with some dildo in my ass while I'm tied to the bed! Didn't that ass clown remember anything the next day?"

Jeff shook his head. "I guess not, he was asking the other guys if anyone had come back to the hotel with him and they said no. So I guess he doesn't remember me coming over," he said, chuckling. "He deserved all of it, he hurt my Matty," he pouted, looking up at the ceiling once again. "We're still getting through the nightmares and trying to heal."

Shannon nodded. "You know, it would be great if you were up there with me in the shower," he chuckled, earning a playful punch in the arm.

"No means no Shannon!"

"Oh, but no means yes to me baby," Shannon seductively said, throwing himself all over Jeff, only to have them both end up on the floor, rolling around like a pair of five year olds.

Jeff finally pulled away from Shannon, out of breath and laughing. God he loved Shannon, he didn't know what he would do without him. "You know, even though everything with Beth didn't go so good I think everything's starting to look up," he said, laying on his back, hands under his head, staring at the ceiling, thinking that it would be nice to go jump in the shower with Matt, if he didn't have Shannon over, and he hadn't taken one earlier that day. "We'll be there tonight."

"Awesome, it's never a party without you there to get smashing drunk and dance on my kitchen table like a fucking lunatic," Shannon laughed, earning another playful punch from Jeff's awkward position.

"Listen it was one time and one time only!" Jeff snapped, remembering that he'd woken up naked in the middle of Shannon's pool on a big oval floaty only to find out that he'd stripped on Shannon's table before jumping the pool, thankfully landing on the floaty before completely passing out.

Shannon chuckled. Yeah, yeah, Jeff always said that but each party was different and new things always happened. "I better be going, I got some more stuff to do before the party starts," he said, getting up and helping Jeff to his feet. "You go check on Matt, he's been really quiet."

Jeff nodded, pulling Shannon in for a quick hug before letting the man leave. "Call if you need help," he offered, knowing that Shannon would call even if he didn't need it.

Shannon nodded, waving as he opened the door and left.

Jeff sighed, quiet only meant one of two things, and one of those was very bad. He hurried up the stairs, throwing open the door to their room when he didn't hear the shower going and the door open. "Matt?" he questioned, voice panicked. He sighed, the elder Hardy one again sleeping, now completely naked, on the bed, the sheet over his waist. He smiled, crawling in behind Matt, snuggling into the shower warmed back. His nose seemed attracted to the musky body wash and the sweet shampoo as he sniffed at Matt's clean hair. He ran a hand down Matt's back, coming to rest on the small hip. "I love you Matty," he whispered, pressing a kiss to the scars in Matt's shoulder, sure that they were starting to fade.

Matt smiled in his sleep, turning over and taking Jeff into his arms. "Love you too Jeff," he murmured, voice slurred with sleep. He smiled, subconsciously running his fingers though the freshly dyed hair. He pressed a kiss to his brother's forehead and fell into a deeper slumber, his dreams full of nothing but his life with Jeff and the future ahead.



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Now More Than Ever (Because There's More To Life Than A Broken Heart)