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Units of Time: Cybertron

Sparkling - Newborn

Youngling - Child

Breem - 8.3 Earth minutes

Joor - 6.5 Earth hours

Orn - 13 Earth days

Vorn - 83 Earth years

Chapter 1

Stars glittered and twinkled like so many jewels in the dark depths of space, a spectacle so beautiful, that often enough many would stare up at the sky in awe struck wonder for hours at a time.

If anyone was currently enjoying the sight, their view was now completely impeded as a large battleship bearing the Autobot logo, touched down right outside of this particular youth sector's main viewport.

Youth Sector Alpha-Sigma was located many stellar cycles away from their war torn world of Cybertron, nestled safely away within the craters of an uncharted asteroid. Since the destruction of the youth sectors on their home-world, refugees fled into the hidden depths of unknown regions to escape the merciless and ruthless clutches of the Decepticons. This youth sector, like the other two surviving havens, were so far out of reach, undetectable, and virtually invisible to any prying and unfriendly eyes.

Many of the caretakers were volunteers, many of which had tragically lost their own young ones to the death riddled planet they had once called home. Here in this quiet and relatively peaceful part of the universe, the care takers of Youth Sector Alpha-Sigma, swore to protect the surviving younglings with their very lives. Even though they identified themselves as a neutral faction, they never turned away the Autobots. They viewed the Autobots as their peace-loving, life-preserving brethren, which is why they always welcomed them whenever they came every few vorns to deliver the youth that had survived the attacks in other sectors. The sectors that had been unfortunate enough to ally themselves with the Decepticons, naively believing their lies, were now nothing more than a faded memory.

A ramp lowered from the ship docked outside and two caretakers stood a few yards away to greet them.

Three Autobot soldiers marched down the ramp, two of the three carrying blanket wrapped bundles just out of the caretaker's view.

"Greetings, Ultra Magnus. We welcome you to Youth Sector Alpha-Sigma."

The noble commander nodded his head politely in reply to the greeting with the ghost of a smile lingering on his face.

"We have come in the hopes that you have room to harbor the twelve younglings that were recently delivered into our care."

"We would be honored."

The one known as Ultra Magnus lifted his hand and with a simple gesture, sent a silent command to his soldiers. Almost immediately, ten younglings were nudged and prodded encouragingly down the ramp by more of the kind hearted Autobots. A few of the younger ones were carried down and placed directly in front of the two caretakers.

Starlight, the head caretaker of this facility, looked over the group of new arrivals with appreciative and appraising optics. Then she noticed something that was out of place.

"There are only ten younglings here. If I'm not mistaken, I believe you said that there were twelve."

"You were not mistaken," Ultra Magnus suddenly looked weary and troubled.

Starlight noticed this and had the caretaker standing beside her take the ten younglings inside for registration so that she and the concerned looking Autobot commander could talk in private. The nanosecond they vanished into the premises, he spoke without preamble.

"These two little ones here…are very special."

Ultra Magnus waved his two officers forward and they unveiled their precious cargo.

Starlight gasped in shocked delight.

"Sparklings! We haven't had sparklings here since we first left Cybertron!"

"Will this be a problem?"

She bristled, as if insulted.

"Of course not"

"If you are certain"

"This is a blessing, I assure you."

Starlight reached forward and picked up one of the tiny, fragile little creatures and cradled him close to her chassis. The moment the sparkling was separated from the near vicinity of the other, his face scrunched up into one of discomfort. Within seconds, both were wailing…loudly.

"Sweet Primus…what's wrong with them?"

Ultra Magnus chuckled good-naturedly.

"They share a rare bond. These two sparklings…are very special indeed…" Ultra Magnus trailed off softly as he continued to stare at the squalling sparkling in her arms.

Starlight was getting frustrated. She still didn't have a clue what he kept referring to.

"You have said that twice now, I don't understand."

The Autobot leader looked up slightly startled, not having realized he had been so lost in thought, thinking back to a time long past.

"They are twins."

Starlight's head snapped up quickly to look at the grinning commander. For a moment, she believed he was merely joking. Twins were a rarity among Cybertronians. Upon further scrutiny, she realized that he was quite serious.

She stepped forward and took the other wailing sparkling from the second officer's grasp, so that she was now holding a twin in each arm.

They ceased their distressed cries immediately. The little red one began kicking his little legs playfully, nudging his brother's foot in the process. The yellow twin cooed in response and copied his twin, both content now that they were back together.

"Where did you find them?"

The smile faded quickly from Ultra Magnus's face plates.

"Their creator's were the head caretakers of Youth Sector Delta-39."

Starlight gasped and took a step back in disbelief.

Everyone had heard what happened to that sector only a few breems ago. They had all seen the broadcast of the footage containing the aftermath of the Decepticon's ruthless and bloodthirsty assault. They had swept through, wiping out anyone who stood in their way. That included the Youth Sector containing 289 civilians, more than half of them younglings. It was reported that no one had been left alive.

"I…I knew them. Sunshine and Quickshot were good friends of mine."

"I'm very sorry."

"I don't understand…we were told that there were no survivors."

"We picked up the distress call but by the time we arrived it was too late. We picked through the rubble and found one survivor, designation Sunshine who was still carrying at the time. Our chief medical officer did all he could but her spark faded once the twins were safely delivered, approximately five joors ago."

"Thank you for bringing them here. I promise that we will do all that we can to keep them safe."

"I have no doubt about that. We will return within three vorns time to check up on things here. Until then, farewell"

"Safe travels and may Primus protect you."

Ultra Magnus smiled kindly with a short nod before he turned and marched briskly up the ramp.

Before the ship took off, some of Ultra Magnus's crew returned down the boarding ramp bearing stores of supplies and surplus energon.

"These are for the Youth Sector, free of charge," one of the soldier's flashed Starlight with a bright smile.

She shook her head in a panic.

"Please, let me pay you. I know that times are hard and that the war has taken a toll on—"

"Consider it a gift," the mech interrupted warmly. With that said they marched back into the ship.

Starlight stepped back as the battle cruiser slowly lifted back into the starry night sky. Within seconds it blasted away from view leaving the caretaker and the Alpha-Sigma Youth Sector safely behind in their peaceful, quiet little corner of the galaxy.

Even after the bright pinpoint of light that was the ship's rear thrusters was swallowed up by the dark expanse of space, the femme known as Starlight continued to stare up at the spot where the ship had disappeared from, with tears of gratitude in her optics. She whispered softly as if the Autobots who were now long gone, could still hear her.

"Thank you…thank you so much."

Starlight looked down to see two identical sets of baby blue optics staring intently up at her, as if memorizing her face. She smiled and held them close to her chest. As the femme walked back inside, she began to softly sing an old Cybertronian lullaby to the two youngest, most precious members of their facility. Within nanoseconds they were deep in recharge, softly clicking as they snuggled closer to Starlight's brilliantly glowing spark.

She placed them together on a padded mat on the floor in their version of a nursery, wrapping them in soft, warm, fuzzy blankets. Her close friend and trusted advisor stopped in the doorway when he saw the sight and gasped lightly, earning Starlight's undivided attention.


"Is it really so hard to believe?"

"It's just that…never mind."

She chuckled quietly so as not to disturb the little ones and resumed her silent vigil over the pair of twins.

Fireflare studied the two sparklings and a comprehending light entered his optics when he put two and two together.

"They are twins…"

"Yes…they are special, aren't they?"

Starlight murmured as she gently caressed one of the recharging sparkling's cheeks, earning a quiet squeak in response.

"We will do all that we can to protect them," Fireflare responded with a protective edge in his voice.

"All life is precious…and must be preserved, especially ones so innocent."

"We have been trained by the best, Starlight. Our own guards have increased patrols since Delta-39…" He trailed off, knowing how sensitive a subject it was.

She turned a half smile on him and nodded her head before focusing intently back on the twins. One of them snuggled against the other, both clicking occasionally while they recharged.

She carefully and tenderly stroked the cheek of the other twin, almost protectively and smiled warmly when she was rewarded with another squeak. She whispered as she felt the beginnings of what had to be a bond forming between her-self and the sparklings, knowing without a doubt that she would give her life to protect these little treasures…these little miracles…that had been brought into her care.

"I promise with all of my spark…that I will protect you, little ones."

The twins continued to recharge peacefully, squeaking and clicking softly as their new guardians watched lovingly over them.

"Welcome home."


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