Gathering Intel

Bonnie walked in on a rather strange sight.

KITT and KARR were parked in the garage, as usual for them. Raven was sitting cross-legged on KARR's hood, watching the other three with no small amount of amusement. Kitson, Heather, and Jess were obviously cutting up in the wide open space in front of the vehicles where the mechanics worked. It looked as if Heather and Jess were trying to figure out something, and Kitson was impatiently explaining it to them.

"So, tell me again – where did you get this idea?" Heather asked, her voice shaking with barely contained laughter. Jess was holding on to Heather's shoulder to keep from falling over, she was laughing so hard. Kitson shot them both a mockingly dirty look.

"I saw it on a movie." he said. "It looked simple enough."

"KITT – you kinda need martial arts training to do that." Heather pointed out. "My sensei doesn't even do that."

"Your sensei doesn't have the right motivation." Kitson replied gamely. He eyed the wall for a moment, backed up a bit, and charged it. He got three steps up the wall before he fell flat on his back. "My calculations are a bit off." he grumbled.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Raven demanded, grinning ear to ear.

"Not really." Kitson replied. "But having the air knocked out of you is not the most comfortable feeling." He stood up and brushed himself off. "I haven't quite figured out what I'm doing wrong. I'm using the numbers I got from the movie."

"It might help you to know that the actor used harnesses and other such things." Jess said, finally starting to calm down. "Try getting numbers from a real human doing it, and then see where it gets you."

"Ah." He turned to the girls, an odd look on his face. "Neither of you are trying this, right?"

"Nah, we were going to bust our heads in for the fun of it." Heather chuckled. "I did it once, but it was with a tree on springy grass. I'm not doing it in here."

"Thank you."

"I don't have a death wish."

"I do!" Jess waved her hand in the air.

KARR laughed. "Yes, you do. We are very well aware of that fact." Jess stuck her tongue out at him, and Raven simply rolled her eyes while KARR laughed harder. "That's right. Real mature, Jess."

"Like you're any better." Heather shot back with a grin, coming to Jess's defense. "I'm pretty sure you were the one who gave KITT that movie to watch."

"No. If I really wanted to horrify him, I would have given him Nightmare Before Christmas to watch." KARR said cheerfully.

"Oh, crap." Raven muttered and covered her ears.

Kitson backed away mockingly from Jess and Heather. "Great. You had to bring that up, didn't you?" he laughed. "They're going to do it, I know they are."

Heather gave Jess a look. "Should we?"

"We would disappoint them otherwise." Jess said grandly. And they both bust into song.

Bonnie laughed as she came to stand beside KITT. "What are they singing?" she asked, starting to shake in laughter.

"This is Halloween." KITT muttered. Kitson smiled at her before vanishing. "Someone please shut them up. That song is only funny the first five or six times you hear it."

At that moment, a horrible wailing sound filled the air. Bonnie flinched, and the girls suddenly went into action. Raven slid from the hood and was inside KARR before Jess and Heather made it over to KITT. Jess slid into KITT's driver's seat and Heather grabbed Bonnie's shoulder. "Get in KITT, now!"

"What about you?" Jess demanded.

Heather headed back to the door that lead directly towards the mansion. "Borden and Drake are in the basement and Banachek isn't here. That means they can't hear the alarm."

"Let me drive you over there." KARR said. "It's safer."

Heather shot him a look. "What makes you think I' m going unarmed?" she demanded. "Just go! Make sure the perimeter is safe and all that jazz. I'll radio in if I need help." With that she turned and ran. Bonnie slid into the passenger seat and glanced at KITT's voice modulator.

"What did she mean, she's not unarmed?"

"Did you think we'd let them go running around without weapons?" KITT demanded, sounding slightly stressed. Jess patted the dash reassuringly.

"She can take care of herself." she told KITT. "Right now, we need to make sure the guards don't need help."

"KITT, follow me!" KARR called over the intercom system. "There's a breach in the south fence."

KITT cursed under his breath, but he followed KARR just the same. Yes, Heather could take care of herself, as she was fond of reminding everyone. He just wished she'd pick less dangerous times to play soldier.


Heather ran into the mansion, drawing her gun as she went. Raven and Jess could keep their machine guns, she thought with grim satisfaction. She'd keep the Sig her dad had given her for Christmas. She made her way through the mansion, heading to the basement stairs on the far side. She had to cross the reception area, kitchen, and dining area before she finally reached the hallway closet with the stairs. As stuffy as this place was on occasion, she had to appreciate the open areas. It made it so much harder to hide unless you knew the place well.

Which meant when she walked into the dining area, she couldn't help but see the bloody, bullet-ridden body laying on the ground in front of the door.

Gail was dead.

Not a waste, to be sure. But still very unnerving. Gail knew how to duck, unfortunately. That meant that someone really good had taken him out. Maybe they were good enough to take out Borden and Drake as well.

She shook that thought away. She'd know about it if they were dead. There'd be a lot more blood, for one thing.

She walked down into the basement, her gun pointing the way. Her stomach dropped when she saw.

A hole had been blown into the side of the mansion. From the garage, she couldn't have seen it. Shaking now, she activated her earwig. "Guys, we have a problem."

"What is it?" KITT demanded.

"Borden and Drake are gone. FLAG has them."