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Sam is ten, Dean is fifteen.

Enjoy chapter one!

"So you and John have decided to foster?" Mrs. Schunen asked.

"Yes," Mary Winchester said. "We've tried to have a child for over a year but..."

Mrs. Schunen nodded her head. "I understand. Most of the foster parents are here just for that reason."

"So how does this work?" John asked.

"The children are in recreation right now, so you may go and meet them if you'd like."

"That would be wonderful," Mary said.

Mrs. Schunen smiled as she stood and led the Winchesters to the Recreation Center. "It's always wonderful to get people willing to foster."

"Well, our hope is to eventually adopt," Mary said.

"That's wonderful!" Mrs. Schunen said. "The life of a foster child is never easy. The system is very imperfect and sometimes the children end up worse than they would have if they stayed with their parents."

"What do you mean?" Mary inquired.

"Well... cases of abuse and so forth, even cases of death, are much higher among children in the foster care system. We're understaffed, underfunded... heck. I bet some of the kids here are abused, but there are so many of them... we just can't stop it all."

John nodded in agreement. "I know."

Mrs. Schunen looked at John in surprise. "You were in the foster care system?"

He nodded. "Not the best time of my life."

"So you two are fully aware of the possible risks and difficulties that go along with fostering."

John and Mary nodded.

"That's good. All children deserve to have a home, no matter who they are or what packaging they may come with. Most people can't seem to grasp that." She stopped at a white, steel double door. "Alright. Here we are." Mrs. Schunen opened the door, letting a barrage of noise out. They all slipped inside and closed the door behind them.

There were dozens and dozens of children, all from the ages of five to fifteen. Most were playing around, some were reading or doing work. As Mary and John looked at all of them in awe, Mrs. Schunen left them to take care of a few teens that were smoking in the corner. 'If you want to do this crap, fine. But not HERE!'

Mary smiled. "My god, John. Look at all these children!"

John let out a long sigh. "Too many."

Mary nodded solemnly. "I wish we could take care of them all."

John wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulders. "Trust me, Mary. One will be plenty hard enough."

Mary scanned the entire mass of children, looking for any that seemed to call out to her the most. A small ball sudden hit her foot. She bent down to pick it up when a timid young Asian boy came up. She smiled and held out the ball to him. He hesitantly took it and smiled. "T'ank you, ma'am," he whispered before running off.

Mary stood again and sighed. "How are we gonna choose?"

Mrs. Schunen came back with a slight scowl on her face. "I'm sorry about that...!"

"It's alright," Mary said. "Teenagers will be teenagers."

Mrs. Schunen sighed. "Not if you raise them right. Though I've discovered that genes tended to override how one's raised."

Mary thought about that. Then, not wanting to get distracted, she looked back at the children. "How do we decide?"

"Well, do you have any kind of child in mind?"

"Not really. Not one that's too old. I want to raise a child."

Mrs. Schunen looked around the center. "Well, there's no lack of young children..."

While his wife and the social worker tried to work out which child to choose, John looked around the center feeling a sense of nostalgia. He was lucky to have been fostered as young as he was, and by loving parents. And even when he was seven, he had already been abused by his birth parents and one social worker.

Which soul are we gonna save from this life? John felt awful having to choose, but he didn't really have any other choice.

His scan of all the children eventually stopped at the far corner of the room. It was completely barren except for a couple blankets and pillows, and two boys.

"Mrs. Schunen?" John interrupted.

"Yes, Mr. Winchester?"

"Who're those two boys?"

Mrs. Schunen smiled. "I'm sorry, you're going to have to be more specific than that?"

John pointed to the corner. "Over there in that corner. They're just sitting there, not doing anything."

Mary looked where her husband was indicating and blinked at the sight. One boy was about nine or ten, while the other was a young teen. The younger one was sitting in the older's arms. They simply sat there, alone from all the other children, not even talking to each other.

"Oh," Mrs. Schunen said softly. "That's Sam and Dean." She noticed the curious looks the couple were giving the boys and shook her head. "I really don't recommend those two."

Mary turned to the social worker, shocked at the woman's sudden attitude change. "Why not?"

"They're..." She sighed. "I know you were looking for one child. Unless you don't mind a lot of screaming, I don't think separating them would be wise."

Mary looked back at the children and felt something wrench in her heart. "Seems odd that a teen and a young boy like that would be so close."

"They're brothers. Half-brothers, but brothers."

Mary took in a deep breath. Something about the sight of them was just so sad, even compared to the other children here. "What if we took them both in?"

Mrs. Schunen shook her head again. "I still don't recommend it. They're extremely socially inept, we believe the younger is autistic, the older is prone to violent tempers... well, the list goes on."

Mary gave Mrs. Schunen a look of disbelief. "What happened to all children deserving a home, no matter what they're situation."

Mrs. Schunen huffed. "You two are new at this. You've never had any experience raising children. I assure you, if you try and take care of those two, you'll be sending them back within a week."

Mary couldn't believe what she was hearing. This woman seemed to truly believe that all children deserve a good life, and here she was, taking that chance away from the two boys who seemed to need it most.

John seemed to agree with her. "We want to meet them."

Mrs. Schunen raised an eyebrow. "Alright. Go wait outside, and I'll arrange for you to meet them."


John and Mary sat side by side in the waiting room. According to Mrs. Schunen, they were moving Sam and Dean to a private room for them to meet in.



"What do you think?"

He sighed and shrugged. "We'll have to see."

Mary shook her head. "I still can't believe the way Mrs. Schunen was acting towards them. She seems perfectly understanding of all the other children but..."

"If Mrs. Schunen is like that at all, it's likely she's like that normally."

"No," Mary said. "I can tell, she truly wants what's best for these children. Just not those two boys."

John shifted a little in his chair. "It's not just her."

Mary looked at her husband. "What?"

"All the other children were avoiding them, too. Didn't you notice how all the children stayed a good ten feet away from them."

"Outcasts in a group of outcasts..." Mary closed her eyes. She couldn't think of anything more sad. "That just makes me want to take them home even more."

John turned to his wife and rest a hand on hers. "You understand... if we decide to take these two home, we're probably working pretty much full-time to get them settled. Especially since they're not that young. It's going to make it all the more difficult for them."

Mary smiled. "So you want to take them home?"

John sat back in his seat. "Let's meet them first and see."


Thirty minutes later, Mrs. Schunen came and told them that the boys were ready. As she led them to the room she gave them a quick overview of who they were.

"Dean was born in '79. Mother's name was Angela Lucus, the father is unknown. In '82, Angela married a man named Deamon Daray. In '83, Sam was born. Angela died giving birth to him. Five years later, Deamon Daray was arrested for the torture and murder of nine people. Since then, Sam and Dean have been in twelve different foster homes."

"Twelve?!" Mary exclaimed. "What on earth happened?!"

"A few times, we found the foster parents to be either abusive or neglectful. All the other times, the parents just sent them back, claiming they couldn't take care of them for one reason or another. Usually the reasons were legitimate."

"Reasons like what?" John asked.

"Dean's sent several kids to the hospital, usually foster siblings. He's also very destructive and medication doesn't seem to do much. And it seems that Sam's a troublemaker as well. He's been caught stealing, children claim that he torments them, taunts them and so forth..."

Mary sighed in disbelief. It seemed impossible two boys could be so 'screwed-up,' so to speak. "How old are they now?"

"Dean is almost fifteen, Sam is ten."

They reached the door going into the private room. Mary tried to ignore the locks on the steel door.

"A security officer will be present for your own safety. He'll stand to the side and can generally be ignored. He'll only intervene if it seems Dean's about to harm you."

Mary and John nodded, and Mrs. Schunen unlocked the door and let them in. "I'll be back in twenty minutes."

The door was shut and locked behind them, leaving them alone with the boys.

There were only four chairs in the room, nothing else. The security officer was standing in a corner, watching the boys carefully.

The boys in question occupied two of the chairs. They were scooted right next to each other, with Dean's arm wrapped tightly around Sam's shoulders and Sam's hand gripping Dean's shirt in a death grip.

Mary smiled and she extended a hand. She tried to ignore their slight flinch. "My name's Mary. It's nice to meet you."

Sam buried his face in his brother's chest. Mary frowned at the action. It certainly didn't match up with a boy that supposedly tormented other children. Dean looked at the hand in suspicion, then up at Mary's face. His eyes slowly wandered to John who was standing back behind his wife.

When it became evident neither boy was going to take the offered hand, Mary and John sat down in the chairs facing the brothers. "We're thinking about fostering you," Mary said.

Dean's eyes narrowed. "Why?" he said.

Mary blinked. She honestly didn't expect him to say anything. She sat up straighter and said, "Because we can't have children of our own."

Dean nodded towards the door. "There are lotsa other kids."

"Yes, there are. But we're here with you."

Dean tightened his arm around his brother and glared at the couple suspiciously. His gaze flickered to the security officer before returning to the Winchesters. "What do you want?"

Mary frowned at the question. "To raise you," Mary said. "To take care of you."

Sam's face peaked out of it's hiding place to look at the couple. When he saw Mary and John looking back, he quickly hid his face again. It would have been cute, if not so heartbreaking. Dean rubbed his brother's arm comfortingly, bending his head down to lightly touch Sam's.

John shifted in his chair, causing Dean's head to snap back up. "What have your other homes been like?" John asked.

Dean shrugged distractedly, his focus on the couple's movements. "Just homes."

John nodded. He leaned forward slightly, making Dean tense up. "Dean... we're not taking you our home to hurt you. Either of you. We're taking you home so you can have a life."

Dean shook his head. "I don't believe you."

John sighed. He stood up as he said, "Look, kid..."

Dean jumped up from his chair, Sam closely following. Their chairs got knocked back as Dean and Sam quickly retreated to the wall behind them. Dean stood in front of Sam, taking a protective stance against the couple.

The security officer tensed up and reached for his tazer, but one glare from John Winchester and he was backing back up into his corner.

John put his hands up in a non-threatening manner and Mary stood up next to him, staring at the boys in worry. Sam was trembling hard, his fists grasping his brother's shirt with a death grip. Dean looked almost feral, ready to attack at a single moment.

"I'm not going to hurt you," John insisted.

Dean shook his head. "I don't know that. And I'm not willing to find out."

John barely flinched before Dean was on him. Mary screamed as John was knocked backwards against the wall, the teenager's hands at his throat. John stayed lax under the grip, looking straight into Dean's feral eyes. "I'm not going to hurt you," he reiterated.

Dean faltered. His snarl fading into a look of confusion.

"Let him go!"

Dean spun around to find the security officer holding Sam roughly in front of him, his tazer aimed at Sam's chest. Sam was pale, tears streaming down his face, petrified from terror.

Dean's snarl returned. "Let go of him! NOW!"

"Step away from the Winchesters," the security officer said. When Dean didn't move, the officer pressed the tazer to Sam's chest.

"NO!" Dean screamed.

Mary squeezed her eyes shut and turned away as Sam's high-pitched screams echoed through the room. "Stop it!" she screamed. "He's just a boy!"

Before anyone could move, John grabbed the officers arm and pulled him away from Sam. Dean dove for his brother and wrapped him tightly in his arms.

John pinned the officer to the wall and snarled, "What kind of sicko brutalizes children like that!?"

"It was to get Dean under control," the officer snapped. "That kid's the only way of controlling him."

John's eyes darkened, memories of his own treatment coming back to haunt him. He dragged the officer to the door and pounded on it. "Schunen! Get us outta here!"

Moments later, the door swung open and John shoved him out of the room.

Mrs. Schunen gasped as the officer scrambled to stand back up.

"You approve of tazering kids?!" John demanded.

Mrs. Schunen glanced at the boys huddling in the small room. "Did Dean try to hurt you?"

"No!" John yelled. "He was just trying to scare me. And your officer thought it fit to electrocute his brother!"

Mrs. Schunen placed her hands on her hips. "I'd like to see you control Dean any other way."

John shook his head in disbelief. "We're taking them home."

Neither Winchester noticed Dean's head turning to look at them, or the way they darkened in unspoken fear and rage.

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