Chapter 11

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Approximately one year later, at Neku and Shiki's 1 year anniversary...

"A scrapbook???" I literally gaped as I took the present from Beat, Rhyme, and Eri, who were all grinning like freakin' Chesire cats. So what if Shiki and I had been a couple for a year. So what if we had already confessed love to each other a long time ago? This was insane!!!

"Oh, come on, Neku! Be a good sport and at least accept it." Rhyme, innicent-looking as ever, smiled at me.

I scowled. "You are a freaking witch, you know that, Rhyme?"

"Neku, come on. I think it's kind of cute." Shiki, in all her glory, was standing next to me. As with every time I had looked at her for the last year, I was amazed that a girl like her would go out with a guy like me. She had grown out her brown hair so it reached down to her shoulders, and had recently gotten a lot taller, and had grown a lot more in... places.

I turned to her, about to argue, but she intercepted me by a quick peck to the lips. I knew the argument was over, and I grunted, trying to compose myself again. "Yeah. Sure. It's Okay."

Shiki giggled and kissed me again, on the cheek. "I'm glad we understand each other."

I cleared my throat and shot a quick glance at the others, who suddenly picked up on the subtle signal.

"Awright, guys! How 'bout we go get some curry, and you guys meet us there, aight?" Beat was hungry for curry as usual.

Eri sighed. "All right, but hurry up, you two."

"Okay, I'll see you later, guys!" Rhyme ran out the door, with Beat and Eri at her sides.

I took the moment to sit down on Shiki's couch, and she soon followed. We opened the scrapbook. I gasped.

"Holy mother..." I was too surprised to finish my sentence.

Put in the scrapbook was everything Shiki and I had done together, most with commentary.

I saw us sleeping together, and I realized, we did look like a couple, even back then.

Eventually, Shiki got over her embarrassment, and started to point out pictures that she liked. "Remember this, Neku?"

"Of course I do." I remembered every moment I had with Shiki.

At the end of the book was Rhyme's final surprise. A picture of the two of us kissing on the rooftop exactly three hundred sixty-five days ago.

I dropped the book and looked at Shiki, who I could tell had the same impulse as I did.

She pushed me down to the couch and I pulled her down with me, and our lips crashed together right after our bodies, with Shiki's hands wringing my hair as she angled my head to kiss me deeper. I returned the favor as I inserted my tongue into her mouth, recieving a moan that made my kiss all the more hungry. We kissed for a long time, locked in a tight embrace as our kisses got less and less hungry. We eventually stopped and just stared at each other's eyes, and I knew that Mr. Hanekoma was right. It was a wonderful world.


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