[Seven Months Later]

"When did Doctor Connors say you were due?"

I looked over at my uncle and frowned, adding a small pout. "Five days ago."

Jasper laughed, his beautiful smile was spread across his face and his eyes were shining with love. He was done pretty well over the past months since Alice left us. It was hard on all of us really but mainly on Rosalie. From the stories I heard from most of the guys; Rosalie had more than one newborn on her and couldn't fight them off, Alice pulled two of them off of her but in return they had her torn apart and into the flames before anyone could get to her.

It took me days to wake up after the fight had happened. When I did wake up I was at the hospital, tubes coming out of my arms, machines hooked up to me and that stupid breathing tube in my nose. I woke up to a room full of my family members along with one that I never thought cared about me at all. He looked like death, though, happy at the same time. Edward had saved my life yet again. Victoria had bitten me, Paul was going to try and suck it out but Edward stopped him and did it himself. I had to go through six different blood transfusions before the doctors even thought I would survive.

Everyone had also apologized to Edward for the way they treated him the last time he visited even though the things he had said, he was being honest and it did hurt to hear it but he had reasons for saying them. He truly did love me and thought that I was to be his mate for eternity, too bad he was proven wrong. The biggest surprise that happened out of all of these things was that Leah had changed and it was because of a certain bronzed hair vampire. She had hidden it well from all of us. But, that first night we had all met up in the clear to discuss Collin and Brady sitting out the fight, Leah had gone and imprinted on none-other than Edward Cullen himself. With him being the arrogant asshole he can be and her being the controlling bitch she most defiantly is, they seemed to balance each other out.

Now we were only waiting for Jasper's destiny to make her grand appearance.

"Have you tried anything to help induce the labor, Bells?" Jasper asked. He sure was being nosy today.

"And exactly how would one do that? Cause at this point, I want these bladder kickers out!" I huffed.

Jasper smirked. "There are several ways to induce a labor Bella. One, have you tried walking a long distance?" I shook my head. "How about running? I know you still have that crazy werewolf speed even though you are carrying my little niece and nephew in there."

"I didn't think I should do anything that strenuous." I replied.

"Well, there is always trying to get aroused."

My face flamed instantly. "Jasper! Are you implying that you want your niece to … have sex?" I ended up whispering the last bit.

"Honestly Bella. You are pregnant, very pregnant at that, and you are embarrassed to even speak the word 'sex'?" he was full out laughing at me now.

I growled low and deep in my chest at him. "It's not funny Jasper."

"Okay, okay," he took a deep unnecessary breath. "I wont laugh, although I find it funny that a pregnant women isn't thinking about sex." Well, there went that damn uncontrollable blush of mine again. Damn you Charlie for giving this wonder little trait of yours! "I saw that and felt that Bella. You shouldn't be embarrassed either. It is perfectly normal for a pregnant women to think about sex."

"Enough, lalalalalala!" I groaned, plugging my ears. "I don't want to talk to you about this! You're my uncle!"

And with that I took off out of the room leaving him to his laughter.

I wanted somewhere to go while Paul had patrol. I personally thought patrolling was pointless now. All the threats that were against us were over. Victoria as well as Irina were both nothing but ashes in the wind and besides, we also had the Cullens and Peter and Charlotte around just in case of any nomads decided they wanted to make Forks their new all you can eat buffet.

With Paul busy, Angela being with Embry, Emily tied up with wedding plans with Sam and Kim, Leah at the Cullen house and Sue and Charlie spending some 'quality time' in Port Angeles -I honestly didn't want to know what they were up to-; I was completely on my own. I thought about the things that Jasper had talked to me about so I decided to try the walking.

Yeah, being the later part of March the weather was starting to warm up a bit; I was in a full blown sweat only a short ways into my walk. I was tired and sweaty, as I took the short jog back to the house. Of course it would have looked strange to see a pregnant women the size of a house, running down the side of the street; I was just thanking god most people were either in school or at work right now.

As soon as I got back to our house, Jasper was laying out on the leather sofa; right where I had left him earlier, only now he had the television turned on so low I could barely here it and one of his old civil war novel propped up on his chest. I smiled thinking about how nice it is to have him around all the time. He truly was one of my best friends now. I headed straight upstairs and into the en suite master bathroom, filling the massive bathtub up with hot water and the favorite strawberry bubble bath; my back and ankles had been killing me all day, so I quickly rid myself of my clothes and let the water and scent melt away all of my aches and pains.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Baby?" a whisper spoke in my ear. I just squeezed my eyes tighter together and tried to ignore it. The dream I was having was amazing. Paul and I watching our two beautiful little children running around pretending to be 'wolves' growling and wrestling one another. "Baby?" this time when I heard it I knew it was my Paul.

Slowly I opened my eyes and smiled up at his gorgeous honey eyes. "Hi."

"Hi," he whispered back. "How long have you been in the tub?"

I glanced over at the clock hanging above the bathroom door. It read six-thirty. "Um..." I bit my lip and look sheepishly down at the murky, bubble-free cool water. "About three hours."

Paul chuckled. "Come on baby. Let's lay down for a bit, Emily said she will bring us over some of your meatloaf later for dinner." Carefully, he took my left hand only to bring it to his mouth and kiss the tiny silver band that still resides on my ring finger – only now, it is official that I am soon to be Mrs. Paul Von – supporting my back with his other hand, he helped me step out of the over-sized bathtub and onto the fluffy towel that I had placed onto the floor before I had gotten in. Wrapping another giant fluffy white towel around my body, Paul swiftly and gently scooped me up bridal style into his arms, and carried me to our bed. Laying down behind me, he pulled me to his chest and held me there; resting his hands on my swollen stomach.

The feeling of his warm breath on the back of my neck made my lower stomach stir with arousal. It had been a long time since I had had Paul in that way. Doctor Connors forbid us from any type of sexual activity almost three months ago because he was afraid it would cause the babies to come earlier than they were suppose to. He also thought the babies would come sometime last month because most sets of multiples come at least a couple weeks early. But, here I am almost six days now over-due and all I want is to be able to see my sweet little angels. Also, be able to touch my gorgeous fiancé in the most sinful ways.

Paul took in a deep breath through his nose and growled in his exhale. "God, you smell so delicious."

Then the last thing Jasper said to me, clicked. Sex.

"Make love to me Paul." I whispered.

"What?" he gasped slightly. "Baby, we cant. Remember, Doctor Connors said we shouldn't."

"Yeah, he did, months ago when it could have hurt the babies if they came too early. But right now, I am past due to have our little beans and dammit, I think I'm the horniest women alive!" I was being dramatic and I knew it but, I was being honest! Don't shoot the horny pregnant women!

I could feel Paul's erection against my towel covered bottom and I pushed back into it making him groan. "Baby, Bella, are you sure? I don't want to hurt you or the kids."

"Yes. I promise nothing will hurt either one of us. Besides. I have heard that sexual could help induce my labor." there was no way he couldn't hear the smile in my voice.

Paul pulled back from me a little and I heard the sound of clothing being dropped to the floor followed by a zipper being lowered and denim being tossed across the room. My breathing picked up when Paul reached around me to pull my towel from my body. When I started to turn to face him he stopped me. "Shh baby, stay right there. This will be more comfortable for you." I nodded in agreement.

Resting my chest against my back once again his, he lifted up my left leg and placed it over his; his hard manhood was pressing heavily against my heated core. Slowly he entered me, inch by inch until he was half way in and gave small gentle thrusts.

Forty-five minutes and a lots of calming breathing later... Paul was helping me get dressed as well as running around the house like a madman trying to find everything that I was suppose to take with me to the hospital. I had to laugh through my pain and tell him that my suitcase was upstairs in the closet. He just nodded several times and took off up the stairs and was back even faster. After had carried me to the car, me protesting the entire time, he took off toward Forks Hospital. I called Doctor Connors and the family as we were driving. We were met by Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, Charlie, Sue and my doctor once we got there.

I was taken straight to a labor and delivery room where Doctor Connors checked how far I was along. He assured me that in a couple hours I would be ready for my epidural and then hopefully soon after I could start to push. Charlie was hovering over me like the nervous father he was. Although the happiness was shining in his brown eyes, I sometimes wondered if he could possibly be more excited about these babies than myself.

True to his word, two hours later I was about to get my epidural and I got in a good hour of sleep before I woke up to a cool hand brushing my cheek. Opening my eyes I was staring into the beautiful topaz eyes of Edward. Me smiled at me yet it didn't reach his eyes, I knew this was hard for him to deal with because this was something he could never have himself, although he was trying to play it off for me; I was truly lucky to have him as a friend.

"How are you holding up?" he whispered.

I smiled at him. "Fine. I cant really feel anything below my bellybutton anymore, only a slight pressure like I haven't gotten to pee all day."

He scrunched his nose up and laughed. "It should be time soon. Doctor Connors will be coming to check again in a few minutes."

"Do you think Alice was right?" I asked after a few minutes.

Edward looked down at me questioningly. "What about love?"

"About being a good mom?" my voice broke halfway through.

"Oh Bella," he brushed away the single tear that slipped from the corner of my eye. "Of course she was. I always knew that you would make such a lovely and caring mother. You have nothing to worry about and besides, you have the entire family to help you out with anything you or Paul might need."

I smiled, teary-eyed at him. "Thank you."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Okay Bella. I want you to push as hard as you can and I think we can get the head on this one." Doctor Connors had confirmed that I was indeed ready to push and bring these angels into this world. So here I am, Paul holding my right leg up and Charlie holding my left, Sue at his side while Esme is beside Paul in Alice's place; helping me through this. "And push!"

Putting my chin to my chest, I pushed with everything in me. My family members counting out to ten and I got to relax. Not for long though. "Again... now!" Repeating my actions for what has been the same for the past ten minutes. I could feel the pressure of my baby then the cries filling the air. "A beautiful baby girl." Doctor Connors smiled. Esme took Paul's place and he stepped up to cut her cord. "Alright, we have one more to get out of there so I need to to push as hard as you can Bells. Let's get that little guy out to meet his mommy and daddy."

And I did push as hard as I could. After three contractions, my little boys cries filled the room along with his sisters and I finally got to hold them both. They both had their father's dark skin and almost black hair. They were the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my entire life. Paul kissed my forehead and whispered how proud he was of me and I felt his tears dropping onto my cheeks as he gazed down at our children.

"What are the names?" the nurse asked.

"Abigail Renee and Cameron Charles Von." I answered stilling watching as my little angels snuggled closer to one another and yawned.

[Five Years Later]

Sitting here, I was watching Alice's vision come true.

I knew Jasper was doing okay without Alice, of course he hurt and probably still did from time to time but, watching him now; is the happiest I have ever seen him.

Paul was at the garage with Jake and Embry, so Jasper thought he would come over and help me out with the kids for the day. I needed to clean up the house so he offered to take Abby and Cam outside until I was finished. I was nowhere near finished but I just had to stop and watch them play. Jasper had Abby on his back and they were chasing around Cam, all three laughing and smiling; my heart swelled at the sight. Jasper turned his head in my direction and winked. I sent a smile back and went onto cleaning the house.

[Ten Years Later]

The backyard of the the Cullens house was covered in all types of fairy lights and light yellow ribbons were tied to the white lawn chairs that were sitting in rows. Today was the tenth anniversary of Alice's passing. We celebrated it every year with the pack and the Cullens. It wasn't a day to mourn over her loss but the remember her and all the fun times we had. Esme and Rosalie had set up a table at the front as always and there were hundreds of pictures of Alice spread around it.

Abby and Cam didn't know their aunt but we made sure they knew who she was and what type of a person she was. Jasper normally took this day hard but this year was different. While we all had taken a vacation to Colorado earlier in the fall to visit Peter and Charlotte, we were surprised to see that they had a new member of their small family. The girl wasn't much over twenty when she was changed, she had beautiful ebony skin with gorgeous raven hair that fall below her waist. The one thing that was different about her were her eyes. Instead of wearing the golden eyes of a vegetarian or the crimson eyes of a human feeder, her eye were a striking silver-blue that could honestly light up a room.

Jasper had taken her her quickly. They were both from the south and had so much in common that it felt like they had known each other for years instead of two week when she came back to Washington with us. She felt so much like Alice in a way to me that it was almost scary at first but then the day after we got home, I was laying in my backyard trying to shake the feeling of it off; the cloudy sky suddenly cleared in a small spot and the sun shined right down on the spot I was sitting. I knew that it truly meant.

Alice was watching over us and she was okay with this.

[Sixteen Years Later]

-Cam's POV-

It was weird to think how my life turned out to be. Sure, I am only a sixteen year old boy trapped in the body of a twenty-five year old man. Yes, I am exactly like my mother and father, as well as Abby. I always thought the legends were only legends... how wrong could I have been. Mom and dad tried to tell us that they were true and that the other half of our family, the Cullens, were indeed the true cold ones in said legends but we just thought they were trying to pull one over on us. It was only a couple months after our birthday this year that we had phased for the first time. Mom and dad were both proud of how well we could control ourselves and how well, I came into my role of being the alpha of the pack; I knew of course that when and if Uncle Jacob's daughter phased, I would step down when the time came for her to have her rightful spot as alpha.

But, now I needed to focus on what was really going on. The wedding. Or shall I say, the renewing of their vows.

Mom and dad thought it would be perfect for their sixteenth wedding anniversary to renew their vows. Mom was both happy and sad that they hadn't done it earlier because grandpa Charlie wasn't here for this. He had passed in his sleep two years ago. Grandma Sue passed not long after him, it was peacefully in her sleep and she had a smile on her face when they found her. At least they were together again but this time, it's for eternity.

I was pulled from my thoughts as my sister and Collin walked down the aisle together. Both smiling at one another, the whole imprinting thing truly was an amazing feeling. I was happy for both of them, they loved each other very much. Looking into the dark, night covered group of our family and friends, I spotted my girl. She was sitting beside her father, her beautiful bronze hair was shining in the low light of the bonfire, her bright green eyes twinkled with love as she smiled and waved her tiny hand. She is my one true soul mate, her father caught my eye and gave me a stern look that said 'keep my thoughts PG' sometimes I hated that about him. I knew she was physically my age but she had only just celebrated her tenth birthday, they knew that I wouldn't do anything to upset any of our family members; I may have the hormonal mind of a sixteen year old but I would do nothing to upset my baby. I grinned at Edward and smiled sweetly at Leah before blowing a small kiss to Carly.

Dad cleared his throat to pull my attention back to my mother come down the aisle in her white sun dress, carrying a small bouquet of wild flowers that were picked out of grandma and grandpa's back yard earlier today. Smiling as she walked, my mom stopped to kiss her hand and then touch the chair where grandpa would be sitting, before stepping up beside my dad and taking his hand. Carlisle began the service and my mom and dad pledged their love to one another for the second time in front of our family, friends and god under the full moon.


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Leah did imprint on Edward. They also had a child. Carly. Before anyone asks, no, Leah didn't have a pregnancy like Bella did in Breaking Dawn. I made it out as Leah having being a werewolf she was also much strong than Bella as a human, as she did have to do the things Bella did in BD but Carly is a special girl. She is in fact, half vampire-half werewolf.

Abigail, or Abby, did imprint on Collin. He had imprinted on her just after she was born.

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