Okay, so I *KNOW* I should have punched out another chapter of "Prophecy" but... I got this song in my head and have been nearly dying to write something. I normally hate songfics. I think they can be incredibly cheesey and dumb... so here is my addition to the "cheesey and dumb" songfics in the world. I also wanted to prove that I am a true, loyal die-hard Sailor Moon fan. So I'm using the Japanese names.

All At Once by The Fray. If you don't know it download it from a share---er... I mean BUY IT LEGALLY and have a listen. You won't be disappointed.

I do not own Sailor Moon, I do not own the song.

FYI: Takes place in the first season, Mamoru does not know he is Tuxedo Kamen yet.


There are certain people,
You just keep comin' back to.
She is right in front of you.


"Hey, watch it Odango Atama!"

A tall young man glared at the young female who had just collided into him.

"MY NAME IS NOT ODANGO ATAMA!" her cheeks flared from anger, and her gaze almost as chilling as his own, "UHG! WHY ARE YOU EVERYWHERE?! Are you following me?" she pointed her finger at him accusingly.

"Why would I follow you Odango? I think you're the one following me," he brushed himself off. Finding a blonde hair, he pulled it from his navy blue shirt and let it fall to the ground.


In the distance, the two heard a bell ringing.


And the young girl scampered off.

He watched her run into Juuban Middle School and smirked, "Kids." He turned and continued his own journey to Moto Azabu High School.


You begin to wonder,
Could you find a better one?
Compared to her,
Now she's in question.


"And what if she's not even real Mamoru?"

"Motoki…" he snarled.

"I'm serious. What if you're just comparing every girl to this mysterious princess of your dreams and are missing out on something… someONE really amazing because of a damn dream?"

Chiba Mamoru ran a hand through his dark hair. Motoki had a point. A really good point… a solid, valid, REALLY good point.

"Why did I tell you about this again?"

"Because you came in here, after class like you always do, except looking like hell. I asked you why, and you go into an elaborate explanation about some dream princess," Motoki chuckled, "You used to be harder to crack Mamoru. Are you going soft on me?"

"Iie, Motoki-baka," Mamoru smirked, "It won't happen again."

Motoki studied his friend, Mamoru drinking his regular black coffee.

"There's another girl, isn't there."


Coffee everywhere.

Mamoru's eyes widened, "Why do you ask that?"

"It wasn't really a question." Motoki corrected, "You said you've been having these dreams for just over a year. And they're NOW just bothering you?" Motoki leaned against the counter locking eyes with Mamoru, "I find that hard to believe."

He should have known better than to try and one-up Motoki on a relationship issue.

"Or maybe it's because I'm tired of having them for a year and still not knowing who this Princess is." Mamoru challenged.

Motoki wasn't buying it.

"Who is she?"

"If I knew who she was, I wouldn't be so stressed out."

"Not the princess you baka, the other girl."

"There is no other girl."

The doors slid open chiming to signal a new customer, forcing Motoki to drop the subject much to Mamoru's relief.

"Kon'wa Usagi-chan." Motoki greeted, "How are you today?"


Mamoru turned at familiar shriek. He smirked as his eyes filled with recognition.

"Odango Atama."

"THAT IS NOT MY NAME!" the blonde screamed.


And all at once the crowd begins to sing.
Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing
Are the same.


"Iie. Apparently it's bunny."

Usagi glared, "Quit making fun of me!"

"Who said I was making fun of you?"

"No one has to make an announcement. It's the way you say things, Baka."

Motoki looked at Usagi. Then Mamoru. Then Usagi. Then Mamoru.

Light bulb.

"You know Mamoru-kun, Usagi-chan?" Motoki asked casually, mixing the shake he knew she would want.

"Mamoru-san? That's your name?" Usagi questioned.


"I will call you Mamoru-baka-san after what you did to me this morning."

"What *I* did to *you*?" Mamoru cocked an eyebrow and smirked, "I believe it was *you* who, literally, ran into *me*, Odango."

"Don't call me that!" Usagi snapped. Accepting the shake, she sat on a stool leaving one in between her and the male now identified as Mamoru, "You made me late, and I had an hour of detention."

"It suits you. And I did not make you tardy Odango. If you would wake up a few minutes earlier, I'm sure you wouldn't have to sprint to school, and therefore wouldn't crash into anyone."

Usagi rolled her eyes, "Toki-chan, how do you know Mamoru-baka-san?"

Motoki smiled, "We go to the same school."

"Nani?!" she gawked at Mamoru, "You attend Moto Azabu? And you're so rude. So much for intelligent men being mature. Except for you Toki-chan."

Mamoru scowled at the flirting, and turned his attention to his coffee.

"How do you know Mamoru-kun?"

Usagi finished a slurp of her shake. "I accidentally hit him with my test paper last week."

"And her shoe."

"That was not the same day baka!" she squealed mortified that the arcade clerk would now know another embarrassing story.

"But you admit to it, Odango. You never did apologize for that one."

"Why would I apologize to YOU? You are such a jerk!"

"Why is he a jerk Usagi?" Motoki asked. He wanted to know the back-story to determine if this was the girl giving Mamoru so much grief.

"Last Monday I was really bummed about my score on a math quiz. My paper *accidently* hit Mamo-baka-san on the head. I apologized and he called me that horrible Odango Atama nickname! You should really teach him how to compliment a lady Toki-chan. You're very good at it," Usagi giggled.

Mamoru rolled his eyes as she continued her side of the story, "Then on Wednesday I was at the pet shop, where he continued to use that stupid nickname, and insulted my taste in animals! Then the next day I was skipping home after talking to you about my diet, and my shoe flew off and *accidently* hit him on the head. This morning, I bumped into him again on the way to school."

Usagi resumed to devouring her shake.

Motoki looked at Mamoru, "Is this true?"


Maybe you want her
Maybe you need her
Maybe you've started to compare
To someone not there.


Mamoru shrugged indifferently and took another sip of coffee, "More or less. I only called her Odango Atama because I didn't know her name. I think it fits, iie?"

"Iie!" Usagi snapped. She put down the money for the shake and Motoki pushed it back to her.

"On the house," he smiled at her and Usagi beamed, "I'll see you tomorrow? We'll have a new Sailor Moon game."

"Sailor Moon?" her eyes widened.

"Hai, you've heard of her?"

Usagi nodded and smiled, "Ja ne Toki-onii-chan! Sayonara Mamo-baka!"

The two college friends watched her skip out of the arcade to her way home.

"She sure changes moods fast," Mamoru commented.

"She's the girl!" Motoki bellowed, startling Mamoru causing him to jump and spill his coffee on his lap.

"AH! HOT!" Mamoru all but screamed, "Motoki!"

"She's the one isn't she?"

"I admit she's a cute. For a kid. But seriously Motoki, I do not like Odango Atama. I don't even know her." Mamoru stood and gathered his books and jacket, "Besides, I am loyal to my Princess."

"That is just a DREAM."

Mamoru rolled his eyes and made his way to the door.

"Hey, you didn't pay yet!"

Mamoru laughed, "Figured if you could spring for a shake, what's a cup of coffee? Ja!"

Motoki sighed as the arcade doors closed shut.


Looking for the right one
You line up, the world to find
Where no questions cross your mind.


The next afternoon, Mamoru made his way to the arcade. Three out of the four run-ins he had with the blonde had been there. He kept telling himself that he just wanted to apologize for his rude behavior---it had NOTHING to do with what Motoki had been implying the day before. Reflecting on the past week, Mamoru realized he hadn't been acting like himself.

"Lack of sleep," he mumbled the excuse as he walked.

What if Motoki is right and the princess isn't real? What if the ginzuisho was just a figment of his imagination? What if it was just in reference to his mother's favorite necklace like his doctor had said? But did that mean he liked the Odango? Was that why he was feeling so stressed out? If he pursued her, he'd be betraying the Princess…

More like questions filled his head as he entered the arcade. Seeing Motoki busy with customers, Mamoru settled himself in front of the new Sailor Moon game—oddly unoccupied—and began to play.


Oh, but she won't keep on waiting
For you without a doubt
Much longer for you to sort it out


'What if I do like Usagi-chan just as Motoki says?'

The thought caused his character to die. Mamoru placed in another coin to continue, 'I don't even know her. She's some kid I met a week ago. I'd be betraying the Princess…'

"And what if she's not even real Mamoru?"

Motoki's voice filled his head as his character died again and dug his hand into his pants pocket to locate another coin.

"You really suck at video games Mamoru-baka-san."

Mamoru froze at the familiar voice and plastered a cocky smirk on his face. "Is that so Odango?" he turned and stood, holding a coin with this index finger and thumb in front of her face, "You try," he challenged.

Usagi smiled as she grabbed the coin and sat down, her school bag leaning against the machine.

"Not bad Odango," Mamoru chuckled as she easily passed level one.

She continued to battle the youma, "Come on, come on!" she chanted, sticking her tongue out as she reached the boss for level two.

"Aw, drat!"


"You did well for a first try Usagi-chan."

"Toki!" Usagi squealed happily, standing from the machine to hug him, "Guess what!"

"Nani?" Motoki laughed returning the hug.

Mamoru scoffed at the sight, and looked out the nearby window in attempt to show disinterest.

"I have a date!"

However, that caught his attention.

Mamoru turned his head away from the window and raised an eyebrow at the blonde, "How old are you Odango? Aren't you a little young for a date?"

"Not that it's any of YOUR business, Mamo-baka," Usagi rolled her eyes, "But I am fourteen, which is not too young. And it's only an ice cream sundae," Usagi turned her attention back to Motoki and smiled, "But that is still a date, right Toki-onii-chan?"

Motoki smiled, "Hai. Who is the lucky boy? Is it Gurio Umino?"

Usagi made a face, "Iie! Not Umino-kun. His name is Sato Takumi. Takumi-san says he knows you and Mamo-baka. He attends Moto Azabu as a first year."


And all at once the crowd begins to sing.
Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing
Are the same.


Motoki nodded in recognition, "Hai, I know him."

Mamoru's expression darkened. He knew the boy too. His memory gave him the ability to picture the boy… a foot shorter than himself and Motoki, brown hair and green eyes… decent grades and part of the school football team. Mamoru had seen in him a few of his karate practices too.

"When is your date Usagi-chan?"

"In a few minutes," Usagi smile grew, "Could we get a corner booth Toki?"

"Sure, come with me."

Mamoru watched as Motoki sat Usagi in the back corner booth. She sat with her back to the doors, watching out the window for her date. Sulking, Mamoru made his way to the front counter.


Maybe you want her
Maybe you need her
Maybe you've started to compare
To someone not there.


As soon as Motoki got behind the front counter, he poured Mamoru's predicted order. Coffee. Black.


Mamoru took a sip as the arcade doors opened to welcome the guest of honor. Sato Takumi.

"Mamoru-san, Motoki-san!" Takumi smiled at the familiar faces, "Konnichiwa."

"Konnichiwa Takumi-kun," Motoki greeted, noticing Mamoru's silence.

"I'm here to meet Tsukino Usagi. She says she knows you."

"Hai," Motoki pointed to the booth where Usagi sat, "Unazuki will be with you shortly."

Mamoru's eyes narrowed on the boy's back, and his grip tightened on the coffee mug as he slid into the booth to sit next to Usagi versus across from her.


Maybe you want it
Maybe you need it
Maybe it's all you're running from
Perfection will not come


"Any more dreams?"

Mamoru turned his attention back to his best friend.

"Hai, another last night."

"Still asking you for the diamond?"


"She must really want to be your wife to pester you in your sleep every night for the past year."

Mamoru rolled his eyes at Motoki's teasing.

Suddenly, Usagi's laughter reached his ears.

"Sounds like Usagi is having a fun time."

"I don't like him."

Motoki eyed Mamoru, "Why?"

"He's too… too…"


"Too…" Mamoru gestured with his hands, showing he was trying to think of the right word.

"Go on, spit it out."

"Wrong for her."


And all at once the crowd begins to sing


"Nani?" Motoki blinked.

"Hai," Mamoru took another sip, "You know how you can see two people and picture them on their wedding day? Their kids… their life together and feel comfortable with it?"

Blink. Blink.

"You just know two people are right for each other. That they'll be happy building a life together."

Slow nod.

"I get that feeling when I see you and Reika. It lets me be happy for you."


"In Takumi's defense, I don't think Usagi-chan is thinking about marriage Mamoru."

"Hey guys!"

"Kon'wa Unasuki-chan," Mamoru smiled at the girl, "How are you?"

"I'm good Mamoru-san, arigato." Unasuki smiled back and began to assemble Usagi and Takumi's ice cream, "Usagi seems to be having a fun time with Takumi. He seems really nice, and he really likes her. I hope things work out."

Mamoru scowled and left, not paying for his coffee. Again.

Unasuki looked at her brother confused, "Did I say something wrong?"


Sometimes we never know what's wrong without the pain
Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing
Are the same.


Mamoru slammed the door as he entered his apartment.

"He seems really nice. He really likes her." He sarcastically mimicked Unasuki's voice.

"Little punk," he growled.

He paced in his entryway for a moment, and realized he wanted something to eat. He slammed the door to his refrigerator shut. No, he wasn't hungry. He lost his appetite at the thought of Takumi holding Usagi. Agitated, he went to the living room and opened his Physics book to begin studying. After fifteen minutes of re-reading the same page, Mamoru discovered he was not going to be of any use to his homework.

Sighing, he looked at the clock seeing it was only a little after six.

Grabbing the remote to the TV, he turned it on and began flipping through channels. Settling more comfortably on the couch, he stopped on a news channel featuring blurred and jumpy footage of Sailor Moon's last battle. As the anchor's voice trailed on praising and thanking the heroine, Mamoru's eyelids grew heavy and soon he was asleep.

It wasn't long until mist lingered into the darkness, the moon reflecting the only light.

"The ginzuisho… find the ginzuisho."

"Who are you?"

Her voice was angelic, her white dress flowing from a gentle breeze. Something pulled at the back of his mind indicating that he should recognize her.

"Save me..."

"How?! Who are you?!"

"I'm Princess Serenity. Find the ginzuisho... please save me Tu---"

Mamoru's eyes snapped open. Breathing heavily he turned his head to look at his alarm clock. 2:12AM.

"That's the most sleep I've had all week," he grumbled and yawned. Knowing better than to try and sleep again, he dressed in his running gear and headed out.


Maybe you want it
Maybe you need it
Maybe it's all you're running from
Perfection will not come


"Mamoru, you owe me for two coffees."

He chuckled, "Good afternoon Motoki. I'll pay you before I leave today." He promised and sat on his usual stool.

"Another dream?"

"Hai. How did you know?"

"You still have the bags under your eyes," Motoki smirked and handed Mamoru his coffee, "Those sunglasses don't hide them well."


The two turned to see Usagi smiling as expected.

"Kon'wa Usagi-chan."

"Kon'wa Odango."

Usagi shot Mamoru a look, "Baka-chan."


Usagi nodded and took the seat next to him, "Hai. We're friends now, iie?"


Ah, it will never come.


Mamoru grinned, but the word friend made his heart sink slightly.

"A milkshake Usagi-chan?" Motoki asked.

Usagi nodded her head vigorously, "Hai!"

"What makes you think we're friends now Odango?" Mamoru asked, removing his sunglasses to see the blonde better.

Usagi shrugged, "I know you, you know me, we both know Toki-onii-chan."

"We only met a week ago. It takes longer than that to become someone's friend."

Pink lips frowned, "Friends care about one another, enjoy each other's company, and have fun together. Do you agree?"


"Well what about yesterday?"

Her question stumped Mamoru, and he stared at her for a moment.

He was rewarded with a giggle, "Silly Mamo-baka. We may have gotten on the wrong foot, but we had fun playing the Sailor Moon game yesterday, iie?"

Usagi slurped her shake and Mamoru couldn't help but smile. He had won her over simply by treating her to an arcade game?

Suddenly he frowned. What did that mean if Takumi bought her ice cream?

"How was school today?" Motoki asked.

"Boooring. We had another math test today, and I'm pretty sure Haruna-sensei had a date tonight. I got out of detention early."


Maybe you want her


"Where's your boyfriend?" Mamoru blurted much to his and Usagi's surprise.

"Takumi-san?" Usagi asked, and scratched the side of her head, "Iie, Mamo-baka. He's not my boyfriend."

"Nani? Did the date not go well?" Motoki asked the same question Mamoru thought, but was not keeping his mouth in check from saying anything stupid.


Maybe you need her


"Well…" Usagi hesitated, "You see, Takumi-san is very intelligent, funny, charming, quite handsome, and he was a perfect gentleman. Demo…" she shook her head, "Not for me. I don't feel that way about him."

"Gomen Usagi-chan. You'll find the right boy one day."

She smiled at Motoki and concentrated on her shake.

"Another game of Sailor Moon Odango?" Mamoru asked holding a coin in her face.


Maybe you had her


"Hai," she beamed and took the coin, their fingers brushing, "Arigato Mamo-baka."

The two left the counter and headed toward the machine. Usagi sat and plopped the coin in the slot. Her fingers flew over the buttons, her tongue sticking out, eyes following her chibi character.

"You know," Usagi spoke after she beat level five, "I turned Takumi-san's offer of being his girlfriend down, because there is someone else."

"Nani?" Mamoru gasped, his heartbeat quickening.

"Hai," Usagi nodded her head and her eyes remained focused as she began the next level, "Have you ever felt that you couldn't be with someone because you'd be betraying the person you're really supposed to be with… even though you don't know who that person is yet?"

"Hai," he whispered.

"I think I know who I'm supposed to be with Mamo-baka."


"If I tell you who, do you promise not to laugh at me?"

Her blue eyes searched his, and Mamoru couldn't remember the last time he had felt a gaze so intense.

"After all, it's not polite to laugh at a friend's dream."

He nodded.

"Tuxedo Kamen."


Maybe you lost her
To another,
To another


Usagi giggled at his blank expression, "Arigato for the game Mamo-baka, but I have to get home." She collected her things and winked, "Ja ne!"

Mamoru watched as Usagi waved goodbye to Motoki before leaving the arcade. As Mamoru passed the front counter to make his own exit, Motoki thought he heard Mamoru mumbling something about posing severe injuries upon a "cape-clad-rose-throwing-freak."

Motoki finished with his customer and ran out of the arcade after Mamoru.

"Chiba! You owe me for the coffee!"

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