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"Eric, I understand the terrible demand I'm placing upon you by suggesting that you keep this information from Sookie. The two of you have progressed beyond anything I could have imagined. I must speak with Niall as soon as possible."

"Felipe, I know what you and Niall have risked, I will not betray your trust." I cannot believe what a fucking devious, conniving bastard the King is, not to mention fucking Fairies, they never move in a straight line, there is always layer, after layer of bullshit! What the hell have they gotten me into? Sookie hates it when I keep things from her 'for her protection' anything and now the King and her grandfather have bullied me into it again, dammit!

"Time is short, I must leave for Dallas. I'll be in touch. You must be vigilant! The world has been waiting for this for hundreds, if not thousands of years." Felipe can be such a melodramatic bastard and I am not in the mood, I have just gotten Sookie to yield to me, I do not want to deal with all of this additional bullshit, but what I really hate is that I have no choice.

"Felipe, I understand. I will not fail you or my bonded. If anything happens, I will contact you and Niall. Now you must go or you will miss your flight."

"I'm seriously thinking about purchasing a private jet. Flying with Anubis can be so tedious." The King replies as he walks out the door.

Thank the Gods, he is finally gone! I really do not think I can stand anymore surprises. I thought Sookie would be my only wild card, but oh no! The King has to prove that between him and Niall they are running neck and neck with Sookie, hell after tonight I think they might have just out distanced her.

I begin securing the house as I make my way to my day chamber, my thoughts are running rampant. Fuck, if I were a human I would have gray hair from all of this shit. I am really starting to wonder if this is some giant Fairy conspiracy to kill me, by driving me insane.

I cannot afford to dwell on my conversation with the King. I must lock my newly found knowledge away for contemplation another day. Sookie cannot know, Pam cannot know. Hell, if either one of them find out they might just stake me for not telling them.

The last steel door begins to open and I am greeted by the scent of female arousal, and not just scent of one woman, but the familiar scent of my two women. What are those two little minxes up to?

The question really is not what they are up to; I know what they are up to. The question really is what am I going to do about it? I could be angry, they did not seek my permission after all, but do they really need it? They are bound together, which was another huge sucking surprise, but their newly found attraction is not so surprising. I have known since the first night Pam and I laid eyes on Sookie that my child wanted her and I have always suspected that if Sookie ever experimented it would be with Pam.

I continue to block the bonds I share with both of them, while moving to where I can watch them. I use all of my vampire skills to move silently. I do not want them to know I am here yet. I want to surprise them when the time is right.

There is nothing gentle about their coupling, their hands are touching, pinching, and pulling every inch of skin they can reach. When Sookie pushes back and takes Pam's pert, pink nipple into her mouth, a hungry moan escaping her lips, I can barely contain myself. Seeing the two of them together, my women wrapped in each other's arms causes my dick to become painfully hard. It takes every ounce of my self-control to continue to stand there, motionlessly, watching and waiting.

Sookie is gripping and squeezing Pam's perfect, little ass, her beautiful mouth filled with Pam's breast, she is really going to town. I wonder if she is using her tongue like I do, rough circles always drive Sookie crazy, Pam too for that matter. Speaking of Pam, she is thrusting her hand between Sookie's legs, roughly demanding entry. My Lover hooks her leg over Pam's narrow, little hip opening up, readying herself for Pam's ministrations. My women are so beautiful together!

What shall I do first? I cannot let either one of them forget who is in control. I must establish my dominance early. Those two together are just as dangerous and powerful as they are beautiful. I think I will have a little fun with them in the process.

"Lover, I thought we were going to punish Pam tonight, not reward her." I open the bond just enough to feel their shock before closing it tightly again. I cannot allow them to feel my emotions or they will never believe that I am pissed, which is so necessary if I am to establish dominance without resorting to force.

Their shock is evident; they have not moved a muscle since I spoke. Sookie's mouth is still filled with Pam's breast, but her tongue has stilled. Pam's right hand is still firmly gripping Sookie's ass. The first finger of her left hand is still poised at Sookie's dripping wet opening. Oh my God, I just want to throw Sookie to the ground and bury my cock deep inside her throbbing womanhood. But, I can wait. I know how to be patient.

"Pamela, kindly remove yourself from your Mistress."

Pam drops to the floor at my feet; she has always been the most wonderfully obedient, yet trying child I ever created. I do not need our bond to feel the fear radiating from her body. Sookie is frozen in place the confusion evident on her face. The closing of the bond has really unsettled her. I cannot help it; I push her just a bit farther and say "Sookie, Sookie, Sookie. What am I going to do with you?"

She stammers "Eric, I ... we ... please ..." and drops to the floor next to Pam, but not before I see tears forming in her eyes. Fuck, she knows I hate it when she cries. I cannot relent, I must do this now, or the next lesson will not be as easy.

"Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, now tell me, did you enjoy touching Pamela?" There is nothing but silence, this will not do. "Answer me!" I demand in a very curt manner. She looks up, wiping her tears away, her eyes are blazing.

"You wouldn't have to ask me that if you opened the bond! Look, I'm sorry! We really didn't think you would be upset! We thought that ... that you would be pleased... that you would enjoy joining us. Master, we'll never do it again! Please don't be angry!"

Sookie's words tumble from her lips her, her emotions play across her eyes and match the faint pulsing in the bond. Anger that the bond is closed, fear of my reaction, guilt that she may have hurt me, I am amazed by the emotions she can send to me and what I can read from her, even with the bond closed. I wonder if either of us can truly close the bond completely. I will have to be very careful with my newly imparted knowledge. I lock it deeper in my psyche and continue with my fun.

"Silence!" I roar as I begin to circle them. I know that I am making my women incredibly nervous. I revel in their reactions, especially Sookie's, and the feeling of joyful power that it gives me. I am her Master and she knows it, and surprisingly enough, she seems to have accepted it.

I have wanted this woman to yield to me from the moment I spoke to her. I allow my thoughts to wander to the night she walked into my bar, Pam asked Compton ... for an introduction and she answered for herself.

"Hi, I'm Sookie Stackhouse."

It was in that moment I was lost, I knew I had to have her, I wanted and desired her like I have never wanted or desired anyone or anything ever before in my existence. I took in her scent and my desire increased tenfold, never before had I smelled anything so tempting, sweet, before I can't stop myself I say "Aren't you sweet."

I was floored when she quipped "Not especially." I am quite sure the surprise registered on my face. I remember feeling ... something ... it started in my stomach and moved swiftly up through my rib cage, the feeling was terribly strong and before I knew it I was laughing out loud. Pam joined with me; our bond told me that she was feeling it too. It took several more visits, and a discussion with Pam, before I realized that the feeling was joy, pure joy, something I am not sure I even felt when I was human.

I am feeling joy now, Sookie's tears have stopped, I am dominating my women and exerting control, before I fuck them both senseless. Now I want to admire my Lover's change in clothing. I strongly demand "Sookie rise!" Her compliance is instant.

She is wearing very strategically placed latex straps. The first of the straps hides the bottom of her mound, covering her slit. The next strap just brushes the top of the golden hairs on the top of her mound. The straps frame her pussy, accentuating it, making it appear that it is begging to be touched.

I tear my eyes away and continue up her curvaceous body. The fifth strap stops just below her ample breasts, with the sixth strap covering her very erect nipples. The collar at the base of her neck is a nice touch, but since I have no intention of leashing my lover, it can stay or go as she sees fit. The outfit is finished off by fishnet stockings, and then one of the tallest pair of fuck me heels I have ever seen, and that is saying a lot. I believe Pam would call them stilettos.

Speaking of Pam, she has really out done herself this time. I think I will have to 'make' her open a lingerie line at Fangtasia as 'punishment' for tonight's little escapade and for her 'interference' in my affairs with my bonded. I know expanding the gift shop lingerie line will please her. I owe her after all, even if I will not admit it.

"Pamela" I snap "I am quite sure you are responsible for the outfit my bonded is currently wearing, are you not?" I do not wait for her reply before I continue with my tirade. "What were you thinking dressing your Mistress like this?" Sookie begins to shake and drops to her knees next to Pam, their beautiful blond heads bowed low.

I can barely stand it! I want to bury my cock deep inside of Sookie, all the way to the hilt in one forceful stroke. Pam can watch, she can worship Sookie's beautiful breasts with her mouth, she can go fuck herself for all I care. My lover, my bonded, my everything, can be vampire at will! My Valkyrie, loves me, she is here with me, she understands me, and our customs. The battle has been won, the war between us is over, and she is finally, truly MINE! I am her Master!

My focus is intact, I do not lose myself in thoughts, I no longer retreat inside of myself, and emotions are in complete control. I am completely in control again, Felipe was right, in mastering Sookie, I have mastered myself. I am no longer conflicted, I know now I am finally becoming who I was born to be, I am finally whole.

My Queen and my Princess continue to kneel before me. I know the silence is killing them, but it will only make their relief so much sweater.

I continue the game and bark "Pamela, stand up and let me take a look at how you have chosen to dress yourself."

"I picked Pam's outfit, Eric." Sookie speaks, but she does not move, her eyes are locked on the floor. Her submissiveness is driving me wild, my cock is so hard and throbbing it truly hurts!

"Silence!" I roar "You will not speak if you are not spoken to! Do you understand me?"

Sookie's voice is choked, I can tell she is trying not to cry again, as she says "Yes, Master." Fuck! I need to lighten up a bit, she is not as strong as Pam, yet.

"Pamela, rise and show me the outfit your Mistress has seen fit to dress you in."

Pam rises gracefully to her bare feet, her eyes never leave the floor. She is wearing leather and what looks like silver chains for a bottom. The top starts with a leather collar complete with a large fake silver circle hanging right in the front just begging for a leash. I will leash my child, she belongs to me and owes me fealty, and she must always remember that. Two fake silver chains fall from the collar, attaching right above her perky luscious breasts and attach to more chains. The chains encircle her small, tight breasts leaving her hard pink nipples bare. More chains dip gracefully down her rib cage, the focal point is a circle centered perfectly between her breasts. The entire outfit has a very in control attitude, in an oddly submissive way, it is so Pam.

"Pamela, kneel beside your Mistress." I bark as I take a step back to contemplate my next move, what do I want to do with them? How far do I want to take this? I want to fuck Sookie, I really could care less about fucking Pam, what is that saying ... oh yes ... been there, done that, got that T-shirt, but I would love to watch her worship my Lover's body. Where to start?

"Sookie, rise." My lover moves even more gracefully than my child, if that is even possible, her eyes remain locked to the floor. I can feel their tension, it has reached a fever pitch, I have made my decision and now it is time to let them off the hook. "Pamela," I snap curtly "black is not Sookie's best color, I would have preferred red."

Sookie's eyes meet mine, her question is evident, is this okay? I am at her side instantly, I reach out twinning my fingers through her hair, forcefully yet gently pulling her head back. "You are mine!" I declare as my lips crash into hers, my tongue thrusting through her lips, claiming her mouth, attempting to satisfy my desire to taste her sweet mouth. I cannot get enough of this woman.

I break the kiss declaring "Sookie, it is time for you to punish Pamela." I can feel their fear increase, Sookie has no idea how creative my punishments can be, and Pamela knows all too well.

"Sookie! You will answer me when I speak to you! Now, I will say again, it is time for you to punish Pamela."

Her voice is clear as she answers "Yes, Master, what shall I do?" But her emotions are crashing against the walls of the bond in violent waves.

I open what had appeared to be a light switch near the head of my bed to reveal a key pad, punch in the code and the hidden panel slides to the side to reveal my armory. Yes I keep my weapons in the bedroom, it is really quite the same as a human sleeping with a gun in the nightstand drawer. I walk in and retrieve silver chains. "Pull the sheet off the bed, you can use it to wrap these chains, so they will not burn her when she is restrained. I cannot stand the smell of burning vampire."

"Master, Pam brought restraints, and other … things. Would those work?"

"Pamela?" I ask because I want to insure that Pam is truly restrained, not just pretending to be.

My child answers quickly, I can feel the confusion radiating from her, "Master, the restrains are woven from braided silver and are wrapped to prevent burning. When Thaila and I tested them neither of us were able to break free." I am more than satisfied with her answer, time to move forward.

"Sookie, retrieve the restraints from Pamela's bag." I order as my eyes gaze around the room, where to tie her? If we were at Fangtasia this would not be a question, I have various hidden hooks imbedded in the walls and ceiling of my office as well as all of the rooms in my hidden nest, but this is my sanctuary, I have never had the needed to restrain anyone here before, for pleasure or pain.

I do not have many options down here. My eyes drift to the ceiling, there is a wooden beam that runs the length of the room. I retrieve two very large knives, or short swords depending on how you want to look at it, from my armory and drive them deep in to the beam near the end of my bed. Sookie has returned with the restraints, I take them from her and attach them to the knives. Perfect!

"Pamela!" I bark and she is at my side, her confusion is slowly turning to fear, I have never restrained her with silver before, wrapped or not. "Sookie, see to this." I gesture to Pam as I lay back on my bed, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants, I almost groan when my throbbing cock springs free.


I'm so worried, I'm almost shaking, I can barely fasten the restraint cuffs to Pam's wrists. What is he going to make me do to her? Why is he so upset? I thought this was every man's dream. I want to fall to my knees, grab a hold of his legs, and beg for forgiveness, but the vampire inside of me won't allow it.

I finish with the restraints and turn to face him. "Now, I want you to use your hands and your mouth to bring Pamela to the brink of orgasm and then you are to stop. Do you understand? Under no circumstances is she allowed to climax."

"Yes Master." I answer immediately. I have no idea how to make a woman come, I have never touched a woman before tonight.

I step in front of Pam as I take a deep, unnecessary, breathe to steady myself. I do the only thing that comes to mind, I press my breasts against her, our nipples harden on contact and I begin to run my lips ever so gently across hers, taking in her sweet scent. I feel my arousal starting to build, but I push it aside as I concentrate on Pam. I can feel her fear and her confusion and I don't like it, I want to take it all away and feel her joy and her passion again.

I place my hand on her shoulder and slowly begin to slide my hand down to her breast using the softest, gentlest of touches I can manage. Her nipple is rock hard against my palm, I'm tempted to grab hold and twist her pink nub viciously between my fingers, but I resist the urge, I want to bring her pleasure, I'm sure Eric will be bringing the pain later.

I place my other hand on her other shoulder and repeat the process, my lips are still caressing hers, while I try to build up the courage to touch her honey pot, being with Pam was so much easier when she was actively participating and when Eric wasn't boring holes in to my back with his eyes. I feel very self-conscious for the first time since I shifted to vampire.

I take the plunge and graze the curls of her outer lips with my finger tips, Pam's hips buck towards my hand, eliciting a guttural moan. My confidence builds. I take her nipple into my mouth as my fingers delve deeper into her moist folds, as she stifles a growl.

"Enough, you are being are too gentle, too tentative. I told you to bring Pamela to the brink of climax. I did not expect you to take all night. What is the matter my Lover? Perhaps you are unsure, Pamela is no longer here to lead you astray, my Lover, what is the problem?"

"Eric … Master … I have never pleasured a woman before, I'm … I can't … I'm doing this the best I can. I don't have thousands of years of experience like you do. Maybe before we try this again you can teach we a few tricks of the trade."


Sookie's fire and passion erupt through her clam façade, she is breaking she is finally losing control. This is just perfect, now it is time for me to take control.

"You might just have a point Lover. While you have been pleasured as a woman, you have never pleasured a woman." I move with vampire speed, tossing Sookie on to the bed and pushing it forward. In an instant Sookie's head is perfectly positioned perfectly between Pam's thighs and I am perfectly positioned between hers.

I take a deep, unnecessary breath, taking in the scent of her arousal, anticipating tasting her sweetness and purr "Sookie, do you want me to teach you how to pleasure a woman?"

"Yes, Master." Her response is short but full of passion.

"You will do exactly what I do, nothing more, nothing less, understood?"

"Yes Master." I can feel her lust beating at the walls of the bond, I am not ready to allow her to feel me yet I must insure total control before I relent and we are almost there.

I brush my lips gently against her damp curls before forcefully pushing my tongue in to her dripping wet folds, lapping and licking her juices with reckless abandon. I will never get enough of her, I only want more. I thrust my tongue deep in to Sookie's channel, so I may drink her ambrosia from the source, and I am rewarded with the music of my women moaning in unison, which only fuels my fire. I replace my tongue with my finger and begin to lash her clit unmercifully with my tongue as I slide a second finger into her tight channel.

I continue licking and sucking her deliciously swollen clit while I curl my fingers, searching for her sweet spot. My sense of touch is so sensitive I know I have found it when I feel the texture of her walls change from soft and smooth, like silk, to soft and rough, similar to the texture of corduroy, mere seconds before my Lover's hips buck in response.

I tilt my head ever so slightly and raise my eyes, and what a sight to behold. Pam is still hanging from the beam by her arms, her eyes are closed, her head his thrown back, her hands are clenching and unclenching in time with the thrust of Sookie's dainty little fingers. My eyes travel down her body, from this angle I can see Sookie's pink tongue circling Pam's hard clit, I watch as she curls her fingers and begins to search for Pam's sweet spot.

Poor, poor, Pamela, her pleasure is almost over the moment Sookie finds her sweet spot this little interlude is over for her, I will follow through with her punishment, she will not be allowed to come tonight, but Sookie on the other hand will come many times tonight, while Pamela watches and yearns for release.

I feel Sookie's channel begin to clench around my fingers, signaling her end is near in the same instant I hear Pamela's tell tale moaning gasp, they are both on the verge of orgasm. In an instant I am up, shoving the bed away from Pam, leaving her hanging, quite literally. She should be pleased that her punishment is not any worse it would have been, had I not ended up with Sookie in the end.

In the instant the bed is repositioned I pull Sookie to the middle of the bed, where she is perfectly positioned for Pamela's viewing pleasure, I growl "Who is your Master, Sookie?"

"You are!" She replies as her hand reaches down, so that she may pleasure herself.

"Oh, no Lover, not yet, first you must understand who you belong to, first, before all others. You are mine!"

I press my mouth to hers, I want nothing more than to consume her, mind, body, and soul, at first she relents but then as I try to continue the kiss, but she pushes me back, looking me in the eyes, declaring "What do you mean 'before all others'? There better not be any others!"

"Lover, what is Pam? Is she not an 'other'?"

"Pam is most certainly not an 'other'! She is part of us, we are part of her, and she is our child! What we have with her is not the same as 'others' and you know it! You insult both of us by saying that, and buddy there better be no ..."

I silence her by impaling her with my throbbing cock. By the Gods, I love this woman! Vampire or human, she is still willing to fight the instant she feels someone she loves has been harmed! She is truly my match, my other half, the part of me that has been missing for the last thousand years. I am ecstatic she has fully accepted Pam, and even more than that, my woman are bound together. If I should ever meet my final death my women will not be alone, they will still have each other.

I do not take the time to tell her that there will be no 'others', for either of us, ever. I agree that our child is special, and that she will be the only exception to that rule, I have no time to explain to Sookie that she is right, Pam is part of us, and she is not truly an exception, only an extension of our love. Right now the only thing I am willing to take time for is to fuck MY bonded, my mate, my Lover.

I begin to move my hips, slowly, pulling out so far that the head of my gracious plenty is barely grazing her outer lips, before I plunge back in to the hilt, grinding against Sookie's erect clit, every painfully slow thrust eliciting the most enticing moan from the Goddess lying beneath me. She begins to buck her hips in time with my strokes, increasing the depth of my penetration. By the Gods, this woman will be the death of me!

I increase the pace and Sookie cries out "Eric … God … so good … Don't stop! God! PLEASE don't stop!"

I have no intention of stopping in fact I am going to up the ante. I arch my back and drive my fangs in to her neck, right below her ear; her sweet rich blood flows into my mouth, vampire, Fae, and something more, something so much more, by the Gods the taste alone makes me want to come. I thrust harder and faster as I feed, striving to reach the la petite mort while taking her with me.

Thrust forward again, I can feel her walls swelling and clinching tighter around me seconds before she strikes, sinking her fangs deep in to my shoulder. Feeling my blood flow in to her mouth, feeling the bond intensify, feeling her pleasure flowing through my very being is more than I can take. I thrust forward once more, my cock swelling to the point of intense pain, a primal roar rips from my lips as the first explosion of the most intense pleasure I have ever experienced erupts through my body as my seed fills the body of the woman I love, bringing about her end, as my name is ripped from her lips in a scream that matches the intensity of my roar.

I press further into her as, my orgasm is ripping through my body, while her orgasm rips through hers, as we both continue to feed from each other. The bond is intensifying with every drop of blood we exchange. I am powerless to move the pleasure is too intense, with my body I can feel her velvety walls gripping my cock, milking me of everything I have to give and through the bond I can feel her pleasure each time I spasm inside of her, causing her body to react gripping me tighter.

Suddenly she releases my shoulder and pulls my head from her neck, her mouth his covered in my blood. I grab the back of her head, thrusting my tongue into her mouth as I thrust further inside of her grinding against her, I cannot get close enough to this woman. The taste of our blood mingling is more than either of us can take. The feelings of pleasure and love swell between us engulfing us in second orgasm even more intense than the first. I thought before tonight I understood the meaning of la petite mort, I was wrong.

I break our kiss but tighten my arms around her, burying my head in her hair, aftershocks continue to course through our bodies and reverberate through the bond as I murmur "Sookie, jag älskar dig .. du gör mig ... du gör mig levande igen!"

"Jag älskar dig också, Eric. Din kärlek har gett mig mening i livet." I know she means it, I can feel it.

Sookie is in my arms, Pamela is hanging from restraints, at the foot of my bed, horny, frustrated, and irritated. I cannot help but smile, everything is right in the world.


The sun has been set for some time, I finally force myself to rise and walk through my empty house. Tonight is supposed to be the night that I take back what is mine, what he stole from me. Pam and Sookie will be mine, to do with what I please. I have plans for those ungrateful bitches, they will beg for death before I am through with them. I feel my cock stiffen. I can barely wait for Pam to be chained to the wall begging for a release that will never come. I can't wait to taste Sookie's sweet blood, I will drain her dry before I'm through with her. I just can't decide which one of them will be allowed to die first. I begin to stoke my erection, no fangbanger for me tonight, before the night is through I will have the objects of my desire kneeling at my feet.

I continue to stroke myself but doubts begin to creep into my mind and my hand stills. I cannot help but to remember all of the times that I have sat in this very house and made the wrong decision. Memories of my human family assault me. I push them aside, it is better to leave them dead and forgotten. I try to turn my thoughts to the upcoming coup and the objects of my desire, focusing until I feel the anger building again.

Victor was taking a big chance having Harold and Daryl show up at the shifter's bar just to pique his interest. It was stupid and reckless, if I hadn't planted a bug in the shifter's office, against Victor's advice, I wouldn't have known that the low life shifter followed those idiots to my house. Then the crafty bastard turned himself in to a bat, a bat of all things and was able to get close enough to overhear us talking.

I was downright lucky she called the shifter when he was in his office or I wouldn't have know that the shifter told Eric that I am also known as 'Thomas', this is sure to have piqued his interest, which is the last thing that we really wanted to do. I know him, he will be coming for me and he will make me tell him everything I know. I barely survived Lorena's torture, and she was scared of the Viking. I know I will not be able to hold out, I will sing like a canary and beg for death before Eric finishes with me.

Some of the things Victor has been doing recently has lead me to believe he has set me up as the scapegoat. Should anything go wrong I will be thrown to the proverbial wolves. I will not allow him to leave me hanging out to dry. I have insured that in the event of my final death the recordings of our meetings will be emailed straight to the Ancient Phythoness, my death will insure Victor's. Sometimes I think I was stupid for hitching my wagon to Victor's, he's not the tactician I am, nor does he understand vampire politics to one tenth of the degree that I do. I hate to admit it but Pam's training and later working under Eric has made Victor seem mundane and incompetent compared to me and I am nothing compared to them.

It really doesn't matter now, I have painted myself into a corner and I have no other options. I cannot go to the Sheriff, there will not be … no there cannot be any forgiveness. The most I could hope for would be the mercy of a quick death. Nothing more and I am not real sure that he would grant me that boon. Eric can be a sadistic bastard when you cross him, the only person that enjoys torture more than he does is Pam and I am quite sure he would give her a turn.

I push my doubts away and I try to assure myself that tonight Pam will be becoming a resident in my newly created dungeon and Sookie will find herself chained to my bed. There is no turning back now, I have chosen my path, after all they never left me a choice.


My blissful pleasure is interrupted by the perimeter alarms, someone is pulling up the driveway. Sookie is out of my arms, the remote is in my hand, and I am across the before the second beep sounds. I hit the button, one my paintings I made of the coast near my human home retracts to reveal security monitors. I recognize the car instantly, it is Alcide. What the fuck! Why is he tearing up my driveway like he is being chased?

I turn to Sookie, I can feel her reaching out with her mind. "Alcide and the King were ambushed on the way to the airport, the King was wounded but is healing nicely. They were able to get away but believe they are being followed."

I feel Sookie reach out even farther with her mind, farther than I ever believed imaginable. She speaks again, "Bill and Victor are about two miles behind Alcide and the King. Eric, they are coming here to kill you, the King, and Alcide." Her rage hits me like a sledge hammer through the bond, while anger and disgust wash over her face, she hisses and snarls "Pam is to be a gift to Bill and as a show of favor to me, I will be allowed to choose between servitude to Bill or servitude to Victor."

Pam's rage flares and combines with Sookie's through the bond the three of us share, the intensity of the rage almost cracks through the air. Pam hisses through her teeth "Eric please release me." I move quickly releasing her from the silver lined restraints. The three of us dress quickly, Pam's sexual frustration and bliss Sookie and I felt mere moments ago are pushed to the side, as we focus on the matter at hand.

The three of us move up the stairs towards the front door. I open the door just as the King and Alcide run through. We exchange looks, they both know, as do I that the three of us are likely to meet our end tonight, but we are warriors, fear does not show in our eyes, only the determination to take as many of them with us as possible.

Sookie speaks "There are six vampires in the woods just outside the security perimeter and behind them are eleven weres from St. Bernard Parish." My beautiful bonded, I never spoke my questions aloud, it amazes me that her gift has strengthen so much in such a short time. I can feel her anxiety, she knows we are outnumbered. It does not matter, I will die happy she has given me her love.

Sookie speaks again, I can hear the desperation in her voice, she knows what I was thinking "Eric, let's go to the safe room, I will call my grandfather and you can call Clancy .."

I answer her gently, "Sookie, I am a vampire Sheriff, Felipe is a vampire King, and Alcide is a packmaster, if we hide in the safe room and have to call for a rescue we will lose so much status that we will be challenged at every turn. I am sorry my Lover but we cannot run and hide."

Alcide is simmering, fighting the change he growls "Dammit Sookie, we are men, for us it is better to die fighting than to die running!" Alcide's is not only a true warrior he is the first man I have called a friend since I was human, it will be an honor to die by his side. "Eric, do you have an escape tunnel? Pam and Sookie must leave now .." Alcide continues "... they cannot fall in to Compton's hands, you don't want to know what the sick bastard has planned for them."

"I already know what he has planned Alcide, Sookie was able to hear him." I comfort myself in the knowledge that Pam and Sookie will love and protect each other once I have met my final death. Before tonight I believed that Pam would have cared for Sookie, for a time, out of loyalty to me. Now they have their own bond, their own tie. I will live on in both of them. This is not what I had in mind but I will insure my two women will survive the night and if I know them it is likely that they will avenge our deaths.

"NO!" My beauties shriek in unison and my bonds flare with pain, anger, and determination. I cannot allow them to sway me, they must leave and leave now. She does not want to understand that even if they stay the odds are overwhelming, we will not be able to survive long. I will not allow her to stay here and die, or even worse be forced into servitude to Compton or Victor. She must leave and take our child with her, they must survive.

"Eric, Pam and I both understand what we are up against, we will not leave you!" I can feel my Lover's pain and confusion flowing through the bond, she will never understand that I am her bonded, her mate, her husband, it is my job to protect her. I cannot allow her to give her life for me, she must live.

"Master, please allow us to stay! I have fought by your side for centuries! Please, don't make me leave! Please!" My beautiful child, I look upon her with pride and love, she will care for Sookie, even through her grief she will be more than capable. I have raised her well, Akakios would have been pleased by my women.

Sookie's voice is cold and distant "Pam, it doesn't matter what either of us says, he has made up his mind. What he doesn't know is that Bill has positioned some of the weres right over the escape hatch, there is no way out. Eric, if you send Pam and me from the house you will only separate our forces and lessen our chances."

I force myself into her mind and I am not gentle, I want to insure that she is not lying to me and there is no time for niceties. I feel her flinch and I retreat, I have seen them standing there through her eyes. I hope that I have not hurt her too badly. I try to send her comfort but she has locked me out. Bill and Victor have reached the first gate and Bill has the code, we have minutes at the most before they reach the front door.

I turn to Sookie, I need to know that she is not hurt, I need to know that she still loves me. I start to speak but the words die on my lips, as I watch my Lover walk with calm determination to the cabinet in the corner. She reaches in and removes the ancient wooden wand that belonged to my mother. Suddenly, my thoughts are yanked from me, I can feel her inside of me, merging with me, becoming one with me completely, body and soul and not in the metaphoric sense.

I feel her pulling energy from our little group of friends, but mostly from our enemies. The bond is pulsing, the energy my beloved is pouring into us is unimaginable. I feel like we are going to explode if the energy is not released soon, but she does not relent. I see through her eyes as several of the weres drop to the ground, the bond is no longer pulsing it is vibrating at a fevered pitch. I feel the energy explode and hear her call.

I know in the deepest parts of my being that all of the vampires that are loyal to the King or I have heard her and will be compelled to come, almost as if their maker called to them only stronger. It will be the same with all of the weres that are loyal to Alcide or tied to her brother's pack, they will feel the compulsion to obey her call as will the Fae loyal to her grandfather. My beautiful Lover has summoned our forces, now we only have to survive until they arrive.

Bill and Victor have come looking for a fight, well a fight they shall have!

"Sookie, jag älskar dig .. du gör mig ... du gör mig levande igen."

Sookie, I love you .. you make me feel ... you make me feel alive again.

"Jag älskar dig också, Eric. Din kärlek har gett mig mening i livet."

I love you too, Eric. Your love has given me meaning in life.