Sorry this is so long over due. Its just that my mom set this new computer rule that makes it harder update, plus, I have another fan fiction that I'm working on updating, and…yeah. This chapter is two and a half years from where the last one left off, right after Julian was born.


"Seriously, Julian, baby, let momma put your shoes on," I breathed as I struggled to slip the shoe on the foot of my two and a half year old. His tiny hands clawed at the comforter as he itched to run away. "When you let me put your shoes on, we can go to the beach."

In an instant, the squirming stopped. His dark eyes widened dramatically.

"Swim?" he gasped. I had intended to take Elizabeth and Julian to fly kites and stay as far away from the water as possible. It was barely past 30 degrees and my kids were not stepping a toe in the water. "Swim, momma?"

"Yes," I lied. I was lying through my teeth, yet, he had no idea. "We are going swimming. Now, can I put your shoes on?"

"Swim!" he exclaimed as I easily slipped his shoes on his feet. "Swim! Swim! Swim!"

"Yes," I smiled, tying his laces tightly. "Swim!"

"Swim?" Jacob laughed, coming into the room with Elizabeth in tow. "Whose going swimming?"

"Swim, daddy!" Julian exclaimed as he hopped off the bed. "We swim!"

"Oh we are?" Jacob threw me a pointed gaze. "Sounds like a lot of fun! Why don't you go read a book or something?"

"Daddy!" Elizabeth cried playfully. "We can't read."

"Oh yeah," Jacob gasped. "How old are you? Seven?"

"Daddy!" she cried again. "I'm 3!"

"7. 3. Same thing," he joked, setting her on the floor. "You and Julian go play while mommy and I talk. I'll be in there in a minute."

"Okay!" Elizabeth said, grabbing Julian's hand. "Lets go play, Julan!"

"Okay, Lizbeth!" he agreed, following her out of the room. I laughed and quickly fell back on the bed.

"Don't go to sleep now," Jacob said, sitting down next to where my head rested upon the pillow. "You have to take the kids 'swimming'"

"It was the only way to get his shoes on," I breathed, lifting myself up off the bed. "Go get the kites out of the garage and I'll meet you in the car!"

"Sure thing, Ness," he said as we parted ways.

"Okay guys!" I exclaimed, busting into Julian's bedroom where he and Elizabeth sat playing contently. "Lets go…swimming!"

"Yay!" Julian cried, pushing past me. "Swim! Swim!"

"Yes," I muttered, following the kids to the car. "Swim. Wait, guys! Jackets!"

Before they could get their tiny feet outside of the door, I slipped the winter jackets onto their arms. Elizabeth may not be a conventional 3 year old, but she still got cold. As for Julian, their was not a strange thing about him. Other than the fact that even when his body temperature dropped by a degree or two, his lips turned a dark shade of purple.

"You ready to go to the beach?" Jacob smiled as the kids were put in their car seats and I settled into the passenger seat. "Fly some kites?"

"Whats a kite?" Elizabeth asked. I looked back to see Julian look curiously out the window as the scene passed us by.

"Something you fly," Jacob answered.

"Fly?" Julian's attention had been caught. Hook line and sinker. "Fly, momma?"

"Just wait until we get to the beach, sport," Jacob laughed. Secretively, I placed my palm to his arm, causing him to flinch at the images that swam through his head. I just wanted to show him quietly how happy I was and that things would never change. Also, the images turned him on just a bit.

"Were here!" I exclaimed as we pulled into the parking lot of the beach. It was a rare, sunny day. I couldn't see one cloud. Not one. The sun was shaded in a golden blouse. Yet, the air was completely freezing. "Lets go fly some kites!"

"Yay!" Elizabeth and Julian cheered as they were unlatched from their car seats. Once on the ground, they sprinted to the waters edge and I ran before they could actually get in the water.

"Oh no you don't!" I said, swooping them into my arms.

"You said swim!" Elizabeth cried. Julian's lip began to quiver and his happy expression turned to a very, very dejected expression.

"But momma," he cried quietly, tears coming into his eyes. "You said swim! Swim!"

"I'm sorry, guys. We can't swim today. But, we can fly," I smiled.

"Fly?" Julian asked.

"Yes, fly," I smiled lightly, nodding in Jacob's direction. In his hands were three large, colorful kites. I had never been given the opportunity to fly kites when I was younger, as my parents never preferred it. When I had seen a jovial family on tv, flying kites and having fun, I jumped on the opportunity and sent Jacob to the store to pick up the first three kites he saw. "Jake, the kites."

"Alrighty," he muttered. "Oh! I put the video camera in the car. Let me go get it."

"Hurry up," I huffed. He ran to the car as I began to show case the kites.

"Butterfly," Elizabeth exclaimed, pointing to the purple winged kite. "Pretty butterfly!"

"Yes, this ones yours," I smiled. "Julian, this ones yours."

"Blue!" he exclaimed happily. "Blue, momma, blue!"

"Yeah! And as soon as your dad gets the camera, we can fly them!"

Jacob appeared behind me with the large video camera, a wide smile plastered on his face. He had told me how excited he was to fly the kites with his kids, as he loved spending every moment he could in their lives. When it came to Julian and Elizabeth, he was such a sucker. It seemed that the hard, sarcastic exterior was put down when he was around the kids and I.

"Lets fly some kites," he said, placing the camera to his face.

"Alright," I muttered. "Elizabeth, you can go first. What your gonna do is take this string right here and unwind it just a bit."

"Like this, momma?" she asked, unwinding the string a little much. But, what can you expect from a three and a half year old? "I fly now?"

"Now, you run," I told her, "Take the string and run down the beach and the kite will follow behind you. Go." "I'm going," she exclaimed, running down the beach with the kite in tow. Her laugh trickled as it flew high behind her. "Momma! I did it!"

"Keep going, baby girl!" I called. "Julian, you ready?"

"Yeah!" he cried, jumping up and down. "Fly! Fly! Fly!"

"Okay, Jake, you get this one started." I told Jacob, taking the camera from his hands. I watched in handheld as he taught our two year old how to correctly fly a kite.

"Now go!" Jacob said, pushing Julian forward.

"I go!" Julian exclaimed, running a few feet and then falling.

"Oh no," I said quietly, shoving the camera into Jacob's hands. I ran to where Julian lay, face down in the sun. "Julian, baby, you okay?"


"Again! Again!" He said, hopping up from the hand. "Again, momma!"

"You are your fathers son," I laughed as I watched Julian run down the beach with the kite following almost protectively behind him. "You really are."