A Hedgehog Story

Chapter 1 Unexpected

"I kinda like the look." A blue hedgehog had commented. I panicked and rushed to a nearby creek and looked down to see my reflection in the ripples.

I was a hedgehog…after three days of being here in this strange world filled with upright-walking animals, hills shaped as corkscrews, red springs, gold rings in every corner, seven colorful chaos emeralds, and big huge cliffs with right at the end were speed ramps…I turned into one.

I shrank down a couple of inches, just a tad bit taller than the hedgehog next to me. My brown long hair turned to long quails. Black but shaded into purple till it got to the ends. My ears moved to the top of my head, they were cat-like now. My eyes were abnormally bigger and yet since they changed in size my pupils turned narrower, but still had my normal eye color, green. I also had a little black nose and little fangs for teeth, and I was still wearing the same clothes and shoes I worn when I was human. But they shrunk whenever I turned into this.

"How am I going to change back!?" I yelled at the blue hedgehog, not meaning too. He'd helped me whenever Dr. Eggman, his enemy, attacked my house and destroyed it to try to kidnap my first little brother, Kyle, and succeeded. He'd also been helping me trying to get him back to me by traveling into his world, where Dr. Eggman fled back to.

"I can't help you with that, whenever somebody in my world stays too long they change into creatures like me. And besides-" The blue hedgehog made a wink. "If you're a hedgehog, you can run as fast and attack like I do. We can get to your brother more quickly."

I'd made a short grin. "Yeah, I guess soo." Then it had turned into frown.

"Hey, don't make say it again!" the hedgehog teased. "Like what I always said to Elise, just smile! I promise to be by your side and help you along the way. We're partners!" Then he raised his hand for a high-five.

I raised my hand as well and slapped our two gloved hands together.

"Ch'yeah! Now were talking!" Then he grabbed the same hand I made the high five with, and started to dash down a checker pattern hill that led to a roller-coaster track-like corkscrew.

I thought about a friend of mine at that moment. He was a big fan of this guy who leading me, heck; he even had all of his games!

Dylan was his name and if he was in my shoes, he'll be screaming and dancing full of joy. If he seen me now, his face will be fully written with jealously.

Before this journey, I started to like this blue hedgehog myself and bought one of his games. After I played, I realized why my friend had a big deal about it. But how do I know that this video game character is for real, or this world was?

Things like this don't happen to people like me. Well maybe they do for example; Bella from Twilight never knew that she was going to meet a vampire named Edward. I guess this experience was happening to me back a week ago.

Sonic was the blue hedgehog's name. Therefore he's called…

"Woohoo! I wish these corkscrews last forever!" Sonic yelled, as we ran up screaming.

Sonic the Hedgehog.