Outtake #1: Rotten Egg

The ruins were filled with the angry shouts of the natives and the boom of gunfire.

Chris and Sheva ran through the debris, dodging spears and arrows and returning fire. Eventually the technological edge they had was apparent, as Chris gave the final native a faceful of buckshot.

As the native's corpse started to bubble away into nothing, Chris saw that that in the skirmish the Majini had dropped something. He picked it up to find that it was a sulfurous-smelling egg. From some sick train of thought, Chris realized he had not eaten anything since leaving HQ the morning before.

"Chris…I don't think you should eat that," came Sheva's voice.

"It's just an egg. I mean, I've eaten worse," he replied as he cracked it against his hip and gulped down the contents.

As soon as the stuff hit his lips he staggered as if he had taken a hit. The world started to take a crimson hue as blood seeped into his vision. He was going to die…

"I'm…not…going to…make it!" he cried as Sheva grabbed him and injected a most welcome dose of adrenaline into him. Instantly his vision cleared and the pain ceased.

Sheva scolded him. "What the hell did I tell you not to do?"

Chris straightened up, arm over his stomach.

"Nothing," said he with a sheepish tone, "let's move."

AN: Don't get me wrong, RE5 is an awesome game, but there were some parts of it that were undeniably funny, so I decided I would highlight them. This one actually did happen to me when I ate a bad egg and got Dying status. :P That was also the last time that it happened.