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Chapter 2: A Favor

"You do know that I was just kidding, right?" She watched, both bemused and annoyed, as he spun away from studying the padlock and froze, eyes wide and mouth open.

"How did-- never mind. I should have remembered that walls and locked doors have no affect on you. Kidding, you say?" Frankly, she was surprised by the simple fact that she could even still be surprised by Logan and his actions. Not only had he gotten himself arrested by the navy to avoid her, he had basically just admitted that maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

That, plus the fact that he had been screaming his head off for help just a few hours previous. And because he'd only been scared speechless by her sudden appearance for maybe a few seconds before continuing his inspection of the lock. Shaking off the surprise, the mystic answered.

"Yes. Kidding. You know that annoying thing you do every time you come by? Yeah, that. I decided to take your advice for once and what happened? You took me too seriously." Her unintentional hiss was lost on him, so she continued what was becoming her first rant in ages. "You see, this is why I don't do things like that, people always--"

"It was a good joke." She went silent and raised an eyebrow, her own version of bewildered unbelief, at his questionable admittance. "It had all the elements of a prank; surprising, unexpected, and totally believable. Did you enjoy it?" He turned to her, honest curiosity on his face. Weighing her options, she decided to answer truthfully.

"Up until the part where you got the law enforcement involved, yes. I did." Logan frowned for a moment, muttering something about that "usually being the funnest part." Then he smiled as he turned back to the door, extracting something from one of his many hidden pockets as he did so.

"Well, as long as someone had fun, I'm good. So, if you don't need payment, why are you here? Just to say hello and brush up on your jokes?" The mystic sensed no bitterness or cynicism behind the statement, but for some reason felt that there should have been.

She glanced self-conciously at the huddled inmates in the next cell over.

"Well, I actually do need my payment... but not as badly as I led you to believe. I kind of need a favor..." Yes, there it was, as she knew it would happen; he froze, his head millimeters at a time until he could look at her sideways.

"... What kind of a favor?"


It was a few minutes before Komi noticed that her sister was no longer beside her. And for legal purposes, this was not because she was so obsessed with her boyfriend's smoldering black eyes from this far away. For a few seconds she had actually come to believe that Kori had decided not to be annoying today.

Then, after a few moments of "wait a minute, something's wrong with that sentence," Komi had realized that she had put the words "Kori", "not," and "annoying" in the same sentence together. In that order.

Now, it could be said by anybody outside of the Anders's family that the two sisters, Kori and Komi, suffered from a common condition know as "sibling rivalry", even though they looked almost nothing alike. Inside the house, or personally from Galfore's point of view, it was more of a one-sided "sibling war."

You see, while Komi constantly made a point of trying to bring her little sister down(intentionally), Kori was just barely naive enough to not notice that. Instead, she seemed to make a game of occasionally mimicking Komi's actions and, well, generally annoying her, albeit unintentionally. So the older sister's plan kind of backfired at that point.

Also, although some outsiders who could have just met the two and had no respect for their authority(or whatever it was called) would automatically assume that the two simply hated each other, this would not be true either. Not even in Komi's case. Wow, this is slightly confusing. Anyway...

No, Komi did not "freak out" over the seemingly sudden disappearance of her sister. Although she was probably freaking out in her mind, she did not do so openly. Instead, she unknowingly copied her sister's move in slipping out of the not-even-halfway-over procession into less-tight-fitting-clothes and out into the streets of Steele, muttering under her breath about "annoying red-headed demons."



The mystic sighed in relief; at least he hadn't immediately said "no", as she had expected him to do.

"I... kind of need help finding someone. Tracking them, really." Predicting his obvious confusion -she had never needed help with this kind of thing before- she elaborated. "I know where they are, generally. Somewhere around this area. I just can't exactly... find them, is all." Was she blushing? Yes, most likely. Why? Well, how would you feel if you were basically made a fool of at your own area of expertise?


"Okay, first things first. Just how many people are you looking for?" Already back at his self-assigned task, he was probably only partially paying attention. Most likely the answer didn't matter. He'd probably already made his decision.

"Six, including you. Three(you included) are in this town, and the fourth and fifth are supposedly arriving here tonight. I believe that you know where the sixth is." Who was she kidding? She knew that he knew where the sixth was. She just didn't know where that would be.

"Do the others owe you, too?"

"No. Not exactly." Without turning around, he raised an eyebrow, his own version of "yeah, right". If the mystic had to come looking for them, most likely they owed her something.

"Any of them got prices on their heads that I should know about?"

"I don't think so, no." Now he was suspicious, and she could feel it. One last question.

"Besides me, do you even know who they are?"

"No." An imperceptible growl rumbled from her throat, giving him all the answer he needed. Great. Just great.

"Alright then, fine. I'll help you." Apparently she hadn't expected this answer.

"What?! I mean," She took a moment to regain her mysterious composure. "... What? Why would you?" Within the period of less than a few minutes, once again he'd surprised her. Luckily, he was almost done with whatever it was he was doing, ergo became more concentrated on it, ergo didn't let her see the wide smile that broke out on his face.

"Well... Chances are that doing this favor could wipe out my debt to you, so that's one good point. Even if it doesn't, well..." Even more of a surprise, the cell door suddenly swung open, accredited to the dagger that Logan then slipped back into his pocket. "A man's got his reasons, doesn't he?"

Besides the not-so-probable animosity behind the statement itself, the crooked grin pretty much killed any ill intent imaginable. In a mock-gentlemanly fashion, he gestured at the door.

"Milady?" Smirking at his predictable actions, the mystic didn't see the gleam in his eyes as she passed through the gate. "Let's be going out of this hell-hole, shall we?"


"I should have know that this wasn't my day..." Now, Richard wasn't one to mope, most definitely not due to his current company, but, well, let's say that the situation seemed to call for a small bit of self-pity, shall we? Or maybe self-pity isn't the right word for it...

"What was that?!" One would be surprised that her voice was even distinguishable over the roar of the flames, but he wasn't one of those people.

"Nothing, Kori!"



"Oh! Okay!"

Yeaaaahh... Well... Y'see... One might also be wondering what, exactly, Richard and Kori are doing and why it seems to involves flames.


The day seemed to really be looking more mediocre than usual for the young blacksmith only a few hours previous.

What to do, what to do... No, really, what the hell is there to do?!

Richard looked around, somewhat bewildered at the lack of need for anything around the forge.

Weapon inventory? Swords, broadswords, short swords, knives, daggers, machetes, hand axes, battle axes, lances, javelins, bayonet spears, pitchforks, etc.? Check, full in every category since last week. Or was it the week before last... Armor inventory? Check, also full since... last month. Er, cutlery inventory? What the hell? Who needs silverware from a freaking forge?! Uhm, glass? No, still don't have the necessary resources for that. Hmm... Experimental weaponry? What part of every category don't you understand?! Guns? Not enough training, and even then not enough available resources. Training, sparring, dueling? Well, unless straw, non-living dummies count, nope. You see, it's because of a little thing called "lack of a training partner"!!

Lack of anything to do, indeed, was going to drive him crazy. Of course, with so little going on, it would have been a surprise if he hadn't noticed the over-loud procession heading down the street just outside. Barely opening the door, he peeked out at the crowd heading down the street(you could never be too careful on the streets of Steele). What was going on, a freaking mob-strike?! All that was missing was a target of such a display, torches, and over-done signs and pitchforks.

Somehow or another, in the confusing wave of people, Kori had seen him and immediately found her way into the forge. Somehow. What followed was what could have been a nightmare for Richard if he had been a different kind of blacksmith.

It turned out that some of the equipment in the inventory had been not as durable as he had thought. Either that, or Kori was just strangely able to break any kind of metal she didn't make or handle herself, something that the blacksmith was rapidly becoming convinced of. However, instead of breaking down into tears or flying into a rage like any other blacksmith probably would have done at the utter destruction of weeks and/or months of hard work, for whatever reason he enjoyed it.

The fact that the weapons and armor that were destroyed were only in that condition(destroyed) due to his training with Kori(who was pretty good with a sword, mind you) probably had something to do with that. It is reasonable enough to assume that both enjoyed the workout, although that phrase in itself implies something different.

Then, of course, Kori had discovered how to work the bellows. You know, the big, tank-looking thing that seems to constantly have a fire going in it that turns stuff into molten lead and later on into weapons and such?

Yeah. Those bellows.

At about this time, Richard was kind of sulking near the sword-rack as Kori had the time of her life making weird weapons and the like. Better than Richard himself could. Which was why he was smiling.

Wait, what?

But hey, as long as he could be around her, he was fine.

Oh, now that makes sense.


"You know, I just now noticed something..." The mystic sighed. Although she wasn't yet tired of his company, so to speak, Logan's lack of ability to just be silent was starting to get to her. Even with her back turned to him, she could feel his eyes boring in her general direction.

"Ooh, big words. Can it wait?" Really, though; they weren't even out of the navy headquarters yet, and already the young green man had asked enough questions to be capable of impersonating the next Spanish Inquisitor! And with his criminal record, he was liable to do just that once he got his bearings! But apparently, it couldn't wait.

"Where's your bird?" This time she did turn around, eyebrow raised. That's what he had noticed? It wasn't exactly unprecedented, but really.

"My bird is where he needs to be and he isn't where he isn't." She knew that the answer would both confuse and satisfy the young captain, so she started up the next set of stairs toward waning daylight, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her, changing her direction with one simple movement.

"Don't wanna go that way, guards up that way." Her eyes widened imperceptibly for a moment before realization set in. "These pointy ears aren't just for show, you know."

And so they continued walking their way through the military base. After a little while, though, Logan's pace unexpectedly quickened and forced her to speed up as well to keep up. He was almost running when she finally got back her lead on him. Then--

"Who's the fourth one that you're looking for?" They question caught her off-guard, of course, having been more focused on running, and she tripped before he grabbed her and swung her onto his back as a horse. That would speed things up. "Who is he?" He still wanted his question answered, though. Apparently it was mandatory. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck to keep from falling.

"You know who he is." That was all she was going to say now, because it was all that she needed to say; and frankly, she didn't know if this certain green horse had fleas or not and wasn't going to chance them getting anywhere near her mouth. "Where are we going?!" She noticed that the walls were blurring into one simple mess of brown, orange and red, but for all she knew they were heading straight down into the heart of the place.

He didn't answer. The whistle of a cannonball flying straight from the twilight in the window, however, did.


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