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Chapter 17-Epilogue

Some years passed until the twins were no longer considered younglings but the Earth equivalent of teenagers. There was one other time since they had been younger that the Decepticons had tried to capture them again and the twins remembered that encounter well.


They were in the middle of one of Prowl's boring lectures again. Sideswipe had one hand resting on his chin to support his head so that he wouldn't slip into recharge on his desk. It was still a very hard battle, listening to Prowl's monotonous voice.

"…and here we have in this section a classic example of a flanking maneuver…"

Sunstreaker was pretending to take notes but was in all reality doodling on his datapad. Over the years he had come to love art and was currently working on a masterpiece, a picture of Prowl talking a Decepticon to death in a verbal judo match.

"…this squadron was decimated when a Decepticon raiding party took them by surprise with a—"

The warning sirens went off at that moment, cutting Prowl off and eliciting startled yelps from the twins who were still not quite used to hearing them. Prowl gave them strict orders.

"Go immediately to the armory room and meet Ironhide there. He will give you further instructions."

The Decepticons had just managed to corner the Autobots while they were at a refueling and supply station in the Northeastern sector. Ironhide ordered the twins to hide in the armory room, telling them they could fight back but only if the Decepticons started it. They obeyed his instructions to the letter.

Ironically, it happened to be Thundercracker and Skywarp who decided to visit the armory room. They walked in together, excited to find a stash of weapons since theirs were low on power.

The twins shared a wicked grin from their perch in the rafters up in the ceiling.

: You ready for this Sideswipe? :

: Ironhide and Prowl said we aren't allowed to start it! :

: We aren't, they just did by attempting to steal our weapons! :

: Attempting? :

: Yes, attempting because we are going to stop them! :

Both twins waited for the perfect opportunity and when they had it, they both fell from the ceiling and landed on top of their targets with crows of triumph.

"It's THEM Thundercracker!"

"Well don't stand there gabbing about it, GET THEM!"

The twins ended up giving the two Decepticon jets the beating of their lives, soon nick naming their fighting technique.

"Come back again in the future and we will be happy to give you both another jet judo lesson!"

The two cons limped out of sight before transforming. They flew away in utter disgrace, swearing vengeance the next time they returned. The twins shared a big grin and shook hands before running off to find the others.

End Flashback

Now the twins gained a reputation for themselves, even at so young an age. The seekers from then on out always looked up before entering a room, undoubtedly fearing the jet judo the twins promised them. It was rather comical and Optimus Prime praised the twins for their clever ingenuity and quick thinking. Prowl even had a high compliment for their strategy in dealing with the Decepticon seekers, saying it was one of the most clever strategies he'd ever seen.

The twins were currently on patrol around the perimeter of another supply station, both happy that the Autobots finally gave them a grown up task to accomplish since they were getting sick and tired of being cooped up on the ship. When the twins were bored…mayhem ensued.

Ratchet was the first to suggest the idea that the twins do something as simple as patrol duty to get them away from his precious medbay and to escape their pranks. Optimus had readily agreed saying that it was finally time for Sunstreaker and Sideswipe to join the ranks of the Autobots as warriors.

: Anything on your end, Sides? :

: Nope, you? :

: I spotted an asteroid earlier in orbit on the far side of the moon base :

: You sure it's really an asteroid? You do realize the cons have holographic technology…it could be their ship disguised as an asteroid :

: Do you realize how paranoid you sound? :

: It's not paranoia, it's smart thinking :

: Whatever, Sunny :

The two cut their com chatter and resumed their patrols. A couple more hours passed with nothing out of the ordinary occurring, although that orbiting asteroid was still on Sunstreaker's processor. After the asteroid passed in front of his line of sight for the third time, he saw something definitely worth noting.

: Sunstreaker to Sideswipe :

: What is it this time? Another comet? :

: No, that asteroid just…just shimmered! :

: Do you have a glitch in your optic sensors? It's fine, Sunny, it's probably just light reflecting off of the ice in that thing. :

Sunstreaker kept narrowed optics on it and saw it do that weird shimmer again, like a holo-projector was glitching up.

: I'm telling you Sideswipe…there is something definitely wrong with that asteroid! :

: Will you just relax already? Do you want me to call Ratchet on you? :

Just then the asteroid changed, the cloak dropping to reveal a Decepticon warship. Sunstreaker opened up a com line to all available Autobots.

: We have a Decepticon warship in orbit on the southeastern sector!:

Optimus Prime came through on the com next.

: Inform us of any changes! :

Just then Sunstreaker noticed smaller moving objects breaking away from the bigger ship. He put the viewfinder up to his optics again and snarled.

: Incoming Seekers! :

: I've been waiting all stellar cycle to hear that! I'm on my way, Sunny! :

Sunstreaker pulled out his battle rifle and adjusted his scope and then started sniping as many of the jets as he could. Two went down after he managed to hit their wings but the rest kept coming. It didn't take long for his twin to join him and pretty soon they managed to single handedly wipe out half of the first wave. Thundercracker and Skywarp were the first two to land in front of the twins, both Decepticons glowering at them.

"We owe you both a beating after that last stunt you pulled on us!"

The twins shared a look before turning back to face their rivals.

"It's called Jet Judo and we'd be more than happy to give you lesson number two!"

The two Decepticons charged with angry cries, only to wind up on the flat of their backs.

They scrambled back up, snarling with rage and went in swinging. The twins dodged or blocked their anger driven attacks with concentrated looks on their faces. Hand to hand combat was something that they excelled in and they had Optimus and Prowl to thank for the lessons. They were doing well, until the Decepticons decided to cheat…

One of the jets picked up some of the soil and rocks of the moon they were on and threw it in Sideswipe's face, temporarily blinding him. Thundercracker took advantage of his foes current disadvantage and punched the cocky twin in the midsection. Sideswipe was knocked down and pretty soon he was scrambling to defend himself as the seeker all but pounced on him. Sunstreaker roared with rage when he saw one of the decepticons pummeling the daylights out of his twin and kicked Skywarp in the head. He ran to his brother's aid and tackled Thundercracker to the ground and sat on top of him while punching his face.

"No one does that to my brother!"

Gunfire erupted all around them as both Autobots and Decepticons fought each other, the battle finally escalating. The twins were kept busy with Thundercracker and Skywarp for a while, each of them taking turns taking the beatings and dishing them out. Soon, however, the two jets made another grudging retreat and took off for the skies but the twins weren't finished yet. Sideswipe leapt up into the air and landed on the jet form of Skywarp and forced the con to crash back down into the ground.

"You can't leave until you finish you just deserts!"

Sideswipe got hit by a laser blast and flew backwards, skidding across the ground totally dazed and in pain. He looked up to see who had hit him to see the scowling face of Starscream.

"You two will be coming with me!"

Sunstreaker didn't waste any time and fired upon Starscream, running in front of his brother to shield him while he recovered from the nasty hit he had taken.

"No one is going anywhere with you, Starscream!"

Starscream almost seemed to pale when he looked up to acknowledge the new voice.

"Optimus Prime…"

Optimus unleashed a torrent of gunfire on the seeker, forcing Starscream to retreat if he valued his life. The twins groaned as they picked themselves up.

"Aww, come on Optimus! We totally had that guy!"

The leader chuckled a little and shook his head.

"Starscream is as devious as they come. You both would have needed backup before long."

The twins grumbled to themselves and joined the other Autobots in the cleanup effort after the Decepticons retreated yet again. The ship in orbit left too and Sunstreaker turned to regard his twin with a smirk.

"I told you there was something weird about that asteroid."

Sideswipe frowned.

"Alright, I guess you were right…this time."

The twins shared an amused look before rejoining their comrades on their ship, the Autobots ready to blast off themselves. Optimus smiled as he ushered the twins to the med bay for repairs, still thinking back to when they first arrived on their ship as younglings. It was remarkable, the progress that they had made. The twins were officially the jet judo masters of the universe and the Autobots knew that they were lucky to have them on their team.

"You both did very well today…and I'm proud of you."

The twins blinked in astonishment and then smiled.

"Thanks Optimus, we are just glad that we can finally help and make a difference."

"You made a difference long before you could fight. Just having you here with us helped us more than you know."

Ratchet piped in just then.

"That doesn't excuse you for all the trouble you cause around here! Now sit down and hold still!"

The bots shared a laugh and knew that so long as they had each other, they had a family. After all, home is where the spark is.


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