Okay first off I'd like to welcome everyone to the Dead Moon. If you've never read either Twilight, New moon, or the whole Sookie Stackhouse series (That doesn't include the one coming out May 2009) then you'll be very confused and this will contain spoilers. You've been warned.

I'd like to thank Haley for coming up with the idea of this story. When I was first asked to write it I wasn't sure I could (Crossovers are not my strong point). After a few seconds ideas came flowing and I came up with a logical story (you'll have to ignore some points since no story can filter seamlessly into another completely different story). I tried my best to make the story go together.

Unlike my other work this will probably be a Bella/Edward, Sookie/Eric. I wanted to make a Bella/Eric but I didn't have the heart to do it. Sookie is Erics blood-bonded, they were made to be together. (Is a Bill hater.)

At the bottom of the story please read the time line. It will help you understand where I came up with the dates. I never realized that the Stackhouse series (All eight books) take place in a 2 year time span. It always for some reason felt longer.

Disclaimer: I do not own the twilight series or the Southern Vampire Mystery Series (Sookie Stackhouse series). I do own the OC's such as Haley and Nikel.

Chapter 1 of 13

-April 2007-

I watched as people danced to the beat of the dark club music. They grinded and twisted along with the music in a giant heap of bodies. A vampire band played tonight. That is real vampires, not the Cold Ones, who call themselves vampires. The bar/club was a 21 plus Vampire place so the question arose; why was I here? I'm only nineteen, but when you have the attention of Eric Northman you get to break all kinds of rules.

I moved to Bon Temps six months ago to live with my cousin Haley. I couldn't stand my mothers pity stares anymore, plus we were always traveling with Phil to his games. I moved out a month after my nineteenth birthday finally having enough money to pay half the rest at Haley's house. Of course I had to find a job soon after settling in.

I only lived with my mom for three months. Charlie kicked me out after graduation. He caught Jacob and me on our motorcycles. I was planning on going cliff diving that day but the water was too chaotic. So we motorcycled…and got caught! That happened not too long after Valentines Day, five months after they left. My disastrous eighteenth birthday party.

I had only lived in Bon Temps for a week before getting a job at Merlottes. Not the most glamorous job waiting tables for drunks but it paid my half of the bills. There I met Sookie Stackhouse, who a lot of locals told me was crazy. She seemed fine to me but apparently I really confused her when she first met me though.

Apparently my mind protection isn't just limited to Vampires. Sookies a telepath. She's also blood-bonded to Eric Northman, a big bad boss Vampire of area five. I don't really know what a blood-bonded is and I don't think Sookie really knows either.

After about two months in Bon Temps I was being introduced to all kinds of supernatural creatures. December 10th, 2006 was the day, or should I say night, I was brought to Fangtasia for the first time.

Four months later I practically lived here when I'm not working. These vampires are closer to things of legends. There were two types of Vampires: Cold Ones, like them, and vampires, like Eric. They had fangs, sun burns them as well as silver and you can actually stake them. Though I don't suggest it, you wont live long afterwards.

Of course the original vampires went public in 2003 when synthetic blood was created but I had never seen one before. They looked more human than the Cold Ones did.

There's different types of Weres too. Jacob is what I later learned is called a spirit shifter. They're not really recognized in the supernatural world. There's also Weres like Werewolves, weretigers, etc. Last are shape shifters like my boss Sam, he can turn into any animal.

I also knew if Vampires and Werewolves existed then so should other mythological beings. And they do: witches, fairies, goblins, demons. I've met them all.

"Bella, wake up, you almost do a better downtime stare than a vampire." Sookie teased, sitting down next to me. She had been one of the people dancing.

I laughed, "Yeah I kind of let my mind wander a bit."

"Don't worry about it. Are you sure you don't want to dance?"

I looked into the crowd of fangbangers and shook my head. I think I even looked a little green by the thought of dancing. She knew I had balance problems yet she always asked me anyways. I always give her the same answer. She signed and went back out onto the floor.

"You do not like to dance." I jump in my seat to see Eric beside me, "Yet you come here often."

" The music's good." I threw out dryly. He laughed before catching my eye. I wasn't a telepath like Sookie but I couldn't be glamoured either. I smirked when he gave up.

"Is Victor hanging around still or did he finally leave?" I arrived at Bon Temps days after the take over. While the king left, Victor kept coming back driving Eric crazy.

"He left…for now. Hopefully the King will keep him busy making him stay away."

I had to agree. Victor gave me the creeps. Sookie tells me I'm lucky, though, I never met the Old Queen's second, Andre. Apparently he was a ray of sunshine.

Sookie came back then and we headed out. I drove Sookie's car. She didn't drink much but I was completely sober.

We went to Haley's then Sookie would drive herself home which was right up the road. It was after midnight but I knew Hal would still be up.

"You were suppose to call Renee when you got home but if I were you I'd wait until tomorrow."

"No shit." I replied barely getting in the door. She was sitting on the couch typing furiously on her laptop.

'Probably talking to her mentor' I thought watching her. Her dad and my mom were siblings. Haley's mother, however, was a purebred witch. I wasn't sure how powerful she was but once a week she got together with Amelia, Sookie's roommate, to share and practice spells.

Occasionally she'd teach me a simple spell that you don't need to be a witch to do. My mother would kill me if she knew. She was open-minded but even she had her limits.

"How was Fangtasia?" Haley asked pleasantly, blowing her Black hair out of her face. Rolling my eyes I flicked her a hair tie from around my wrist. She gave me a grateful smile, tying her waist length hair in a low ponytail.

"Loud, annoying fangbangers, the usual." I answer, "When did you get home? You weren't here when I left."

The dark green tank top and black stretch pants was an indicator she's been home for awhile. Also the lack of make-up not that she needed any.

"Yeah I as stuck working after hours because we had some shooting issues." She replied, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Haley's day job was working for a magazine as a model. She did some romance novel covers as well. Tall and curvy her exotic dark green eyes were a huge head turner. That only thing we had in common was the pale tint of our skin that didn't tan. While I was almost sickly pale; she was ivory pale. It just wasn't fair.

"Catherine causing problems again." She was another model Haley was stuck working with.

She smirked, "Always."

"Hmmm…maybe she needs to wake up with a facial problem." I suggested, innocently.

She gave me a quick evil grin, "You know I only try to use good magic. Don't tempt me."

"You could slip."

"I'm trying to keep a good Karma. You know what goes around comes around. Plus my coven we bide within the rule of three. What you do to someone will comeback to you, threefold."

"I know I know. Just trying to help. Maybe Sookie can get Eric to scare her."

"You know you should be careful hanging out with vampires-" Haley told me concerned.

"Because of the fairy blood, yeah, yeah" I interrupted her. That's why I smelt so good to the Cullens in general. Apparently somewhere in my family there was a fairy. I still don't know why I smelt exceptionally good to him.

"Bella, seriously, fairy blood affects people differently. In Jason Stackhouse's case women find him extremely attractive." He was Sookie's older brother and I had to admit he was very handsome…if you could overlook his selfish demeanor, which many women can.

"And in my case I attract danger and supernatural's like crazy. Plus my minds a black hole." I sighed getting sick of the conversation.

"So far, you're only nineteen who knows what else will pop up in the next couple of years. You forgot the ghosts."

I stuck my tongue out and headed to my room. I worked the lunch shift tomorrow (or should I say later today) so I really needed to sleep.

Once in my room I collapsed on my bed. I didn't even bother to change; Louisiana weather is so much nicer than Forks was.

As I, once again, thought of Forks I sighed. I missed Jake and the pack. I missed my dad, he couldn't cook worth shit. My motorcycle was less practical here than in Forks. Most of the roads were dirt. Nothing like dust in your mouth whenever you ride, So I couldn't bring that with me either.

At first, I didn't have car, I just walked everywhere. That changed two months ago. I now owned a Silver 2007 Mustang GT convertible. Apparently Eric took care of things (or people) he deemed his. Hell Sookie just had a whole security system put in thanks to the Vamp. She wasn't overly happy about it though.

Why am I so valuable one would ask. I'm a human, who gives off a very diluted scent of fairy, mental powers don't work on me at all and…well my fairy genes are starting to make themselves known more and more since my eighteenth birthday.

My mind is more shielded than ever. Haley tried to scry for me, that means find me with her magic, and couldn't. Its like I don't exist. We went to see a friend of hers who's a seer and I no longer have a visible future.

"You have no future as if your fate was knocked out of alignment. When it wasn't able to realign you it took you out all together." I muttered quoting what the seer told me. I assumed it had something to do with my fairy blood.

The lack of future apparently makes me like the walking dead, because ever since my nineteenth birthday I've been able to see ghosts.

Ghosts make good spies. That's why Eric keeps me around. That's why he protects me. Aint that just sweet of him? Closing my eyes, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

And there you have the first chapter. I know it wasn't the best but I wanted to get most of the explaining out of the way.

Okay here's the time line of the two books. I did a lot of research to figure these out and there are the real timelines not one I made up to fit the story. Now one books timeline could cover a couple of months but I chose either a season or one particular month to give you an idea.

Sookie Stackhouse Series:

Vampires came out of the coffin around January 2003 roughly. It was hard to get an exact date.

Dead until Dark: March 2005

Living Dead in Dallas: Summer 2005

Club Dead: November 2005

Dead to the World: December 2005

Dead as a Doornail: January 2006

Definitely Dead: Spring 2006

All Together Dead: third week in Sept 2006

From Dead to Worse: October 2006

Dead and Gone: December 2006/January 2007

Twilight Series:

Twilight: January 2005

New Moon: Sept 2005

Eclipse: May/Jun 2006

Breaking Dawn: September 2006

So as you see Dead Until Dark and Twilight match up pretty close. They're only a few months apart. Jacob started hanging out with Bella in January 2006. He started ignoring her around February 20th, 2006. March 19th, 2006 is the day she goes to save Edward. So the two series actually take place around the same years making it easier for me to combine them.

Thank you for reading, and please review I want to know how I did. Please don't review saying it doesn't make since because Vampires in the open were never mentioned in Twilight. I know that but there was one way around it. Lol.

A four random quotes from chapter two to keep you on edge:

"Oh well I wont keep you. Uh Bells...I got a call from Alice Cullen, you remember her." I winced how could I forget, "She really wanted to talk to you and I kind of gave her your number."

"Please tell me theres a ghost in here and you're not talking to yourself."

"No I contacted Sookie. You and her will be coming to Fangtasia after close. We have some matter to discuss."

"What are you doing in a graveyard?"