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Chapter Four



Her voice


His thoughts.

"Why did you love her?

You left us

Left me

To be with her

Didn't you?"

She flung herself

            Into his arms,




Is it?

Could it be?

"I thought you were over her

you had left her behind

forgotten her"

He stared at her,


His confusion evident.

"I don't understand."

"You promised us.

You said you would leave her

But you left



I never saw you again"

What are you telling me?

He pushed her away.

"You choose to be with her


Approached him.

"You knew

and still

You loved her."

She raised her hand to touch his cheek.

It all seemed so unreal.

Her skin brushed his.

He flinched.

Vaguely recalling

Stinging pain.

Pulled away.

Tears glinted in her eyes.

She turned away.

"Tell me.

Is it Aoi you speak of?"


Cautiously she repeated it.


She shook her head

Then who


Forget her.

It was never meant to be

You know that

Better than I do.

Leave her

Leave the past behind.


But I don't know what the past is…

"Please wake up

Stop living in your dream


Those words…

A single sentence.







stinging pain

Upon my cheek

"Wake up


Stop living in you dream"

"What do you care?"

She turned away from him.


"For the sake of our safety,

I'm putting you under house arrest.

If you will not come to your senses

Then you will not endanger the rest of us with your folly."

"Get out."

I don't want to listen to your lies

*** ***

She watched him

His body

Lying on the ground


*** ***

Through tears

A figure steps through the doorway.

"Don't cry"

Purple hair

Her eyes reassuring

I don't care

"Get out"


it's me"

I turn to look

She pulls the wig off

It is her

My love

I had thought it was the one I despised.

I smile.

"I will come for you

They cannot keep us apart."

Footsteps come down the hallway.

As she steps out the window,

I kiss her, perhaps for the last time

in a while.


I continue staring out the open window

The door opens.

"What was she doing here?"

"Who are you talking about?"

The question was redundant.

And I know it; it taints my words.

"The others remember someone with purple hair coming through,

but they can't remember if it was me.

I can guess as much.

So why did she come?"


"It's over Fuuko"

"That's good"

She turned to leave.

You don't understand

you leave me no choice

            It's over…

*** ***

"Give her back"

I'm sorry to have you involved in this. Yanagi

But it's the only way

"No. Not unless I have what I want

what I need."

"You will not have him.

I will not let you"

Yanagi falls


I will go with you."

"Please Tokiya.


"Don't you see?

I have no choice"

I need to get out

And this, this is the only way

You'll let go

"I am a lady of my word

Him for the girl

She is yours"

"Please, you must find some way to come back

Come back to us

Come back to me"

I nod.

A lie.

Sorrow courses through me.

I wish things had been different.

I do not wish to deceive you

"I will come for you"

"Not if you cannot"

"I will

I must"

"Why do you care so much?"

"I never told you.

I love you, Tokiya"

She falls, purple hair obscuring her face.

It is the only way

"He is mine

and you cannot take him away"

I smile at her words,

In gratitude.

"They will not remember."

"Thank you.

I owe them at least that much."

I take her hand.

*** ***


…I've come to see you

"I knew you would come.

You were always so predictable when it came to her"

A sweet smile.

"Why did you come Fuuko?"

"I love you

Isn't that obvious?"

"Don't lie to me.

Or can't you tell the difference





"I don't care."

She grabbed him and crushed her lips against his.

"Get away from me."

He pushed her away roughly

Wiped his lips in disgust.

Her with the electric blue hair approached.

She caught Fuuko's eye.

"You rigged it, didn't you?"

She looked up at him with hate




She raised her arm,

And pointed directly at him

Her voice dripped with murderous intent.


The words perfectly enunciated.

Her anger perfectly expressed

As the words escaped her lips.

From her fuujin emerged




Spun from her arm,

Spiraling forward

Picked up his body

Twined around him

The way she desired to be

Crushed him

In a twinkling.

She seemed shocked,

Shaking her head

"What have I done?"

Tried to recall them

But failed.

Within her

The hate still burned

"I can't control it."

Watched as he faded


*** ***

Living in a dream…


Is there a difference?

Author's notes: Forgive me. I have dragged this on for far too long. The tone itself has changed, I feel.

I hope you understand.


For all this

I really don't know.