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Chapter 13 of 13: Epilogue

-Five Years Later-

The sun began to set and it was the time of twilight. A time where everything seemed to calm down.

I sat outside on the porch watching as the cutest little girl in the world wobbled her way over to me…only to fall down. I shook my head, poor kids going to be as clumsy as I once was. I stood up and gracefully went over to pick her up.

"Baalaa." She attempted my name, putting her hands on my cheeks. I laughed, careful not to hold her too tight.

"Come on don't hog her." Rose said impatiently, reaching for the child. I moved away from her and stuck out my tongue.

"She's my…" Uh that one stumped me. Haley was my cousin so what would that make her kid?, "Relative." I finished lamely.

"Well she's my baby, so give her back." I looked up to see Haley and Nikel finally following their daughter who took off as soon as Haley got her out of her car seat. I faintly hear Rosalie sigh wistfully at the sight of Haley's stomach. Their second child was due in just two months. I set her down and watched as she waddled her way over to her mother. Rosalie let out a noise of disappointment.

"Rayn is only 18 months old, you're really going to be popping out another one so soon?" I said teasingly, "I mean I'm not sure if someone like Nikel should even procreate."

He pouted at me, rolling two huge suitcases behind him, "I drove seven hours with a baby and a pregnant wife just to see you and you insult me? Some thanks I get."

I rolled my eyes at that. I never thought they'd get married, especially with how often Haley would whine about Nikel's mental capacity. Also his uncanny ability to burn things down. Yet three years ago they were fast-handed, which was a Wiccan wedding. I wonder how he got her to change her mind.

Shaking my head, I went over to carefully hug Haley, "So how's Sookie doing? I heard on the news last night they decided to legalize Vampire/Human marriages."

Haley snorted, "Don't tell her that. She told Eric if he even things about being stupid she'd wring him one. I got the impression she didn't want to get married."

"Poor Eric," I muttered, shaking my head. That girl, she was too stubborn for her own good. With a wave of my hand, I led them into the house where the rest of the Cullen family gathered. Rose had ran ahead giving me some precious, though not really private, moments with my blood-related family.

"So how's everything on this front?" Haley asked, with a smirk. I talked to her once a week on the phone and we had a yearly visit though this is the first time she actually came here. Usually I -occasionally other Cullens would come along- would go to visit her.

"Good, Emmett and Rosalie decided they were going to leave again for some sort of vacation. I think they want to head somewhere in Asia this time." I told them. It took awhile, but I found my place in the Cullen family. Hell, even Rose saw me as a sister now and I saw her as one too.

"And Edward?" I smiled at her question.

"He came home earlier this morning. I think he's planning on sticking around for a couple of months this time." I explained. After I was changed and told Edward I just wanted to be friends, he helped me adjust to living as a Cold One…as well as how to deal with his family again. After about a year, he decided he wanted to travel a bit on his own, much like Carlisle did in his younger years. He stopped in to visit every couple of months usually for a week or two and like Haley, made a weekly call.

At first I felt guilty, thinking I was the reason he didn't want to stick around. That being around me hurt him somehow. Yet, he was having so much fun and he made many new acquaintance's so I learned to let go of that guilt and be happy for him. He still honors my decision to be only friends whenever he was home.

"Haley, Nikel so good to see you." Esme greeted, as soon as we were safely inside the house.

"Wow, Bella told me your house was gorgeous, but this is just incredible." She announced as she looked around in awe. I held back a chuckle. Some days I still felt like that myself. Haley handed Rayn off to Rosalie who took her quite willingly. Ever since Haley found out she was pregnant the first time, Rosalie had been the one to go with me on my yearly visits. I think it helped her cope with her own inability to have children.

"Rose, don't forget you have to give the baby back to Haley at some point." Emmett warned her she took Rayn into the living room.

Haley laughed, "You know with some of her moods I'm tempted to just say keep her."

"Oh yes, the a shape shifting witch would be a wonderful addition to our insane family." I muttered.

"Haley please tell me you brought some cute clothes so we can play dress up with her later." Alice pleaded, appearing in the room. Jasper was next to her, shaking his head slightly at his wife's enthusiasm.

"Of course, Alice, I grabbed about three dresses." She said to pacify my enthusiastic sister, "Where's Carlisle and Edward?"

"Carlisle had to go into work, there had been a terrible accident and he was needed in the ER. Edward's out hunting."

The next hour was filled with laughs and catching up. Haley had some many funny stories about Nikel and Rayn I thought we'd all die laughing…if that was possible. Finally, Haley decided it was time to head to bed. They had had a long drive and I could tell she was drained of energy. Rosalie reluctantly gave up Rayn before Esme went to show them where they would be staying for the week.

Soon enough the whole family had wandered off into their own room to do things I probably didn't want to think about. I, myself, sat in the living room reading an old copy of Wuthering Heights. I didn't mess with the classics.

I was so involved with my book, I didn't notice Edward sneaking into the room until the soft sounds of the piano shook me out of my trance. I looked up to see Edward smirking at me.

"Did I startle you?"

Laughing, I got up and sat down the piano bench next to him, "I have to be the most unobservant Cold One ever."

"I wish I could disagree but I'd hate to lie to you."

I smacked him lightly on the arm at his joke. Chuckling, he switched his tune until I heard my lullaby.


"Shh…I haven't played this piece in awhile just listen."

With a sigh I stayed quiet as I let him play. I'm not sure how long we sat there but eventually the song came to an end.

Edward let out a sigh of his own, "It's soothing to be able to play that song again."

I didn't say anything. We were just friends; confusing friends. I had to admit though I enjoyed hearing my lullaby again, "Thank you, Edward, for playing." I whispered, laying my head on his shoulder.

He chuckled, "Anytime."

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