A New Beginning

Summary: Bella Swan moves in with her older brother Emmett and his two college roommates after she gets into trouble at her school in Phoenix.

All human, all OOC, Mature Content, Strong Language

Chapter One


Here I sit in Mr. Doyle's office waiting for my mother and step-father to come hear the punishment for my 'rude behavior'; not that I was the one to start the trouble this time or any other time this shit happened. The principal was just sitting there staring at me with a disappointed look on his face shaking his head lightly. I scoffed quietly at him. He was always accused me of starting these things because and I quote 'I am just like my brother'. Sometimes I just wanted to punch this douche bag in the face and get it over with.

After listening to the clock tick behind me for what seemed like hours I heard the door creak open and Miss Ryder poked her head in informing the douche that my parents were here. Renee and Phil took seats on either side of me, Phil never looked up at me but I noticed that mom had tears that were threatening to spill over.

Renee cleared her throat. "So Mr. Doyle, what is the final decision on this fight?"

"Since this has become a habit for Isabella to be fighting with Miss Patterson and her group of friends I have only one conclusion to settle this once and for all." The jerk-off said with a smug look on his face.

Yeah, I don't like that look.

"And...?" my mother pushed.

"Isabella Swan is hereby expelled from our school, indefinitely." he smirked.

Renee and I both gasped.

"This is an outrage!" Phil shouted, getting to his feet.

"Isabella is to gather her things and needs to be off campus before two p.m." he glanced toward the clock, "you have fifteen minutes so I suggest you get a move on Miss Swan."

"Stupid fuck." I muttered as I got up from my chair and threw his office door open.

Renee close on my heels and I could hear Phil screaming as Renee closed the door. I noticed Kaitlynn Patterson sitting to the side on the bench with her mother pretending to cry but when she saw me come into view she smirked at me and mouth 'busted bitch'. I wanted to kill her. Literally. Not just break her pretty little nose that her daddy got her this past summer but seriously murder her and throw her in the desert for the birds to pick at her sun roasted carcass.

Renee pulled me down the hall toward my locker and I opened it, pulling out my things and shoving them in my backpack along with my pictures that I had taped up on the inside of my door. I didn't even bother with returning my text books to my teachers and just dropped them on the floor in front of my open and now empty locker.

The final bell for the school day rang and the students started filing out of the rooms. When they noticed my mother and me taking the dreaded walk of shame down the hall to pull Phil away from that asshole, we got shares, gasps, snickers and cheers from my few football player friends. We stopped in front of the office door and Renee went in to get Phil and Kaitlynn and her mother were still sitting there.

"You know we will be sending you a hospital bill for this?" Mrs. Patterson said with a disgusting tone.

I scoffed. "I will not and neither will my mother pay for that bitch to get her nose fixed. If she didn't want her face all messed up then she shouldn't have started shit with me in the first place."

"Fuck you Swan." Kaitlynn spat.

I rolled my eyes at her and I heard the door open behind me.

Renee was practically dragging Phil out of the office while he was still fuming at Doyle. My friend Thomas was passing by and grabbed me up into a hug praising me for actually doing damage to Kaitlynn this time; then he noticed Renee struggling with her hot tempered hubby and helped escort him to the car.

After getting Phil calm enough to actually stay in the car and not go after the douche again we said our goodbyes to my friends that had crowded around our car asking what went down. The ride was painfully quiet and awkward, which is extremely weird for this family. We had gotten half way down the street when what just happened actually sank in.

"Oh. my. God." I muttered.

Renee turned around startled, "What is the matter? Are you hurt?" she went into panicked mother mode.

I just shook my head. "Not hurt. But I just fucked up my senior year." and with that I dropped my face into my hands and cried.


The last four weeks of my senior year passed me by and I got to see all of my friends graduate while I was stuck in the audience watching and mopping about. Renee had to beg the school to let me attend since I am now ban from their campus for life. I also had to promise to keep my hands in my pockets and my mouth shut at all times; that wasn't a problem as long as the rest of 'We Hate Bella Swan' club kept their mouths shut.

We had checked around everywhere the first week after my expulsion at the schools in the area but none of them would allow me to attend because of my record that Doyle told them about and because I wouldn't be able to have my credits transferred in time to graduate on time. Meaning, every credit I earned this past year didn't even count of my transcript; I have to start all over again. Great.

By the time summer came around and my friends started talking about the colleges they were going to be attending, I was completely bummed out because I was getting left behind. Renee offered different things to cheer me up from shopping trips to go the Europe for a week; sure the vacation sounded great but I was more focused on finding a way to actually graduate from high school before I turn thirty.

As I lay on my bed sulking about my being stupid for letting this happen my phone rang and I practically fell off of my bed from being startled. I snatched it up and pressed the send button without checking the ID.


"Bella! How the hell are you sis?" my brother Emmett's booming voice called from the other end of the line.

I sighed, "I could be a lot better."

"Uh-oh, what's wrong?" great the 'big brother mode' kicked in.

"Nothing, just looking for a new school for next year. None of the high schools around here will let me finish my credits. I'm a little pissed." I grumbled into the phone.

He paused for a moment.

"Well, what about schools here?" he asked.

"Um" I paused "What about them?"

He sighed, "Why not come to school here?"

I snorted, "I am not going to come to Washington to live with dad and go to that small town school. Everyone and there mothers would know more about me than I do about myself by the end of my first day. No thanks."

Emmett chuckled. "No Bells, I mean HERE, as in Seattle."

"Right, Seattle. And where on earth would I live in Seattle?" I asked, not knowing where the hell he was going with this.

"With me, geez, I swear sometimes you were born blond."


"I couldn't l-live with you! Don't you have like roommates or something?" I stuttered.

I could practically hear him rolling his eyes. "Yeah but we do have an extra room that is sitting empty. And since that school is funding this house for us through the football program it is rent free. So you wouldn't have to get a job or anything..."

I didn't know what to say...

"Um, I guess I could talk to mom about it... but I don't know how well she would like the idea of me living with college guys."

His booming laugh of a cheer hurt my ear and I had to hold the phone away, "Ah Bells, I swear you wouldn't regret coming here! We could have a lot of fun and I promise I wont let you get into any trouble!"

I couldn't hold in my giggle. "Alright, I will talk to Renee tonight when Phil gets home. But, if she denies then I guess I will have to wait until Christmas to see you."

"Sweet! Call me as soon as you talk to them!" I could hear the smile in his voice.

"I will. Love you bub, I will call you tonight."

"Love ya Bells!" and he hung up.

The more I thought about going to stay with Emmett the more I liked the idea. I know mom and Phil probably wouldn't be thrilled about the idea but I think Renee would feel a little better knowing that Charlie was only a couple hours away if I really needed something. Then it hit me.

Roommates. College boys.

I could feel my face flushing just thinking about embarrassing myself around them; which I know for a fact would happen quite often.

When I heard the front door close I knew that Phil was home from practice. I took a deep breath and got up from my bed. Finding Renee and Phil in the kitchen I asked them to sit down because I wanted to talk to them, of course mom freaked out thinking I was sick or worse but I assured her that I was perfectly fine.

I took a deep breath. "Mom, I wanted to move in with Em."

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