Neo One Piece

By Nezumimaru

AN: I've been reading these two great fics, Pirates! by SeeNoEvil121 and Piracy: The New Generation by YolkaEd. Thus they have inspired me out of my self imposed writing exile to bring you this, Neo One Piece. I will accept applications for characters, for the crew, as temporary allies, or as villains. I will say this right away, although I will try and use as many of the characters you readers submit, I may not be able to use them all. Application Format is at the bottom.

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Twenty years have passed since the time of the Second Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy.

Like his predecessor, he too found himself on the gallows of Loguetown.

All came to his execution. Friends and Foes alike to pay their final respects.

And like the King before, Luffy grinned and told the crowd that he too hid the treasure.

He hid One Piece, in that place.

So began the Pirate Era anew.


Burning. The whole village was burning. And though he was saddened by the sight, he did not, nor could not stop it. He shouldn't care, it wasn't his village. Just some backwater port town that his father decided to raid, for gold and supplies. They didn't stand a chance, these villagers. The hand full of fishermen that fought back was slaughtered immediately.

The town was mostly empty, though. Someone must have seen them coming, and got the villagers to safety.

'Guess that's good.' he thought. The onlooker was a boy, no more then 11 years. He had light lilac hair, deep violet eyes, and a vertical scar on his right jaw line. His clothes were simple, a white loose shirt and brown shorts, but not shoes. Across his shoulder was a bag filled with valuables that he found, and at his hip rested a pistol. He had a look of nonchalant, yet if one were to look into his eyes, a soft sadness could be seen.

Suddenly, movement was sensed and a sound of moving rocks was heard. The boy quickly faced the sound, drawing his pistol in one move. There, hiding between two buildings, was a woman, hold a small crying child a few years younger than him.

'So not all got away.' the boy's eyebrows knitted. He glanced to the right and the left before lowering his pistol. The woman looked at him puzzled, but still frightened.

"Though the old man and his men have raided your town, I am not like them." The boy said, letting out a sigh, "If you run now, you can get away before any of the pirates see you, and I can say I never saw you." He then turned and headed to the harbor where his father's flagship was docked. The woman sighed in relief, breathed out a soft 'Thank you' and ran off, carrying her little girl. Unbeknownst by either of them, a pair of eyes was indeed watching, and their owner was not pleased in the least.


At the harbor, the boy threw his sack at the feet of a large man in front of him, his appearance shadowed by the flames.

"Here, old man. This was all I could find." The boy scoff, obvious dislike in his voice. The larger man frowned, then shot out a hand and smacked the boy, knocking him on his back.

"Aaagh." he grunted, rubbing his now sore cheek with the back of his hand. As he was getting up, the larger spoke.

"How many times must I tell you, brat! Do not address me, with such disregard! I'm your captain and father, dammit!" The boy stood tall, open defiance in his eyes. His father sighed, and pinched the bridge of his nose. "You are such a disgrace. Insulting and disappointing me, total disregard for my rules and authority," the man glared at the boy, anger in his eyes, "And most recently, disobeying my orders and showing mercy to those you should kill." The boy's eyes widened and he visibly flinched. He saw?!

"What? You didn't think I saw?" the man continued, a sinister smirk on his face. He obviously enjoyed it when his son showed fear. It meant he was in control. "Saw you spare that woman and her little girl when I specifically said, 'Kill and villager you find?'" He smacked the boy again, sending him flying several feet. He then drew a pistol.

"This is the last straw, brat!" He roared, pointing his gun at the kneeling boy. "I had hoped that I could groom you in to my successor, taking over the fleet when I can no longer lead, but I guess I was wrong. You're too damn soft!" He squeezed the trigger, the boy's eyes widening even further. "You nothing…..but a failure."


The man stood there, motionless, as smoke billowed from the barrel of his gun. The boy lay on the ground, not moving, a small puddle of blood forming near his head. The man holstered his gun and turned to his ship and began to board. From the corner of his eye, he saw some of his men moving to the boy's body.

"Leave him!" He barked, "He rots where he is." Thinking a bit, he added, "And throw his belongings over board. I want nothing of his on my ship!" The pirates hesitated, but quickly grabbed their loot and got on the ship to carry out their order. The wan walked up the walkway, not looking back. A few splunks of objects being throw into the water later, and the flag ship casted off, never to return to that island.

As the ship was leaving, two figures emerged from the shadows of the still burning buildings. Seeing that the pirates have left, they quickly rushed over the still body of the young boy. A single violet half closed eye looked around, not comprehending anything happening around it before it rolled back and closed.


The boy awoke with a start. He was breathing heavily and…..wait, breathing? Looking around, he was that he was lying down on a bed, in a half burnt building. And something seemed to obscuring his vision. Sitting up, he felt the left side of his head. Touching it lightly, it stung a bit, causing the boy to withdraw his hand before feeling a little more slowly. A cotton strip was wrapped around his head, over his left eye, and in between the strip and his eye was a square of thick cotton gauze. The boy's mind raced, remembering the events of the night, up until….

"HEY! YOU'RE AWAKE!" The boy winced a little. The speaker was a little too loud. Turing to the door, or what was left of it, a small girl in a yellow dress, holding a wicker basket of gauze and cotton wraps. She was smiling ear to ear, and quickly turned out the door. "Okaa-san! Nii-chan's awake!" The boy cocked an eyebrow. Nii-chan?

The girl's mother appeared in the door way, a small smile on her face. The boy recognized her right away. The woman from before! Approaching him, the woman said, "Oh, thank goodness! You really had us worried there for a minute." Turning to her daughter, she said, "Mara, go fetch Doctor-san, would you please?" Mara nodded, and then rushed out the door. The mother then sat down on the bed near the bewildered boy and checked his bandages.

After a bit of silence, the boy spoke. "Why?" The woman looked at him, not understanding what was asked. "Why did you help me?" She then smiled, and walked over to the basket her daughter left behind and took out some wrapping and gauze.

"Because," she said, "You helped me. I felt that I needed to return the favor." The boy blinked a few times with his visible eye, before nodding with understanding, relaxing as the woman changed his bandages. "My name is Sarah. That was my daughter Mara. What is your name?"

The boy flinched, and then looked away. 'What do I say?' he thought, 'I don't want to give her my real name. I links me to the old man, and I don't want to be!' He thought a short while before turning back to Sarah. "Blitz," he said at last, "My name is Blitz."

"Okaa-san! Doctor-san's here!" Both turned to the door. Mara was there along with a large portly man with graying hair. "Ah, Doctor Kolenkov! You're here." Sarah stood and waved a hand towards Blitz. "This is Blitz." Blitz nodded at the doctor, who nodded back, smiling kindly.

"Dah, it ees good dat you are vake, young one." Kolenkov said, a Russian accent evident in his speech. Looking down at Mara, Kolenkov motioned outdoors, "You have done well, Mara-chan. Go play vith other children." Mara grinned and ran out once again. Kolenkov then walked over to Blitz, removed the last of the wrapping, and inspected the wound.

"You are very luck, Blitz-kun. If bullet any more to right, no more Blitz-kun." Kolenkov said very seriously, "I extracted bullet from eye socket vhile you vere unconscious. Very lucky. Maybe you reacted vith gunshot and tried to dodge, dah?" Blitz slowly nodded. He must have. It is the only reason he was alive now. "Ah, even so," Kolenkov continued, "Very lucky that bullet did not pierce further, damage only to left eye." His eyes softened, almost apologetic, "I'm sorry Blitz-kun, but eye is un-fixable, no more can you see from that eye."

Blitz was not surprised. He could not see anything on his left side, even when he closed his right eye and kept the other open, he thinks. "Thanks, Doc. You did what you could." He then laid his head down on his pillow after Kolenkov reapplied his bandage.

Kolenkov stood, a slight twinkle in his eye.

"You should stay in town, dah? You need time to adjust to new vision, and to heal from wound properly." Blitz looked at him and nodded.

"Yeah, and once I get the okay from you, I'd like to help out in rebuilding the town. I feel that I should, as I was apart of the crew that burned it." Blitz said, a small smile creeping on his face. Kolenkov bursted out laughing.

"Dahahahahahaha! Good it ees that you smile! Smiling best medicine, Papa alvays said." He then turned and headed to the door, calling over his shoulder, "I need to tend to others, help vith recontrustion, dah? Sarah-san, see that Blitz-kun stays in bed for next 3 weeks, dah?" With that, Kolenkov left.

Blitz smirked inwardly. 'This is going to an interesting few years, I feel.'


8 Years Later


A villager ran through the center of town yelling at the top of his lungs. "PIRATES!" Sure enough, a pirate ship landed at the port, several scoundrels waving their swords as they came ashore.

"Hahahahahahaha! This Town is our's! Loot the lot of them!" Shouted the captain, dressed in stereotypical pirate captain attire, lifting a cutlass high above his head. "Kill the men, and satisfy your selves with the women!" A roar of cheers came from his followers. But before they could begin, a shot rang out, followed by a clang of metal. The captain felt his hand wretch, and quickly cradled it in his other arm. His cutlass clanged to the ground, a small, bullet size dent in the side.

"Hey, scumbags!" A voice shouted from up the street, the captain turned to see some one some 50 feet away, holding a smoking pistol. "That was a warning shot. Take another step forward, and the next goes between your eyes!"

The speaker was a tall man of 19. He had a rugged, yet handsome face; short, spiky lilac hair; a black eye patch covering his left eye and a defined vertical scar on his right jaw line. He wore a leather cuirass with large leather shoulder pads, fingerless gloves, a dark green long sleeve shirt, black jeans and brown boots. He was well muscled and toned, an eye candy for any young maid. The man's visible eye glared at the pirates, who glared back at him.

"Aye, and who be you to threaten me like that, lad?" The captain spat, his hand still feeling the sting of his cutlass being forced from it. 'A shot like that, from that distance, with a pistol! And only one eye. This guy is no joke.'

The man smirked, a glint flashing in his eye. "The name's Blitz. And your name is about to be add to the obituary if you don't leave right now." Unknown to the pirates, a second figure hid from view near Blitz, holding a large cylindrical object.

The pirate grinned, "Is that so?" he then snapped his fingers, "Men! Rush him! Even if he's a good shot, there's no way he can shoot you all down before you get to him. And if any die, more loot for the rest of us!" The men cheered, wanting to get a bigger share and charged at Blitz.

Blitz grimaced. His pistol can't fire fast enough to stop them all, but….

"Mara! Dragon's Roar! NOW!"

Suddenly, the second figure jumped into view. It was a grown Mara, and she threw the object she had to Blitz. He shouldered the object as soon as he caught it and it revealed to be a large, shoulder mounted cannon, the words 'Dragon's Roar' engraved on to the side. The charging criminals immediately stopped in their tracks. Blitz went down on one knee to steady his aim.

"Cannon!" Blitz shouted, as the pirates turned to run, "Inferno Shot!" A blaze of red erupted from the cannon and streaked towards its target. And as it neared the fleeing pirates, it exploded with a vengeance.

"AAAAAAARRRRRRGGG!" All the pirate were blown away, some crashing into buildings, others landing in front of their leader. And as their leader stood gaping at the sight, Blitz quickly set his cannon on the ground and redrew his pistol.

"Pistol! Concussion Shot!" Blitz fire his gun, the shot leaving small ripples in its wake. The pirate captain, too stunned to move, was it square in the fore head, and he went down hard. Holstering his pistol and picking up the Dragon's Roar, Blitz turned to walk away.

"Be thankful," He said, "That I don't kill in cold blood. You'll feel a major headache went you wake up, but nothing threatening." Leaving the unconscious pirates for the villagers, Blitz walked home to his work shop.


Later that afternoon, Blitz was at the harbor, putting a few bags into a small sail boat.

"So you really are leaving." Blitz turned, looking at the trio that had come to see him off. Mara, her mother Sarah, and Doc Kolenkov.

"Yep" Blitz said, setting down the last of his bags. "As great as you guys have been the last few years, I'm a pirate by blood. The call of the sea and all that." Blitz gave them a soft smile. "I'm really going to miss you guys."

Mara, who had been holding back her tear up until this point, started bawling and hugged Blitz tightly. "I'll miss you too, Nii-chan! I wish you didn't have to go!" Kolenkov rested a hand on Mara's shoulder.

"Dah, we all feel the same. But Blitz-kun has big dreams. Right Blitz-kun?"

Blitz nodded. "Yeah. I want to fulfill the dream of any pirate. Find the Legendary One Piece and be Pirate King." He turned, looking at the sea, and grew serious, "That of the dream of the old man that left me here to die. I want to go to the Grand Line, conquer it, and be King, the thing he has always wanted to do. That way, I can prove to him….That I am not a failure. That I am a greater pirate than he is, and a greater man." Blitz stepped in to the sail boat and untied the mooring. Kolenkov shoved him off.

"See ya." Blitz said, waving good bye. Sarah and Kolenkov waved back, as Mara waved with both arms, tears still flowing down her face. Blitz turned to face the sea again. "Now…..It begins."


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