AN: Hello, my loyal readers! Just an FYI, this story picks up three years after the end of Sisters Knight. So yes, there is a massive gap here. I'll be filling it in as we go. Ready? Hang on!

Kind of a Solo Mission

Jessica Knight hated stakeouts. She especially hated stakeouts with KARR when Raven wasn't with them. Then again, it was hard to do a stakeout in the flame red Cuda to begin with, but Raven and KARR refused to change the color. Even parked as far down the road as they were, with as many buildings as there were in between them and the suspect building, she knew they had to stick out like a sore thumb. Half a block away was what was possibly a rented store used to ship electronics between different FLAG bases. Or so she desperately hoped.

Or maybe Jess was just cranky. After all, they had been at this for five days, and Jess had never been what one would call patient. "Are we sure this is a FLAG base?" she asked KARR.

The AI sighed. "For the thousandth time, yes, we're sure." he said irritably. "A few more days, we'll have proof, and we can storm the place in force." He sounded darkly pleased with that result. Then again, KARR simply hated FLAG. Period.

Jess laughed. "And we can help Heather burn it to the ground." she said happily.

KARR seemed to relax at that. "I thought Banachek took away her matches." he pointed out.

"We've found other ways of lighting fires." Jess said dismissively. "Besides, Chris sometimes lets her use his." She flashed the dash a grin. "Don't tell. Chris gets into enough trouble as it is. That and Borden lets her use his lighter on occasion, but he keeps getting blamed for those fires."

"I'm surrounded by pyromaniacs." KARR teased.

Jess took the bait. "You and KITT are the worst of us!" she shot back with a grin. "It was you who started this whole thing, and KITT agreed to –"

A sudden gunshot cut her off, and her eyes snapped to the building they were watching. A woman, probably in her late thirties to early forties, threw the door open and made a mad dash for the end of the block. Jess quickly put the Cuda in gear and went after her. Hopefully she could get to the woman before the guards did, because she wasn't going to make it around the corner.

KARR abruptly took over. He outran the woman to the end of the block and executed a perfect turn, stopping right in front of her with only a little bit of squealing from the tires. The passenger door opened automatically.

At that moment, the guards came out of the door and took aim.

"Get in!" Jess snapped. The woman quickly got in and slammed the door shut just as the two guards opened fire. She screamed even as the bullets bounced harmlessly off the windows. Jess flinched, but by now she was used to gunfire. Now she trusted the MBS with her life. She slammed her foot on the gas and peeled out as she shot down the street and headed out of the city.

After a moment, the woman uncurled from her defensive position. "You can slow down now." she said shakily. "I think we left them behind."

"Hardly." Jess growled. She pressed a button on the dash and activated the police frequency. "This is NF Agent Jessica Knight reporting location of suspect terrorist cell."

"Roger, Agent Knight. Ready for location."

Jess rattled off the address and cut off communications. "That'll keep 'em occupied for a while." she muttered darkly. The woman shook her head.

"I don't know who you are, but you should know FLAG isn't a terrorist cell." she said sadly.

Jess muttered something uncomplimentary under her breath. "Where have you been the past three years?" she demanded. "New Foundation has declared open season on FLAG. According to the law enforcement, they are terrorists." She chuckled. "Now, admittedly no one will be there by the time the cops show, but that'll make 'em scatter long enough for us to get out of here." Her cell phone buzzed, and she quickly flipped it open.

A text message from KARR, short and to the point.

don't tell her who I am

Jess shrugged, made a show of texting back (which she still didn't know how to do), and closed the phone. She glanced at the woman. "So, what exactly does FLAG want with you?" she asked.

The woman shrugged noncommittally. "First, answer my questions."

"I'll answer yours if you answer mine."

The woman nodded. "All right. I go first. Who are you?"

Jess sighed. Really, was the woman stupid? "I'm Jessica Knight, but call me Jess. Everyone does. I work for the New Foundation, which was developed to counter the now-terrorist FLAG." She gave the woman a look. "My turn. What's your name?"

"Bonnie Barstow."

Jess almost choked. Small wonder KARR didn't want her to know about him. She would have to remember to tell Raven about this. "You used to work for FLAG. You developed AIs."

"Yes." Bonnie said, her voice filled with old sadness. "But the only one is gone now."


"Something like that." She sighed and turned away from the window in favor of studying Jess. "He's been gone so long – there's no way he could have survived almost fourteen years without maintenance. He's gone now." She tilted her head to the side and smiled slightly. "My turn. We were hit with those bullets. Why aren't we dead?"

Jess stiffened. "Next."

"Not until you answer that one."

"Then you're going to have to wait." Jess said. "We're almost at HQ. Hang on tight and I'll bring you right in." The cell phone vibrated again, and she flipped it open.

hq under attack. flag op paul travers involved.

Jess grimaced. "Or sooner." She pressed down on the accelerator, hoping she wasn't too late.